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Otaku's Adventure In The World of Danmachi
Author :Kairyiou
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1 A Lucky Otaku

A man named Kairu Sato are walking in the streets while giggling happily because of his luck by getting the limited edition danmachi beach group figurine. While thinking what to next after going home and display his figurine, a unexpected lighting drop in his body and electrocuting him and pass away on the spot.

In a white room a god that are currently bored now watching a t.v that shows mortal lifes in earth, suddenly see a man no older 18 years old died in a lighting strike laugh so hard his untill his side hurts... after a couple of minutes he calmed down and with a flick of a hand the man that died in the lightning materialize in the room after seeing the man a couple of small laugh's can be heard waiting for the person to wake up...

MC pov

before the lightning strike...

Yessss!!! i got it finally! whoooo!! this limited edition beach group figurine will be seen in full display in my danmachi cabinet collection. hestia and ais are sooo thicc~ especially in bikini hehe~

i think i'll need the lotion later and read some doujinshi but before he think what danmachi hentai to read he suddenly got struck by a lighnting.

After a couple of minutes he groggily open his eyes and heard the word REJOICE MORTAL he look the source of the sound and see a man that wore a full white garb smiling to him.

Where am I ? what happened ? who are you ?

I'm GOD you died by getting struck by lightning and you are in limbo that existed neither in heaven nor hell.

kairu *sigh* and shrugged his shoulders well fiiiineee I'll just accept the fact and move on sooo what now ?

GOD *smirked* weeell i can give u a chance to entertain me are u interested?

hmmmm sure what would i do ? (kairu)

I'll give u chance to be reincarnate to your favourite anime and give you 3 wishes so it can help you survived and let me entertain me a little (god)

he thinks about danmachi and his eyes lit up so he hurriedly accept the offer.

where anime would you like to be in and what are your 3 wishes (god)

Kairu rushed and shouted DANMACHI!! after shouting he carefully think what wish he would say.

[kairu's thought]

hmmmm i guess the first wish being rebirth in the body of bell cranel i guess the second is eternal mangekyo sharingan i guess thats it what about the third ? how about a harem ? naaah thats the point of the story creating a harem and meeting girls in the dungeon so i guess its waste what about the class cards like in fate kaleid i guess thats cool and powerfull right ?

The first wish is to be reborn as bell cranel, the second wish is to have sharingan with all abilities in the anime shown without need to sacrifice something the third is class card like the ones in fate kalied illya series. (kairu)

VERY WELL I ACCEPT YOUR WISH don't die so soon and entertain me mortal.


after the white room shined brightly kairu is nowhere to be seen.

I hope you enjoy your second life mortal .

After that god laid back and watch the t.v again.


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