Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction
1 The Unthinkable Occurs.
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Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction
Author :Whargen
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1 The Unthinkable Occurs.

-In an Age long past-

The titans are now defeated. With their demise, the Gods of Olympus rose to power, bringing in the Age of the Gods.

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Demeter, Hestia, Dionysus, Apollo, Athena, and Artemis rise to the top of Olympus as the Olympians. In this time, the goddess Artemis did not have her vow to stay a virgin.

One day, Artemis decided to leave Mt. Olympus (This was way before she founded the Hunters of Artemis) and decided to wonder the earth in pursuit of a great hunt. While wondering around the edge of Greece, she ran across an interesting young man.

This young man, who looked pure and full of spirit, was hunting some mutated beast. The beast appeared to be a wolf with a single wing on its back. Artemis was shocked, as she had never heard or seen of this beast in her entire existence. While in her shock, the young man finished off the beast with a single shot from his bow.

[Young Man]: "Whew....that was something to hunt. Lets see now...." He begins to look over the beast and wonders if its edible. While looking at the beast, he hears a feminine voice. [Artemis]: "What is that beast? It looks like an abomination of nature, since I'm unable to feel any connection from it." The young man quickly turns around to see Artemis standing there, looking at the beast in bewilderment.

[Young Man]: "Umm....Who are.." He was about to ask who she was, when she interrupts, "I am Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Animals and Chastity. Now, enough about me and answer my questions: Who are you and what is this thing you hunted!" Artemis, being impatient, begins to pull her bow from her back, ready to shoot this man down if he lies or takes too long to answer.

[Young Man]: "I'm Lynn, I have no family or friends. I live alone here in the forest and hunt to survive. As to your second question, my goddess, I have no idea what this beast is either." Artemis now looks towards the man. Seeing that he told the truth, she puts her bow away and walks towards the slain beast to examine it.

[Artemis]: "Interesting, it seems to just be a combination between a bat and a wolf. Nothing too special about it, but it's something different none of the less." She then gets ready to leave to continue looking around when Lynn asks her if she'd be willing to come to his place so he can cook some food for her, and make an offering to her as thanks. She agrees since this is her first interaction with humans since her decent from Mt. Olympus.

What Artemis didn't know was that Lynn had other plans for her. She had let her guard down when eating the food, and ended up being knocked unconscious by poison that was placed in her food and drink. It turned out that Lynn did live on his own, but it was because he was an evil man, who raped people for a living. Lynn proceeds to **** Artemis (Oh wow, what a shock!) and leaves her in the cabin while he runs for it before she awakes.

When she awakens, she discovers everything that had happened. She was pregnant! In her rage, she pulled out her bow, and shot it 100 times to the man who did such a thing to her, and killed him slowly and painfully. When he died, Artemis returned to Mt. Olympus and told Hades to torture this soul for all of eternity in the most inhumane and unthinkable torture possible.

-On Mt. Olympus, in the Room of Thrones-

[Apollo]: "Sister, what will you do now? We can restore you to your virgin status but the fact remains that you are pregnant." Artemis realizes this, and then thinks of an idea. [Artemis]: "As much as this problem is, I really don't want to kill an innocent being, especially one that will be my direct descent. So, I'll decide what to do by this: Apollo, I want you to make a prophecy about my unborn child. Depending on his future actions will determine if I'll go through with this or not. But, even if I give birth to him, it does not mean that I'll accept him." (at first....either way, I'll have to abandon my son or daughter due to the rules.....But, lets wait and see first.)

[Apollo]: "Very well, lets go and speak to the Oracle of Delphi." Artemis and Apollo travel down to Greece and visit the Oracle of Delphi. When they arrive, Apollo immediately asks the Oracle to do a prophecy of an unborn child of a goddess.

The Oracle agrees then goes silent, closing her eyes. When her eyes open, a mystical glow appears. [Oracle]:

"The seven half-bloods becomes eight

the son of the moon changes fate

Under the light of the full moon

Shall the son find the mother.

An oath to be kept and a truth to behold.

The son shall become the divider.

(Please note: This was hard to make since I'm not good at that style of writing.)

[Apollo]: So wait, the great prophecy as been changed.... Seven becomes Eight, Son of the Moon changes fate. A reunion between mother and son under the full moon. An oath and truth, with the son becoming a divider. Artemis, maybe your son will cause a Divide to occur between the gods or someone?"

[Artemis]: "It seems that way. But, from the looks of it, my son will be a part of the great prophecy. Which means.....I will be having an actual son." Artemis accepts fate, especially since she's met the three sisters of fate, and knows not to tamper with it. Nine months pass, and Artemis gives birth, much to the displeasure of Zeus. [Zeus]: "Artemis, you swore to stay a virgin. Why did you give birth to this....Child, when you could have easily gotten rid of it."

[Artemis]: "Father, I at first did want to get rid of this child, but the child itself is innocent. On top of that, fate decreed its hand on the child. So, I shall not do it." Zeus was furious. So, he decided to do something. [Zeus]: "Alright Artemis, I'll let you keep your child. But, once you name him, I will personally hide him away and seal him in stone for.....2 thousand years. In exchange, I'll restore your state to a virgin." Artemis was shocked. Her only child ever, is going to be taken away and sealed for that long! She wanted to fight or disagree but she had no grounds to stand on. To this day, her hatred of men has only ever increased.

[Artemis]: "...Fine. You can..take my SON. But, once you restore me to my virgin state, I will NEVER set foot on Mt. Olympus again. You and the rest of the gods can enjoy each other. I will form my own group and will ignore you until the time my son is released from his PRISON." Artemis now looks towards her son. He smiles while in her arms. ".... Your name shall be Lelantos Lykos. The Silent Hunter Wolf. May you one day awaken and enjoy your life son. I love you." Before Zeus takes Lelan away, Artemis gives her son three things: A golden bracelet which will turn into a bow after repeating whats engraved on it, a necklace with a figure of her to protect him from harm until he's old enough, and a watch, which will always tell Artemis where he is.

[Artemis]: "Farewell, my son. One day....we shall meet again." After this, Zeus takes the boy to an unknown location in Greece. [Zeus]: "You will be encased in stone for 2 thousand years boy. While I don't agree with sparing your life, if it is for my daughter Artemis, you will be the only one. Farewell." At this point, Zeus has turn the kid into stone for 2000 years.

-1,999 years later.-

[?]: "Hey, I found a cave over here!" A group of scientist were on a trip to Greece from NYC and discovered this mysterious cave that seemingly showed up out of no where.

The scientists walked inside and discovered something shocking! A baby of unknown gender, made out of rock. "Is this art, or....?" the scientists had no idea what to think of this. But, they decided that it may have been a piece of history. Thus, they decided to pick up the baby and take it with them back to NYC to put into a Museum.

News of a Baby of Rock spread about the city, and was a big hit for the Museum. People said that the piece gave off an aura of calm and relaxation, causing people to enjoy viewing the baby.

-August 17th, 1993-

It's night time, and the Museum has been closed. Out of nowhere, a beam of moonlight goes through one of the windows, landing right on the kid of rock. The rock starts to break and crack. It turns out that, tonight it was a full moon. More and more cracks and pieces fall onto the floor of the museum.

~Cut to Morning~

As the people who work in the Museum arrive, they hear the sound of a baby crying. They run in, to discover a baby on the floor crying while the Baby of Rock has disappeared (The rock was all gone, and the 'mist' misguided the cameras into thinking that some random woman deposited the kid in the Museum while taking the Rock of Kid).


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