Phoenix Phire
315 Eidengal Gates
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Phoenix Phire
Author :BotwaCazador
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315 Eidengal Gates

[You have died. There is no death penalty between levels 125 and 127]
Nix hovered over his corpse, choosing not to recover while he waited for Tess to target him.
"Ready for some serious Healer love?"
[You've been offered a Ressurection by Tess. Do you accept?]
"Something wrong, Nix?" Fajii's cool hand rested on his on the back of his neck.
Quest Updated
Quest Line: The Lost City
Part V: The Gates of Eidengal
Part VI The Armory
Part VII Temple of the Flame
Part VIII Temple of Wood
Part IX Temple of Metal
Part X The Elemental Origin
Quest: The Gates of Eidengal
Objective: The Entrance to the
the city has been locked for centuries.
During those years, the Key has passed
through the hands of many powerful
beings. Search out and destroy the
strongest of these.
[High-level creatures will drop the Key randomly]
Nix read the messages as they scrolled across his hud. "No, it's nothing to worry about."
/Inferno: Jun Li: Take a short break, but stay close.
Ronnie moved between the two, placing an arm around both their shoulders. "Hungry? How about a sandwich?"
Nix noticed her positioning. "A Ronnie sandwich, right?"
"Dang it, Nix. Why spoil the punchline?" Ronnie's dark smile didn't waver, but she lowered her voice a bit. "I've been sleeping with Fajii for a while now."
Fajii nodded when she felt Nix's glance. "I shared my sleeping bag with her."
Ronnie sighed and left without saying a word; she targeted Jun Li and Semmi, who were talking a few meters away. She inserted herself between them and placed her tanned arms on their shoulders. "Hey, girls. Feel like a sandwich?"
Jun Li nodded. "God, yes. I'm starving."
"I could eat," Semmi agreed.
The Dark archer lowered her voice and whispered something.
Fajii accepted a drink from Nix's canteen while watching the interaction. "The heat must be getting to them; I've never seen Junie so red."
Nix shrugged noncommittally.
Fajii handed him back his canteen and slid a hand through his arm. "Ronnie's very friendly."
"On that, we can agree." Nix studied the path ahead; in the distance, he could see a golden gate that connected to a formidable white stone wall. Between them and the distant gate, there was nothing but sand.
/Inferno: Pon: Break open the loot Nix! Quit being so stingy.
/Inferno: Nix: Hey Junie, let's go to the gate first.
/Inferno: Jun Li: It's too late to start the next Quest, I think.
/Inferno: Nix: Not when you already have the Key.
Nix linked the item in Guild chat.
Key of Eidengal [Opens the Gates to Eidengal]
Nix summoned Nightmare and opened her up; Jun Li had implied that her Dire Cat might be faster than his demon horse, but that race was over before it started.
He pulled up in front of the gate and turned toward the following group. Fajii and Flash were a hundred meters behind, Junie was right on their heels.

Nix patted Nightmare's shoulder. "Good girl."
The gates were twenty feet in height, and they were attached on either side to the white stone wall. Nix tried to peak through the gate, but it was hazed out.
"What gives?" Ronnies face pressed into the bars. "How come we can't see? Fog of War, maybe?"
Nix waited until the rest of Inferno gathered, and then he held up the Key. "We might be opening three chests in a moment since this is Part V."
Nix inserted the Key into the gate and turned slowly; there was a loud clicking sound followed by both gates swinging wide open.
Welcome to the City of Eidengal
The street leading away from the gate was paved with yellow brick and led directly into several large flower gardens that were breathtaking in its display of red, orange, yellow, and blue flowers. There were round, multi-tiered fountains that sprayed water several feet in the air. On the far side of the garden, dozens of buildings sprouted out of the perfectly laid out network of streets. The buildings were mostly of the two-story variety, but a few towers rose majestically into the sky. It looked exactly like a city that was at the height of its power; only it was completely empty.
Nix walked into the gardens and stopped in front of the nearest fountain. A small square platform displayed a silver chest.
/Inferno: Semmi: Okay, I wasn't expecting this.
/Inferno: Nix: I know some of us are tired. Let's open...
Quest Updated
[Quest Line: The Lost City]
Part VI The Armory
Part VII Temple of the Flame
Part VIII Temple of Wood
Part IX Temple of Metal
Part X Elemental Origins
Quest: The Amory
The Armory of this beautiful city is
a legendary place filled with the
weapons and armor of ancient heroes.
The Key to open the Armory has been
lost to the sands of time. There is a chance
that one of the terrifying creatures of the
Great Desert posses it.
[High-level creatures will drop the Key randomly]
Nix stepped onto the square platform to open the chest.
[Do you wish to return to your binding point?]
"No." Nix dragged the chest to the edge of the fountain and sat down.
/Inferno: Semmi: This place is amazing!
/Inferno: Fajii: I wonder if I can take some of these flowers...
/Inferno: Pon: Focus guys, time for loot!
Nix waved everyone closer, one by one, they stepped onto the platform and crowded around him.
/Inferno: Jun Li: The platform is a binding-point portal?
/Inferno: Nix: Looks that way.
Nix placed two more chests on the platform next to the first. "Let's go in order; this is the Thornwood chest.
A Vintner Barrel has been placed in your Inventory
A Broken Puppet has been placed in your Inventory
Vintner Barrel [Artifact]
Place a person or object in this barrel
to age them properly.
Broken Puppet
The handiwork of a Grand Master Puppeteer.
However, it is broken and incomplete.
Nix removed both items from his Inventory and placed them on the platform. "Takers?"
Semmi's smile could have melted butter. "I'll take that barrel, Nix."
"Done. I'll take the puppet since it's useless to anyone else." Nix pulled the Desert King
chest closer and opened it up.
The Red Lion Ring has been placed in your Inventory
The Snake Ring has been placed in your Inventory
The Scorpion Ring has been placed in your Inventory
The Croc King Ring has been placed in your Inventory.
Red Lion Ring: Alteration Magic
Assume the form of a red lion.
Snake Ring: Alteration Magic
Assume the form of a large snake.
Scorpion Ring: Alteration Magic
Assume the form of a scorpion.
Croc Ring: Alteration Magic
Assume the form of the Croc King.
Nix whistled, "Shapeshifters. Who wants?"
/Inferno: Pon: I'll take the Snake ring.
/Inferno: Semmi: No, you won't.
/Inferno: Pon: Right... I'll take the Scorpion ring.
[Whisper: Wind to Nix] Heh... Whipped bastard.
/Inferno: Tess: I'll take that Croc King ring.
/Inferno: Sharl: I'll have the Snake ring.
/Inferno: Gypsy: Can I have the Lion ring?
/Inferno: Nix: Come and get them.
Nix tossed the rings to their new owners before turning to the last chest. "This one is for finishing the Eidengal Gate Quest.
/Inferno: Jun Li: That one should be your Nix, you killed the Oblivion Spider by yourself.
/Inferno: Nix: I'll share.
The Spider Queen Amulet has been placed in your Inventory.
A Ressurection Stone has been placed in your Inventory.
Shadow Armor [Spider Set] has been placed in your Inventory.
Spider Queen Amulet [Female Only]
When in the presence of spiders, they will
do your bidding.
Ressurection Stone
This Stone will resurrect any corpse,
even if the timer has expired.
Shadow Armor [Spider Set]
A complete set of spider Armor.
+200 to Agility
+200 to Speed
+ 5000 Armor Class
Dark Vision
Poison Immunity
Description: The wearer has the
ability to scale vertical walls and cling to
/Inferno: Nix: Nice Armor. Takers? I think the Nether Breaker Armor most of you is probably better.
/Inferno: Floyd: Can I have that armor, Nix?
/Inferno: Nix: Yes.
/Inferno: Ronnie: I'll take the Spider Amulet. I was born to be a Spider Queen.
/Inferno: Semmi: Didn't Shipwright Vy have one of those in Izzin?
/Inferno: Nix: I believe she did. It's all yours, Spider Queen.
/Inferno: Jun Li: Who volunteers to take the boat back?
/Inferno: Ronnie: Captain Ronnie will do it!
/Inferno: Jun Li: I'll keep you company. The rest of you can use the gating platform.
[You have made no progress in the Mandatory Quest: Curse of the Ice Goddess.]
"The Hell?" Nix brought up his hud.
Quest: Curse of the Ice Goddess.
Objective: Find your Way to the Starter City of Ever Flame.
/Inferno: Jun Li: We have to start hunting Bosses here in the Great Desert and hope the Armory key drops.
/Inferno: Nix: I'm heading to Ever Flame tomorrow, I picked up a quest that requires me to travel there.


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