Phoenix Phire
350 Time to Relax
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Phoenix Phire
Author :BotwaCazador
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350 Time to Relax

Nix smiled pleasantly while putting it together in his head. Even though he was asking for dragon eggs, without a doubt, there wouldn't be any dragons in them. They would definitely be dragonspawn.
"It isn't in our nature to form close attachments to dragonspawn. I believe only a few of us actually refer to them as our children."
Nix understood perfectly. Dragons were an arrogant creature, not filled with sunshine and daisies. "Think of it as fostering."
"You're going to ask me for the hybrid egg." Deidra didn't bother to put a question in the statement.
Shae's pretty face slowly broke into a smile, and she nodded her head up and down without waiting for a reply.
"Yep. That's my plan," Nix admitted.
"Let's make an agreement, with the understanding that you will continue to add your elements to my nursery in the future."
Nix shrugged. "I don't mind. If the Dragon Masters agree to my price, then we have an accord."
Deidra offered her hand, and Nix shook it.
"Not going to contact the other Dragon Masters?"
Deidra shook her head. "Keeping the cities in the air has already killed seven of us. We will pay your price."
Nix struggled to keep the frown off his face, the miser in him wanted to ask for more. "I will start the process after I wrap up a few things."
"Thank you. I will give the two of you a few minutes before heading back to the nursery." Deidra walked to the far side of the courtyard and took a seat on the bench.
Nix turned his attention back to Shae; her face was glowing with warmth. "You look pretty energetic."
Shae grabbed both his hands, squeezing them gently. "Monitoring the egg is beneficial to me. Usually, a salamander only cultivates their meta-flame during a promotion."
"If my fire-seed is emerald, how does it possess your meta-flame?"
Shae shrugged her shoulders slightly. "It's in there, the barest flicker that hides in your flames."
A few minutes later, Nix was back at the Turtle house after saying goodbye to Shae. There was still a while until the party was due to start. Pon was using his flames to barbecue meat while Wind, Semmi, and Chael were putting tables and chairs together.
"Where'd you get the tables?" Nix whistled softly, three long tables complete with chairs. A fourth table was piled with a half dozen barrels of Semmi's Gold, complete with shiny metallic taps.
"What's with you showing up after the work is done?" Semmi smirked at him before answering, "Scarlett brought them."
"Scarlett is here?" Nix glanced around the area but didn't see the Titan Clan Leader.
Semmi pointed toward the back of the house. "Yes, in the back with the rest of the Titans."
As if on cue, Nix heard the loud booming laugh of Mortimus. "Glad they were with us on that one."
Semmi nodded in agreement. "No doubt."
/Inferno: Nix: Should we break open the loot?
/Inferno: Jun Li: Yes!
/Inferno: Pon: Let's hope it's not crap.

/Inferno: Semmi: It's loot from a quest advancement. Considering the importance of the Quest, I think it will be pretty good.
Nix walked around to the backyard, where Morti was splashing in the water with Soup. Gil was sitting with Mortimus and Scarlett on the stone ledge that bordered the pond.
Scarlett noticed him first and stood to greet him. "Chevalier Nix," the Titan Clan leader hugged him without hesitation.
[Whisper: Gillian to Nix] There are several Titans here that wanted to meet you firsthand. The Clan Leader intends to show off her son's Chevalier.
[Whisper: Nix to Gillian] I see. Thanks, Gil.
"I haven't had the chance to review the dragon fight with Morti yet, but I will update you on his progress in a few days."
Mortimus stepped away from the person he was speaking to and offered Nix his hand. "That was a fight I'd pay to watch Nix! Armored knights, archers, cannons, and dragons!"
"Morti did a great job with positioning and using leverage. It was a great experience for the battles to come."
The War Leader nodded in agreement. "Did you see us playing tug-of-war with that flying lizard?"
Nix spent a few minutes talking with Morti's parents and a few of the Titans they brought with them. Finally, the preparations were set for the party, and it was time to open the chests.
The group had moved to the tables; Nix sat a few meters away from them with four chests that were placed on the grass.
Nix held his hands up, and everyone quieted down. "Before we get started. Let's take a moment to recognize our two Tricksters and Ronnie for their out-of-the-box thinking at the end of our dragon fight."
/Inferno: Ronnie: Thanks!
/Inferno: Floyd: It was fun being a bear, if only for a short while.
/Inferno: Milat: That Titan Rage is serious.
/Inferno: Jun Li: For real.
/Inferno: Pon: No doubt.
"Okay. The first two chests are from the Commanders of the Eastern and Western bandit camps." Nix opened them up and then linked the items.
[Chest One]
Elemental Seed [Wood]
Description: This seed adds
the Element of Wood to whoever
consumes it.
Teraphi: [Spirit Companion]
A Melee companion comprised
of metal.
Ring of Deceit [Unformatted]
Description: Use a simple hud
interface to construct any human form you
design. Once you have chosen, it becomes
permanently assigned to this ring.
Pristine Garden [Plot Needed]
Description: Place this two-acre garden on
any personal or guild land.
Enhancement: Accelerated growth x5.
[Chest Two]
Elemental Seed [Shadow]
Description: This seed adds
the Element of Shadow to whoever
consumes it.
Portal Ring [Unformatted]
Description: Save up to three
slots that you want to permanently
assign to this ring.
Crystal Hammer [Crafting Item]
Description: Blacksmithing hammer
that adds a random enhancement
to armor.
Lighthouse [Guild Only]
Description: Adds a Lighthouse
to any coastal settlement.
/Inferno: Nix: Okay... Let's start with the Elemental Seeds. We have Shadow and Wood.
/Inferno: Semmi: I'm interested in the Shadow Element.
/Inferno: Wind: Same for me.
/Inferno: Bali: Wood Element.
/Inferno: Jun Li: Shadow Element.
/Inferno: Locas: Wood Element.
/Inferno: Nix: Okay. Random roll for Shadow.
[Semmi] /Ran 100: 33
[Wind] /Ran 100: 21
[Jun Li] /Ran 100: 13
/Inferno: Nix: All yours Semmi.
/Inferno: Pon: Shitty rolls.
/Inferno: Nix: Roll for the Wood.
/Inferno: Locas: Gonna pass and wait for something better.
/Inferno: Nix: Okay. Yours, if you want it, Bali.
/Inferno: Bali: Yes!
/Inferno: Nix: Okay, next is the metal spirit companion.
/Inferno: Tess: I'd like it.
/Inferno: Nix: Okay, it's all yours.
/Inferno: Tess: Thanks, Nix.
/Inferno: Nix: We'll give the hammer to Moki, our Guild Armorer. One of our alchemists can have the garden, and we'll throw the Lighthouse up in Ionova somewhere.
/Inferno: Nansu: I'll take the garden. Can I plant it on this property, Nix?
/Inferno: Nix: Sure. Okay, who wants the ring of deceit? It's basically another face to wear around.
/Inferno: Pon: Lame...
/Inferno: Nix: You definitely should take it old bastard.
/Inferno: Wind: Keep going, there's a party to start.
/Inferno: Nix: Okay, I'll keep the ring until someone asks for it. Who wants the portal ring?
/Inferno: Ronnie: Me!
/Inferno: Milat: Me too.
/Inferno: Floyd: Same here.
/Inferno: Nix: Roll for it, please.
[Ronnie] /Ran 100: 88
[Milat] /Ran 100: 91
[Floyd] /Ran 100: 99
/Inferno: Pon: Now that's how your roll.
/Inferno: Nix: Yep. It's all yours, Floyd.
/Inferno: Floyd: Thanks!
/Inferno: Nix: Okay, last two chests.
[Chest Three]
Phoenix Feather [Weapon Enhancement]
Description: Add Fire damage to any weapon.
This stacks with any existing damage.
Elemental Seed [Metal]
This seed adds the Element
of Metal to whoever
consumes it.
Elemental Seed [Shadow]
This seed adds the Element
of Shadow to whoever
consumes it.
Elemental Seed [Water]
This seed adds the Element
of Water to whoever
consumes it.
[Chest Four]
Spire Cottage [Private Home]
Elemental Seed [Lightning]
This seed adds the Element
of Lightning to whoever
consumes it.
Enhanced Siege Weapon [Guild Blueprint]
Feign Death [Skill Stone]
Description: Adds the Feign
Death Skill to your ability list.
After rolling and distributing the last two chests, Nix sent a readout to everyone's huds with the rewards.
/Inferno: Nix: Here's what everyone has, if you want to trade, hit them up.
[Guild Awards]
Elemental Seed [Wood]: Bali
Elemental Seed [Shadow]: Semmi
Teraphi: [Spirit Companion]: Tess
Ring of Deceit [Unformatted]: None
Pristine Garden [Plot Needed]: Nansu
Elemental Seed [Shadow] Wind
Portal Ring [Unformatted] Floyd
Crystal Hammer [Crafting Item] Moki
Lighthouse [Guild Only]
Elemental Seed [Metal] Jun Li
Elemental Seed [Water] Sharl
Elemental Seed [Lightning]: Fey
Phoenix Feather: Mina
Feign Death: Pon
Private Home: Pinky
Lighthouse [Guild Only]: Guild
Siege Weapon: Guild
/Inferno: Nix: There it is. If I forgot to list anyone, let me know.
/Inferno: Pon: Party Time?
/Inferno: Nix: Yes. Let's get started!


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