Prohorovka Trovishka Revoir Demolitions
41 Azumi and... Blitzkrieg?
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Prohorovka Trovishka Revoir Demolitions
Author :Keetrix
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41 Azumi and... Blitzkrieg?

The Saiju has thought that they have successfully defended their village, that they have everything to fend off the Prohorovka. They gained hope for their power, but the Prohorovka had yet to show its full color.

Tamie quickly returned to Saiju after helping the Kosuns to get rid of the enemies at their village. She had told everyone about Maeru's forces trying to bring the Kosuns to their side. Gentaro thanked the Kosun leader for staying strong and loyal to the Alliance. Takumi stopped the wall rebuild when she heard it from Gentaro himself. She volunteered to go back to the Prohorovka with Tamie to steal some defensive wall cubes. Everyone was confused when she said she would go back, Nagami asked her how is it possible, but Takumi responded with a wink.

"We will be quick, don't worry" She said before teleporting away, leaving everyone in confusion and the Saiju undefended. The Saijun army guards the undefended side of their village, while the tanks and the AT guns relocates to the northwest for a better view of the battlefield. Gentaro sent Chiho ahead to see what the Prohorovka is up to. Up in the skies, she used her Peacemaker to scope out Trupriv/Betty.

"Hmm..." Chiho observed their activities. The base is very active, a lot of gray-colored tanks are moving about. There were new uniforms she's seeing aside from the Prohorovka's usual black and red uniform. "Are they new?" She whispered. There are grayish-green uniforms, then camouflaged with different patterns. Their helmets are also different from the Prohorovka. "Those guys look different..." She whispered. She saw some with German officer clothing. They had officer caps instead of common soldier helmets and their uniform differs from the German infantries. "Hmm..." She looked for other things, and she noticed the vehicles. "Black cross..." She saw the gray tanks with the same symbol as the Stukas back then. "Takumi was worried about them... Are they that dangerous?" Chiho started to consider the cross as a very dangerous symbol of a group or tribe. "If Takumi was worried despite her own powers, then they are indeed dangerous..." She mutters as she scopes out the whole place. After a second, she saw a blonde girl and another girl with bright red hair that is somehow familiar to her. "That person...!" She recognized the face and gasped. It was the person they met during their attack on Trupriv. "She's back... No wonder the attack was scary..." She said. "Like the others said, it's gonna be different when we got Mark down..." She added. "But who was that child?" She focused on Himari. She was handling her troops while Nami watches her as she waits for hers.

Behind Chiho was Shu Fang, who was also looking at the scope with one eye. "It's the first time in a while when I saw a blonde person on their side..." She said as she remembers Anne's hair. "...Let's a-" "WAAAH!!!" Shu Fang spoke and Chiho squeals and flies away to see who's behind her. The people at the ground looked up the skies as her screams reached the whole village. "D-don't just appear behind me like that!!!" Chiho shouted. Shu Fang was very confused and her usual emotionless look bothered Chiho. "...You didn't hear me flying?" She asked. "I didn't! At least tap my shoulder or call me!" Chiho shouted. "Hey, aren't they a bit too loud?" The BT-7 crew said. They were out of their tanks and are resting on the field. "That Chiho is easily frightened..." Nagami giggled as Chiho kept scolding the poor assassin. In the end, Shu Fang couldn't say anything but apologize, and Chiho finally let it go with a sigh. "By the way, what were you saying?" She asked as she continued to scope the place. "...You were worried about the black cross enemies, right? Let's ask Nagami-san about them..." Shu Fang responded. "That will be good..." Chiho said as she finishes scanning the place.

"They are just below us, see?" Chiho pointed below to their left. "...Yeah, I saw them already..." Shu Fang said. "Yeah. Go ahead and ask them. I still need to report back to Gentaro-san..." Chiho said. Shu Fang nodded and Chiho flew back to Saiju. Shu Fang watches her disappear inside the village before flying down to the tanks. "Oh, the Chinese assassin..." Kaho said as Shu Fang drops in front of them. "...Chinese?" She looked at her, curious about the word. "W-whatever..." Kaho looked away embarrassed. Shu Fang was left hanging. "So, why did you came here for?" Nagami broke the awkwardness and asked her. "...Ah. About the..." Shu Fang was going to sit beside Nagami and saw Mariko sitting on the back of the BT-7. They stared at each other. "Sup..." Mariko greets her awkwardly. Without replying, Shu Fang sat beside Nagami. "...About the black cross..." She asked. "W-wait..." Nagami moves a little bit, Shu Fang was very close to her face. "The black cross, right?" She asked. "They called themselves 'Östliche Streitkräfte'. They are the second faction formed after the Red Mosin. They are doing an imitation of another country from our world, called Germany. Like the whole Prohorovka imitating a country called Russia. They call their troops 'Östkampferbündnis' or 'Östkampfer' for short. 'Östkampf' if you hate saying the last two letters like us, or just Jerries or Krauts if you really don't like them at all. These... Germans barely join a war like this, that's why we were surprised..." Nagami explained. "Countries..." Mariko spoke. "I think I remember you telling us about those countries..." She said.

"Yeah... Those Pak-40s came from them, we borrowed them" They all looked at the Pak-40s from their right, aimed ahead. "Same goes for Takumi and Tamie's Stuka planes, you noticed how they look the same? but with different symbols?" Nagami asked. "...Yeah" Shu Fang nodded. "Their leader is named Himari Chinen, who had nicknamed herself 'Heidemarie' for the sake of matching their names to Germans. They are well-known for their, well, obviously their unique German military. They wear the same uniforms as the real Germans back in our world and use the same vehicles and equipment. They also speak German, which really bothered us..." Nagami shook her head. "Even though sloppy, they tried their best to form up rank just as same as the real German military..." She said. "This 'Heidemarie' has a superiority complex, making her very arrogant and often speaks and acts like she is above everyone else. She forces people to call her 'Führer'. It's a German word for 'Leader'. We're still not quite sure if these are all just an act for the sake of imitating the ruthless leader of Germany back then, or she's just really have that superior nature" Nagami explained. "Yeah! She won't even hesitate to order her troops to aim their fucking weapons at us!" A female BT-7 crew shouted. "We were threatened into gunpoint by them when we were transporting tanks!" She shouted. "Yeah, assholes to the core" Nagami sighed. "We never knew what their true powers since they were very neutral and independent. They barely gets into a battle, we only know two so far..." She said.

"As Takumi warned before, their bombs are very dangerous. We had no idea how they got the magics to infuse them with their bombs. We were also invading another world when they had their first campaign. Their Stukas dropped their bombs and it was very mini nuclear-ish" She said. "Blue explosions, very fucking scary..." A male BT-7 crew said. "Uhuh... Explosions are normally around orange and yellow, but if it's colored differently? There's something wrong" Nagami said. "Then there are their three heaviest war vehicles. The King Tiger, The Maus, and The Ratte. The first two boasts the heaviest armor and deadly cannons, while the Ratte..." Nagami looked at her crew, then back to Shu Fang. "The Ratte is the biggest tank that was ever developed during our war. Luckily, it was canceled, who knows what's actually gonna happen during those times when it got out to the field" She shrugged. "The Germans called it 'Land Cruiser'. It's just too big to be considered just as a tank... Himari might deploy that Ratte here but don't be scared, we have powers" She giggled. "Even if they placed magics in that big rat, we still can take it down. Also, I'm pretty sure Himari is intelligent on her own and wouldn't want to deploy their only Ratte to a world where there are enemy magic users" She said. "How about the King and the... Mouse?" Mariko asked. "Ah. Well, the Tiger and the Maus got the best armor there is for its era, it is bigger than most of the tanks you saw. No big deal, though. The Ratte is all that matters" Nagami replied.

Before they could continue their conversation, Chiho flew in and stood in front of them. "Hey, Nagami-san. My father asked if they can use the abandoned tanks on the village" She asked, making Nagami perk up. "Ah yes! The tanks!" She stood up and cleans off her clothes. "W-Wait! You can stay here. I will just come back and tell them" Chiho halted her. "Ah... Well... Look for any soldiers who have been taught about the tanks and then teach the others who haven't. Then you can use it as you wish" Nagami sat again beside Shu Fang. "Alright..." Chiho was about to fly back to the village but Mariko called her. "What about the Westerns, Chiho?" She asked. "Ah... They're doing fine, they're already awake. Chris took care of their wounds when we were in battle" Chiho said. "Okay..." Mariko nodded and Chiho flew back to the village. "...Hey, how long is Takumi gonna take? Chiho and I saw enemies gathering at the Trupriv..." Shu Fang asked. Her question bothered Nagami. "Ugh... I don't know..." She rubbed her face with her left hand. "She's up to something and I don't know what..." She said. "Without her, we wouldn't be able to fend off the planes that much" She sighed. They sat quietly for a minute before Chiho came back again with Ayumi on her tail. "They're already going for the tanks..." Chiho was panting hard. "Jeez, take it easy Chiho!" Nagami laughed. "No, wait..." Chiho sat beside Shu Fang and rested her head on Shu Fang's shoulder. "...Ah!" Shu Fang grew red on the face. Seeing how Shu Fang was struggling with Chiho so close on her got them thinking. "Am I sensing some... Yuri stuff here?" A female BT-7 crew giggled. "That's what I'm also thinking!" Nagami pointed at her and laughed.

"Yuri?" Mariko repeated the word. "Ahh... the world so innocent..." Nagami calmed herself down. Nagami explained what she had told to Shu Fang and Mariko again for Chiho. Later, an hour has passed. Few of the tanks are manned. Some of it went into defensive positions at the village, some joined Nagami's side. They are getting anxious as time goes by. "No one really knew about that brat being nosy..." Nagami said. "How could she be possibly studying their powers without them noticing?" She asked. "The power that makes her so fast... No Prohorovka have ever learned that..." Nagami thinks back of Takumi's blue traces at the skies.". Takumi hasn't returned yet and no one is powerful enough to hold off any planes as much as she does. Though, they are a bit confident because they got the abandoned tanks manned. All of a sudden, it became loud at the Trupriv. The tanks and their guns are firing. "Shit... They're on!" As the tank and AT gun crews are hurrying back to their tanks and cannon, they heard a screaming engine approaching fast. It sounds like its speeding ahead, along with cannon fires. "That one's fa-!" The shout of a BT-7 crew was cut by the jump of a blue wheeled vehicle, it was followed by two gray wheeled vehicles. "What the fuck?!" Nagami saw the vehicles. It was a Panhard EBR 90 being chased by two Sdkfz. 222. The Panhard drifts as soon as it landed on the ground and shot one of the Sdkfz. Its crew died inside but the vehicle wasn't exploded, leaving it rolling forward until it stopped.

"What is going on?!" Mariko shouted. The Panhard drove ahead, flanking the last Sdkfz. It stopped and slowly turn back with its turret. But it couldn't point its guns at the Panhard due to its agile movement. The Panhard quickly drove around the Sdkfz before finishing it away. A shot to its ammo racks made it explode very loud and huge. "Hey, hey! Don't tell me...!" A male BT-7 crew shouted. "Takumi?" Nagami looked very carefully. The hatch of the Panhard opens. "Ahhh!!!" Tamie popped out with a scream. She was sweating bullets and struggles to get out. "G...Grr...!" She gave her best to stand and get out of the vehicle. As she got out, she steps into the hull, but she got cramps and lost her balance. "Akh!" She fell with a groan. "Hey, watch your steps..." Takumi came out gasping for air. "Damn it, Takumi! I'm never going with you again!" Tamie shouts as she laid on the ground. "Whoaa!!!" Mariko and Ayumi ran ahead to see the Panhard. Its big wheels caught their attention. "This looks beautiful!" She said with fascination. "She's a beaut'" Takumi slaps the turret. "Can we get out now?" A female voice came from inside and Takumi hurried out and jumps to the ground. "This baby can outrun tanks and destroy them in the process!" Takumi said with a big grin in her face. "So this is what you left us for..." Nagami said as she and her crew approaches the Panhard. They all gathered to look at it. The AT crews were whispering with their eyes fixed on the vehicle.

"I'll call her Azumi" Takumi named the tank. "From now on, her name is Azumi. Remember that well..." She sounded so proud. "Still, how did you get this?" Nagami asked. "Well... I have the power of disguise!" Takumi responded. Everyone turned to her. "What now?" Nagami can't believe what she said. "Disguise" Takumi repeated. "What?" Nagami still can't believe it. "Oh, come on..." Takumi's image blurred, surprising them. When she became clear, Tamie was now standing on her position. "What!" Everyone reacted to her. "H-Hey! That's creepy!" Tamie shouted as she looks at her doppelganger. "Why is it creepy?" Takumi asked. Takumi even sounded like Tamie when she disguised as her. Everyone had their jaws down. When Takumi was teasing Tamie, Chiho noticed the crews of the Panhard going down. A blonde crew stayed at the hatch. "Another blonde..." Chiho whispered. What gets her more is the girl's hair got messed up and ruined during their arrival. Her eyes match her hair and she looked younger than Chiho herself. "Ah! wait!" Takumi grabbed Tamie and they both spun around, making Tamie cry a bit. "Now who's the real one?!" Takumi asked as they stopped. "You idiot" Nagami chuckled. It was obvious for them due to their different energy. Tamie was clearly uncomfortable and Takumi was enjoying. "Hmm..." Takumi looked at Tamie and got the idea. "Alright then!" They both spins again. "Stop it!" They stopped and Tamie shouted at the other Tamie. Nagami was now confused.

"Can you stop it already?!" Tamie on the right shouted. "Huh?! You're the one who's doing all this!" Tamie on the left shouted. "Stop playing around and get serious already!" Tamie on the right shouted. Takumi got them all confused as she matches herself with Tamie's timidness. "Who's to speak here?! Stop it and return your normal self again!" Tamie on the left shouted. "How am I supposed to do that when I'm myself?!" Tamie on the right shouted. "JUST STOP IT ALREADY!!!" Tamie on the left bursts out of tears. "I HAD ENOUGH!!!" Tamie on the right cried. "Hey, for fuck sake, Takumi stopped it already" Nagami scolds as she looked at the Tamie on the right. "Huh? She's Takumi..." Tamie on the right pointed at the other Tamie. "What?! It's her!" Tamie on the left pointed. They continued to point at each other and Nagami finally snapped. She brought out a grenade and looked at their reaction. The one on the left cried in surprise, while the one on the right gasped. "Takumi..." Nagami hid back the grenade and approached her. She grabbed the Tamie on her right shoulder and punched her intestine with her right fist. "Ooough...!" The Tamie drops on her knees and she started to blur away. Takumi quickly returned back to her own self as she loses focus on the disguise.

Later, they talked about the crews of the Azumi. "Believe it or not, here's the leader of the froggies" She leaned her shoulder on the blonde girl. "Bonjour! My name is Rousseau!" The girl happily introduced. Takumi moved away from her in irritation. "Her real name is Emiko Fushima" Takumi said. "Emiko, here's Chiho, Chiho Hasegawa. The oh-so glorious daughter of the hero, she's like, leading the war against us" She introduced Chiho and Emiko approached her. "Bonjour!" She winked and took her right hand. "Nice to meet you!" She held her hand by both of hers and happily and aggressively shook her hand. "Ah... Yes, nice to meet you" Chiho used her other hand to join the shake, they are both holding each other now. "Alright, that's enou-" "Hey, hey!" Nagami was about to shake off their greeting but Mariko came in. "I'm Mariko Sakitama!" She was excited to hold Emiko's hands. "Hi, I'm Emiko!" They also did the same and they shook hands in a very energetic way. "Quiet an energetic one, huh" Nagami walked beside Takumi. "Yeah. I also realized we're lacking a person like her. We need someone like her. Loud and annoying. It's gonna be a help, otherwise, we're all gonna stay grumpy till the end of this war and have it the rest of our lives" Takumi said. They parked the Azumi near the tanks and sat on the ground to relax. Some of Nagami's crew went for the damaged Sdkfz. and started repairing it for use. "Say, what is a faction leader doing in the field all by herself?" Nagami asked.

"Shouldn't you be sending one of your comrades?" She asked. Emiko looked at Takumi. "She insisted that I should come. I could have sent one of my trusty commanders" She responded. "Well? How about joining us in this war?" Takumi convinced her. "I'm not sure how I could transport the armies here. We can't obviously go through the same way we went. We can't obviously tell them or they will not allow us to go here at all" Emiko said. "I can steal a portal cube from their base and have the whole country here" Takumi winked at them. They were amazed. "I wonder how everything will turn out if Takumi wasn't here" Kaho said. "They will bomb the whole place and the Saijuns will never be able to properly organize themselves" Nagami responded. "We will be living to the other villages right now, plotting a re-take of the Saiju" She added. "Say your appreciations to this crazy woman here" Takumi pointed to Mariko with her thumb. "If it weren't for her, I would be in one of the planes bombing the place" She said. They all looked at her and she fidgeted. "Y-Yeah... I'm the one who met her" She said. They had a long conversation after. They almost forgot about the gathering Östkampfer on Trupriv/Betty.

Half an hour later, a Saijun soldier came running back to the village. He looked frightened. He almost trips to the ground due to him panicking. "They're coming! They're coming again!!!" He shouted. His voice reached out to the group in the field. "Shit. Was he a scout?! He said they're coming!" Nagami shouted. "Man all your vehicles!" Takumi shouted and the soldiers went to their own vehicles and cannons. Chiho and her friends flew up the skies to make sure. "They're as many as the first one!" Chiho shouted. "Germans?!" Nagami asked. "Uh... The... Jerries!" Chiho replied. "They are all wearing different clothes and they have black crosses!" She said. "The damn Östkampf!" Takumi shouted. "No worries. Just like the same before, kill them all!" Takumi grinned and flew up. The tanks and the AT guns formed a line and the village was in full alert. The newly-manned tanks have pointed their cannons in the invaders' direction. Checking the village, Nagami remembered something. She looked up at the skies. "Hey! Where's that wall you promised?!" She shouted. "Huh?! I thought it would be better to leave it as is for now?!" Takumi responded. "What the fuck do you mean?!" Nagami was confused. "We have tanks on the ground! It would be better if they can shoot from the village!" Takumi responded. Then she turned to Chiho, who was observing the marching enemies. "Hey, use that Peacemaker" She tapped her shoulder. "Alright..." Chiho pressed the button and she gathered her emotions to form rage and share it with the Peacemaker.

"This should be fun!" Takumi was excited to see the Peacemaker fire up close. "Remember, shoot the tank with many friends near them. Make that one-shot kill lots of 'em!" She advised. "Alright!" Chiho replied and looked for a tank with many infantries near them. In the fields, most of them saw Chiho's scope glare and were frightened. "Bis in den Himmel! Verwenden Sie den panzer!" The infantries shouted. "Das kann ich nicht tun!" The tankers replied. Chiho found a Panther tank with soldiers sitting on its back. "Got one... I'm firing..." She said. "Go on!" Takumi said as if to push her. Chiho slowly moved her fingers to the trigger and calmly pulled the trigger. The Peacemaker fired, drawing a trace between its muzzle and the Panther, disturbing the peaceful surrounding and being the signal of another battle. "Yeaaah!!!" Takumi cheered along with its loud noise and long echo. "Son of a bitch, the tank vibrated like hell!" Nagami shouted, a bit terrified. "So goes the ground shakes!" A Zis-30 crew shouted. On the opposite side, the Panther which was carrying soldiers on its back exploded, blowing all the infantries near them and damaging the tanks' tracks near. "Alright, we disrupted them alright. That should decrease their morale" Takumi nodded. "Alright, time for my opening too!" She became serious for a second before looking down. She looked like she forgot something. "Hey! Nagami! I wanted to show Chiho something, hold on!" She said down to the tanks. "What?!" Nagami looked very confused. "Just stay cool down there!" Takumi replied. Nagami didn't know what to say. "Alright, Chiho. I will show you something real quick" With that, Takumi became serious and looked down the enemies.

"I noticed something about you and I would like you to know more about it..." She took a deep breath and suddenly the skies turned dark. As the dark clouds cover the skies, it pours down heavy rain. "T-Takumi?!" Chiho looked very surprise, Takumi's hands are glowing blue in power. She looked at Chiho with a weak smile. "I hate it when it always rains when you summon your energy-type magic" She said. "Energy...type?" Chiho remembered her powers with her long axe when she still hasn't got the Peacemaker. It would also darken the skies and rain. But compared to how the rain is raging right now, hers was just like a drizzle. Takumi then looked back at the enemies. "Ah..." Chiho saw Takumi gathering her breath to shout. "Behold the power of a Goddess!!!" Thunder strikes her, blowing away Chiho. Takumi started to emit powerful aura, even the troops on the ground could feel it. "What the fuck is that?!" Nagami was almost to hide inside the tank when the thunder strikes. She saw it hits Takumi but wasn't unscathed. "Power of a fucking Goddess?!" Kaho shouted. "You guys can feel it too, right?! My chest is acting up!" Their hearts suddenly starts beating abnormally. Each beat is sharp and painful and it felt like begging to get out. "Fuck... Takumi..." Nagami wanted to shout but the pain was holding her down. On the enemy side, all of them were gripping hard their chests, gritting their teeth in pain, and groaning. The tanks have ceased to move forward. The whole Östkampfer had fully stopped. "Was passiert... hier?!" One of them shouted as he falls onto the ground.

"You see what's happening, Chiho?" Takumi asked as Chiho slowly flies beside her. Chiho looked around and saw all of the people gripping their chests and struggling. "This is where your heart throbs as if you are in love, without being in love at all" Takumi giggled. She was sparking with blue magic and both of her palms are open, glowing in bright blue. "This is the power of Goddess Mariel, Angel Maria, Mariyou, and Shichiro. No other beings are supposed to learn this monstrous power!" She said as she closed her palms, sparking the magic on her palm as if it was crushed. "It drives you crazy. Your heart will throb in an abnormal way, and your body and mind will betray you and make you believe that your heart is gonna burst out and kill you" Takumi said as Chiho looks down below. Even their allies are affected by power. "Only the people who are close enough will be relieved of this power. By the time the effect wears away, they will be stricken with intense satisfaction" She continued then looked at Chiho and smiled. "That means there's no escape at all..." She giggled. "Your body will be relieved of the pain and you are intensely entranced, making you remain immobilized for a few moments before you start to realize the situation" She said. Chiho was very shocked and couldn't even react, she feared her a little. "This is another evidence that a human has no complete control of their own bodies and can turn against them sometimes, another is disease and sickness..." Takumi whispered.

At the Trupriv/Betty, the people there are also affected. "What is...!" Nami and Himari were watching the Östkampfer when it happened. "Gah...! This feeling! How is a power...!" Nami tried hard to speak but the pain intensifies when she struggles against it. Beside her, Himari almost rips off her clothes as she was fighting the first intense pain she has ever felt. "Shichiro...!" The first thing that came into her mind was Shichiro, as she recognized the same experience when he was with them on a battlefield. At a split second, she believed that he was the one doing it. But she quickly realized that their armies are communicating with him at Tsuchiya. "We... Have to kill that person AAAAAGHHH!!!" Nami screamed loud as she pushed herself against the pain, and her heart gave her one big sharp beat in return. She fell on the floor of the tower and rolled. After a while, Takumi spoke up. "I believe you can do this as well. I know you had the same type of magic when you wielded that axe" She said. "But for now, you have to practice. Otherwise, this power will devour you. You can't even teleport without having to catch your breath" She laughs. "When you get a grip of your powers, come to me. I will teach you everything" She smiled. "Believe in yourself. If a normal person like me and Shichiro can pull off these powers, so can you. So don't get too down, alright?" She said. "Alright, this is the last thing I would like to show you" She opened her palms once more and balls of energies has formed on her palms. "Devastating balls, I called these" Takumi moved her hands towards Chiho for her to see.

"They're cute, aren't they?" Takumi giggled but Chiho barely does. "They look like a dog's toys. Except, they can kill" She said. "Here, watch this!" She aimed both of her arms ahead and the balls fired with a loud spark. It flew ahead and lands above the Östkampfer. When it was going down, the balls exploded and releases multiple particles. When it drops, the ground lit up bright blue as it shocks a wide area with a very loud noise. "That's all..." Takumi then fades her power away and the skies returned to normal.

On the Trupriv/Betty, the soldiers went back to normal. "Ahh... That feels better..." Nami took a deep breath as the pain wears away. "I don't want to feel that ever again..." She said. Then she looked at Himari, who looked very dreamy. "Hey, pull yourself together" She giggled slightly as she watches Himari's reaction from the power for the first time. "You looked like you would rip your clothes off and become a genetically mutated person" She said. Then she looked back ahead and was very surprised. "Hey! What happened?!" She shouted. Himari stood up slowly and saw her own troops severely killed. No more than twenty survived and the tanks' engines are burning.

"Oof. Looks like I stopped their invasion..." Takumi covered her mouth as if to realize a mistake. "I didn't know they will be wiped out like that..." She said. "Y-You didn't?" Chiho glanced at her. She saw how disappointed she was. "Seriously...?" Chiho said. "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined..." Takumi slightly giggled. "TAKUMI!!! GET DOWN HERE!!!" Suddenly, they heard Nagami screaming angrily down there. "Looks like I hit a nerve" Takumi scratched her head. "I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU, GET THE FUCK DOWN HERE!!!" Nagami shouted again. "Whatever it is, it doesn't sound promising" Takumi teased her. "FUCK YOU, GET DOWN HERE!" Nagami shouted. With that, Takumi and Chiho flew down. As they do, Nagami pops out of her turret and stood on it. She showed her right blade and pointed it at Takumi. "Never fucking do that again, you hear?!" She said. "Alright, I'm sorry..." Takumi flew down to her with a sweet smile for forgiveness. "Just because you-" "I know..." Takumi hugged her. "Goddamn it, Takumi!" Nagami looked away as Takumi was gently rubbing her cheeks with hers.

Later, Takumi explained everything and how they 'accidentally' stopped the invasion. While she was disappointed, the others were happy that another attack was stopped. The Germans were furious about this and started gathering more at Trupriv. The Saiju and its defenders were able to fortify their defenses even more.


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