RWBY: the king of gods system
1 TRUCK-CHAN!!!!!!!!!
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RWBY: the king of gods system
Author :lotusflamedevil
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1 TRUCK-CHAN!!!!!!!!!

???:aah good day myself

i let a yawn and see the clock that is at my right seeing that is the 6:00 am of the morning

you move yourself out of the bed and start changing to your uniform.

???: i guess i will make a simple breakfast and get going

i prepared a simple breakfast that consist of beacon and eggs wash my teeth and prepare myself for going out but

???:aah i almost forget good bye sis.

i put my hand in a prayer form and gave thanks for this day

i get out of the house close the door and star walking to the school i take out my cellphone and start cheeking my favorite anime/manga/mawha/light novels sites to see if anything good is up

???: oh! Rwby is up!! i need to catch up

as i was saying this things i take out my headphones and star hearing anime music

by the way if you have not noticed i am a not an otaku....


yeah i am deep fan of all otaku culture the otaku path has molded me .

well leaving that aside and focusing ahead i started to think of how much i wanted to one of those protagonist that everyone knew like Naruto or Ichigo you know those that make you want to just get out and wander in the night hoping a hollow will appear alongside a women wearing dark clothes, or a magic door appear out of anything


as i was thinking those things i let out a deep sigh and move to cruse the street but a certain idea pop in my head as i moved my eyes to right and left to confirm anyone was close i take a deep breath and shouted




as i let that stupid voice a truck did appear and everything else turned red and black


i heard the voice of and old man and try to open my eyes just to see and old man laughing with all his might

??? excuse me?...

as if the old man notice something he stop laughing and look this way

old man: sorry sorry i was just happy and couldn't stop myself.

the old man say while making a silly smile

old man: a sorry my name is Alucard pandemonium this may be a little sudden but i am the king of gods.

???: A pleas.....WHAT DID YOU SAY?!

I Shouted with all my might

Alucard: sorry but i have a proposal for you.

as if completely ignoring what i just say he just continue to talk i let out a DEEP sigh and respond

???: a proposal?

alucard: you see i have lived as king of gods since the begging of time itself but i am already tired of this life.

???: so you want me to find you a successor? or something?

Alucard: no i want you to be the sucesor

???: huh?! b but i am a human forget a god i am a mere mortal why?!!!!

you shouted while trying to reason the words he said

Alucard: you have a soul i have never seen yours is a soul that expands is calm but it can changes to a deadly storms in a second that kind of soul that is the reason i choose you

???: i see.....

i can only respond that way

Alucard: but is not all bad i will give a new body and a system and send you to a different world so you can train and become stronger!!!!


hearing that only and answer

???: please take care of me teacher!!

Alucard: teacher? puff hahahahah!!!

alucard let laughed with all his might and responded

alucard: of course my disciple but first !!!

Alucard snapped his fingers and and light enter your body


i hear a voice in my head

10*/*.... 50*/*.... 70*/*.... 100*/*



as the voice finish talking i heard teacher voice

alucard: how does it feel ?

???: good...?

alucard: well let give the finisher

as he says some lever appear out of non where

???: a gacha?!

(A/N: )

alucard: is not a simple gacha this gacha is the universal gacha with this you can pick a weapon, Bloodline, martial arts, or a skill you have 3 chances to used free this time think of this as a pre

i hear a gup sound while I swallow and extend my hand to the level of the gacha


Gacha: A CLASS MARTIAL ART RENEWAL TAEKWONDO: is a type of martial art developed in modern South Korea. It is used by Jin Mo-Ri and Jin Tae-Jin in the series og the god of high school. It is emphasized in strong, linear kicks like its base WTF Taekwondo. Some skills are directly linked with WTF Taekwondo, skills involving Hwechook for example, and some are created purely by Jin Tae-Jin and other associates. LEVEL 1

???: i got something good!!!!

in the impulse i did again:

Gacha: Bloodline class S Monkey King body: it let the user have no limit in grow as well give the user an incredible talent in any area.

and the last time!!!

gacha: weapon class B Kanshou and Bakuya: this "married" twin swords representing Yin and Yang, crafted by the blacksmith Gān Jiàng (干将, Kanshō?) of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period of China.They were crafted more for the sake of crafting, as if questioning the meaning of the sword smith, than for any real idea behind their creation. They were created without vanity, and lack a sense of purpose found in other swords. They contain no fighting spirit to defeat others nor a competitive spirit to beat other weapons, and they contain neither the desire to be famous nor the faith to accomplish great deeds.

oh! the sword from fate stay night archer emiya i loved this weapon so much!!

Alucard: oh? you seem rather lucky to get all of this but?

???: yeah i kind of want another one

alucard: well let me give you another chance but you need to use the curse option

???: curse option..?

as i say some kind of screen appeared before me saying:




*no legs

*no arms

*cursed body


???: i see i suppose i chose one curse and then i can use the gacha again right?

alucard: exactly.

i move my hand to the option of scars and pressed

alucard: so you pick that one huh?

???: yeah even if i reincarnate i want a piece that i was alive

alucard: i see

alucard let a little smile like saying yeah its you huh

???:then one more !!!

i move my hand wishing this is the one

gacha: FUSION SKILL rank s: ability to fusion everyone from martial arts to weapons and skills

???: ooooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!

alucard: well the world i am to reincarnate you is the one from RWBY series this world is relative difficult but with all you have i think is good enough finally check you status

???: status.

as i say a screen with data appeaped before me

[name: ???] [age:0]

[race: half-god][Bloodline: monkey king]



STR: 60

AGL: 50


DEX: 30






???:my name?

alucard: aah when you die your name dissapear so you have to select another one

i take my hand in my chin and start think

???: Dante my name will be Dante

alucard: good then take my last name and go Dante pandemonium !!!!

as he finish saying a magic circle appear below me

alucard: good luck.

i smile and say back

Dante Pandemonium: Thank you

And so my adventure in the RWBY world started


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