Revenge Makes Love
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Revenge Makes Love
Author :aRmY_1997
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"Then we'll go there tomorrow, Mrs. Lu get prepared!!" Lu Hui walked out of the office. He could be heard talking to Yu Wen.


*The next day, 9 a.m.*

Lu Hui woke up with Xiao Ting at his side, his hands went through her long black hair. Then he caressed her soft lips, he wanted to kiss them like there was no tomorrow. But he couldn't wake his 'Mrs. Lu' from her sleep. It was too late, she opened her sea blue eyes and looked in Lu Hui's eyes. It was like their eyes were dancing together, they didn't realise that five minutes already past.

"Mr. Lu, Miss Qi Tang is back... She has a file with the name-", "Tell her that I'm coming" Lu Hui got changed and went downstairs.


"Mr. Lu, I've got this out of Mr. Xiao's study" Qi Tang handed Lu Hui a picture of Han Lu and Xiao Xa making out, but it wasn't taken by anyone from T&T Corporations....

"Do you also know from who this is?" Lu Hui didn't see any trademark or watermark on it.

"I heard that a powerful man wants to have Miss Xiao in his bed... It doesn't matter which one of the two, as long as they can bare children" Qi Tang's voice was trembling, Lu Hui sighed and said: "I know who this man is, I'm going to meet him today with Xiao Ting".

"She won't get hurt right? I trust you Mr. Lu, bring her back in one piece!!" Qi Tang was begging Lu Hui to give Xiao Ting a perfect security, she couldn't come back with a scratch!!

"Roger that Miss Qi, she'll be safe with me. Yu Wen, give the miss a ride back!!" Lu Hui went to the kitchen, a chef was already cooking some banana pancakes.


***Old cafeteria***

"Where are Lu Hui and his woman?! I've been waiting 10 minutes already!!" a man sneered, The leader of the Dragon Gang. He lost his patience and threw a tantrum at his guards.

"Mr. Yang, is this how you act in front of other people? You truly are a weird one..." Lu Hui stood behind a door with Xiao Ting. Her head was covered and only her eyes were seen.

"Lu Hui how dare you let me wait this long?! You rapist!!" Mr. Yang sneered, he threw a tantrum for three minutes long. Not even taking a break.


Mr. Yang calmed down and finally talked: "Who's the woman you wanted me to meet?". Lu Hui smirked and answered: "Can you recognise her eyes?".

Mr. Yang took a closer look and his eyes widened, he was truly in shock. He never thought that this was possible.

"She..... She's the daughter... of Xiao Ri...." Lu Hui smirked and Xiao Ting uncovered her head, showing no emotions.

"Come to the club next door, this evening at 10 p.m.. I'll make sure that she'll be there with us" Lu Hui turned around and held Xiao Ting's hand. He left the cafeteria.


"Mr. Lu are you sure that we can trust him? He's scary...." Xiao Ting was pretty scared that Mr. Yang would really **** her. There was also another thing, how did that pervert knew that she was the daughter of Xiao Ri?

"He's scary, but don't forget our plan. If you stick with that, nothing's gonna happen" Lu Hui started his car and drove off.

***Lu's Mansion***

Xiao Ting was changing into a tight black dress that showed her tall and slender figure. Her face was emotionless, she was trembling. 'Mr. Yang knows something about my mom, I need to ask him...' after saying that, she put some lipstick on her lips. She went downstairs and saw Lu Hui, he was dressed in a navy blue suit with a red tie.

"Let's go beauty" Lu Hui opened the door and waited until Xiao Ting went through, he closed the door after he left. Yu Wen was waiting in a black car.

"No need to be afraid, everything is going to be okay" Lu Hui hugged Xiao Ting from behind.

They entered the car.

***Next Door Club, 11 p.m.***

The couple entered the club, they went to the V.I.P room.

"Lu Hui, why did you let me wait one hour?! You knew that we were supposed to meet 10 p.m.!!" Mr. Yang shouted, he saw Xiao Ting and immediately calmed down.

"I want to buy her for 9.8 million!! She'll become my wife and she'll bear my beautiful children!!" Xiao Ting got uncomfortable, but didn't show one emotion. Lu Hui shook his head.

"I want at least 16 million for a beauty like her, she's too good for 9.8 million. You should know that the Xiao's are the prettiest women" Lu Hui sat down on a sofa, Mr. Yang immediately agreed with him.

"We've got a deal!!"


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