Sex Loops
1 Train
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Sex Loops
Author :tbdequina12346
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1 Train

After retrieving my train card from the machine, the gate rolled to the side. I hurriedly stepped in and ran towards the staircase going down to the train platform. I can hear the train stop.

Once reaching the last step down, I saw the train doors open. Squished myself in to the last car not looking at people around me.

Once I've settled on a comfy corner, I eased up and looked around. I was startled to see people in costume. Not really in costume but had metallic masks on. I shrugged it off. Leaned to my left side and closed my eyes holding on to the handrail in front of me.

A few minutes passed unknowingly, the lights dimmed.

I started to hear giggles, moaning and hard breathing? What is going on. Still I continued to mind my own business.

"Hey..." I heard a soft purr behind me. I opened my eyes and looked behind me.

A tall woman wearing a purple metallic mask looking down on me from behind. She grabbed the same handrail as I am and leaning on me. She swiped my hair to the right and started kissing my neck.

I froze. Trapped in between the wall and her strong arms. I panicked and tried to push her away from me

"Eh...!?" she was surprised. She loosened her grip and turned me around to face her. Then I saw what is happening. I am in a sex train? People around me were doing different acts of carnality. Foursome, threesome, mix and match of gender, naked, almost naked.

"What the hell...?!" I was so shocked my hands covered my mouth instinctively,"for real?"

"Yup for real... little lost sheep...!" The woman in front of me chuckled. She uncovered my mouth and kissed me. Frenched kissed! With tongue. She was like sucking the breath out of me. Ampfffff. She loosened her hold and reached below me. She lowered my underwear and next thing I know she was licking and eating me.

"Ahhhhnnnn ahhhhh hunnnnnnnn....!!!" I cant keep my voice down. She held both of my legs strongly and ate my pussy like there is no tomorrow.

I felt myself cumming and cumming...then I felt myself being lowered to the floor. What is she doing now . I covered my eyes with my arms. Too afraid to know when I felt something trying to push into my pussy. I looked up and saw her penis. It was one massive cock. Long, round, plump and pinkish. I was shocked to know that she was not a woman. I groped her front and felt nothing.

"You're a man?!" i squealed hoarsely

"Who said I was a woman," he softly teased my now exposed breast,"I will make you feel better"

I was about to say something when he pulled my legs up. Inserted his big long dick into my pussy. I felt a tear. He stopped and looked at me. I can see him confused."first time?"

He caressed my face. Gently kissed my lips. And started rocking. I felt pain when he was slowly doing it. The rhythm began to make haste. I was moaning. Something is building up inside me. I feel hotter by the second. I fee like he is getting rougher and grunting. He was fucking me so hard. I cant believe this is happening to me. That there is even such a thing. He fucked me so hard and for so long I am reaching I don't know where.I felt myself tremble, my toes curled, my breath short, then I released. I peed?

Even this was happening. He only smiled. Turned me to the side. My left leg on his shoulder. He fucked me again until

I released.

He pulled me up to stand. My back on the wall, He lifted me up and nailed me. He was fucking me nonstop.

Grunting and releasing his fill inside me. I feel a warm gush inside me everytime. I am so tired. But he did not stop. Other men came but he wave them away.

Once he made me kneel in four and made me suck his dick. I was afraid for my jaw to dislocate. He cummed in my mouth. It tasted weird at first but the next time I already enjoyed it.

Then he fucked me from the back.

*first person is a female


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