Sex Loops
2 Changing Room
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Sex Loops
Author :tbdequina12346
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2 Changing Room

I was picked a good set. Admiring my D cup breasts, slim waist and long legs, I turned around like a model inside the changing room.

I sighed and decided to buy it a different color. I stripped and bent to get my clothes stacked in front of me when the lights went off. The door behind me opened.

I felt a hand on my mouth so I can't make noise. Pressed behind me I can feel a thick hard dick ready for action. I felt his other hand open up my pussy lips from the front and him slowly lowering his body to make his dick enter my panicked vagina. Unghhhh! He went inside me. He didnt move yet. I am on my toes as he's a bit tall and now Im nailed to his dick. I can feel it brushing my womb insde me. Im starting to get wet.

He tied the cloth covering my mouth tightly. I feel him tie both of my hands and hook it up overhead where we. Then he circled his arms in front of me to brace himself and started fucking me.

It hurts. Im not wet yet. It hurts how his dick scratches the walls of my vagina. How his penis head bulges on my pussy mouth. I closed my eyes it hurts. But Im beginning to get wet. Uhnnnnggg. His dick is surely long. Hitting and reaching my womb like that. He is so strong. He is fucking me non stop but it's getting faster and his push is getting rougher. "uhmmmmpp ahhhh uhnnnnnn uhnggggg," yes he is so able. He knows where to reach insde me. so good sooo gooood

I dont know how long it has been. The light still out.

I think we are both cumming as I felt him tense up too. He was fucking me so hard when he pulled his dick out. I can feel something warm hit my back. He pinched my pussy while I was cumming. I felt him wipe my back. The I heard the door open. Someone went in. I heard the door close. I felt my clit pinched, pulled and rolled. I just orgasmed so I felt my pussy getting wet. Then he slapped both my ass cheeks. I felt the sting. He grabbed my waist on both sides. Sliding his hard cock on my pussy slit. His cock got stuck at the entrance and I can feel myself widen when he forced his cock inside me. I gasped and my breath shortened. He is so big. He slowly inserted his fat cock inside me, then slowly pull it out. Like a cello stick. Ahhhhnnn it feels like a massage it feels so good. When nothing seems to restrict him he went over drive. He pushed his dick in me. I felt my toes leave the floor. Aahhhhhhhhh so full. Before I say yum he was pounding me. So good. I am drooling from ecstacy. Is it my free fuck feast day? After he cummed, another one fucked me. This continued for a until I passed out.


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