Sex Loops
3 Can“t Stop
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Sex Loops
Author :tbdequina12346
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3 Can“t Stop

I woke up spread eagle, naked. Tied to the nearby trees. My roommate kneeling in front of me. In between my legs. She saw me staring at her,"you woke up Jean! breakfast time!"

She bent down and licked mu pussy.

"Wendy! uhn! what the ahnnn," Struck by the passion brought by her tongue I can stop moaning. Her tongue expertly fucking and licking my pussy. Her hands teasing groping my breasts.

"Please Jean just let me!", she looked up pitifully. She stood up after I orgasmed to her face. She was licking her fingers like it was dipped with honey,"sweet and aromatic!"

She put on a harness with a dildo on both sides. She carefully slid the one inside carefully in her pussy. Then strapped it securely on her. She held the one hanging outside of the harness and eyed me hungrily. "just like you dreamed about them Jean, thick hard and long!"

She stepped towards me. bent down. positioned herself in front of my pussy mouth and carefully inserted it. It was so long that she has to balance herself while giving it to me. "Not too fast Wendy Im still a virg--!!!!!"

Pain assaulted me when Wendy pushed and forced the dildo inside me. I was not that wet yet! I groaned as the whole length forcefully pushed inside me.

"W-what...!" seeing my face redden and showing pain Wendy panicked," but your vulgarity, liberated way of speaking about sex... i thought... ?!"

" Ahnn... you jerk get off me!," I can feel something tear. I feel myself bleeding. So painful,"uhn why are you still moving!"

"they said to slowly massage it babe,"Wendy whispered to my ear, licked my neck, sucked my tits and started massaging my clit. Pain and pleasure mixed. When I moaned she rocked the massive dick inside me. Slowly pulling and then sharply shoving, slow and rough. The rhythm continued until I felt feverish. No longer feeling the pain but the anticipated pleasure each time she roughly shoves it in. Seeing me starting to get delirious, she sucked my breast and started pounding me like a man. For an athlete and having a toned and muscular body Wendy surely is like a man. My groan and moans echoed in the forest. She eventually cut the ropes that bound me. Sit me up in front of her while impaled by her fake dick. She fucked me from behind. That was the best feeling. She fucked me pinned on a tree. We were like savages. We stopped for several quick bites and continued exploring each other's pleasure.

She said she can't stop because I was so good.

I fucked her hard too when it was my turn. We stayed in camp for the whole weekend, fucking wherever we can.


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