Sex Loops
4 Wheel chair
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Sex Loops
Author :tbdequina12346
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4 Wheel chair

I was drugged. I felt weak. My physically challenged neighbor was busy stripping my pajamas down while he was on a wheelchair.

He was naked. If not for his missing limbs knee down, his muscular body would have hopped on me and devoured me already.

"It's your fault Millet!" he growled while throwing my clothes on the floor. His cock upright and alert ready for battle. I can see apprehension in his eyes

"What did I do?" I swear I was good to everyone

"You seduced me with your kindness!" he replied. He then clawed my legs apart. Pulled me by the waist down to the edge of the bed where he. Anchored my legs to his wheel chair. He snuck a pillow under my back. I looked like a woman waiting for a bikini wax while he was the waxer. He poked two of his fingers into my pussy I twitched by the suddenness. Too weak to resist him he lowered his head and started eating me.

"So good!" I moaned hard and panted."This is... ahhhnnn!"

A few orgams later I cant hold it anymore,"Fuck me Arnie!"
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He chuckled. He expertly came to the bed, fixed his position in between me. He moved normally, no challenges at all. Then he leaned and pushed himself in me."So big so full!"

He groped my breast then fucked me hard.

It was early morning I woke up alone in my bed. I can still feel his cock inside me. His marks all over my body. I want more.


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