Squad 34
-1 Spring Silence
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Squad 34
Author :Lilies020
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-1 Spring Silence

For a spring day it was the quietest. It was as if the whole city knew something was going down. There wasn't as much traffic and students decided to go home early.

Of course the whole city couldn't have possibly known what was happening but tomorrow they would awaken up to a different day in a different city. The terror that many living in the deep parts of the city were experiencing would be over and these officers would have to ensure that it never started again.

Across the street from a mom and pop store, Tony's Pizza, a group consisting of agents, police officers, and SWAT team members we're preparing themselves.

That day was most unsettling day in their lives. Today was either going to make or break them. Either way, they'd made an air tight trap. When if that Devil still managed to run today, he'd have nowhere to hide. After this, the whole world would exposed to the person that has been making them live in fear.

One officer, Detective David Stan, pulled out his phone to check for any missed calls. There were none. He took a long look at the picture of his family and his mind immediately shifted to the lawyer and his family. His son was the same age as his eldest daughter. If this went well they could live in peace and start a whole different life.

He checked the time. It was right after 2. He would be able to call his kids after this. He turned off his phone and shoved it in his back pocket.

"Alright", the lead agent yelled. "Time to get moving."

Three students in identical uniforms were taking their time as they walked down the street. There was one boy, Christopher and two girls, Amanda and Eden. The two girls were carbon copies of each other and the boy was the odd one out. Amanda has taken it upon herself to walk right next to Christopher not allowing Eden to even stand next to them. She was only was able to walk a few paces behind them.

Amanda was openly flirted with Christopher but Eden wasn't sure if he was reciprocating or not. when their father had taken him to their house he wasn't exactly open. But Eden still wanted to be his friend. Unfortunately her older sister was just taking over everything and not even allowing her to say a word.

Eden eventually stopped trying and just watched them.

She even stopped trying to get Christopher's attention and just going to wait for him to go home. Thankfully her father had said either today or tomorrow he would be going home and somebody would pick him up from their house.

they waited at the bus stop for the bus to come and pick them up and took two buses to reach home. Within an hour they were home. there was a black SUV waiting for them. an officer had came out and calls for Christopher. The children said their goodbyes not knowing that it would really be the last time they saw each other for many years to come.

That same night Christopher never got to meet up with his family. Instead it was reported days later that his mom got into a car accident and his father was shot. Nobody knew what had happened to the boy.

On that same night, Amanda and Eden we're home by themselves. Eden sat on the bed and watched as Amanda got herself dolled up with their mother's make up

"You shouldn't be doing this I'm going to tell" Eden said. "Mom and dad said to go to Grandma's house but you didn't want to go and now you're going to sneak out."

"Don't be such a snitch," Amanda said. "I'll be back before either of them gets home."

Eden was angry at what Amanda said. She watched as Amanda got ready and left before going to the house phone and dialing her mom's number. She didn't pick up. She called her dad. He didn't pick up either. No one answered the phone that night and Amanda did not come home ever again.


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