Squad 34
2 I Know Your Face
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Squad 34
Author :Lilies020
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2 I Know Your Face

The old lady was being viciously dragged by her service dog. He was usually a calm dog, despite his large size. But for the first time in seven years, her baby was acting up.

He was on a leash but was leading his owner deeper off the path and more into the woods. The dog suddenly stopped at a tree and began barking at the ground. His paws were scratching into the grass and the dirt and would pause occasionally to look at her.

She couldn't think of what the issue could be. Was something buried there? She wasn't certain how to lead her dog away from the area without getting hurt. She watch as he began digging fervently.

She had a bad premonition and quickly grabbed her phone to call 911.


"Okay," David started. " As you all know this squad room has been redesigned by the captain himself. While many of us are familiar faces, we have four new members joining us. We have Detective Ryan Mackie, a former military personnel; Detective Will Shines from cyber crimes, Detective Marcus Elsworth from vice and Detective..." David paused to clear his throat. "Eden Hines from violent crimes."

Eden didn't really look at Davis as he called her name or spoke for that matter and David did his best to avoid eye contact with her. Jeffery even noticed David's mood was a bit off. It was almost as if he was nervous. But it wasn't something explicit. Later he would ask him about that. David still proceeded to give the information in a matter-of-fact tone, not revealing too much.

"The captain has allocated a lot of resources to revamping this team. Our main focus will be on cold cases that have hit a brick wall or any new complicated cases. We will have three teams of four, Detectives Tommy Budd, Peter Hart, Elliot Clare and Will Shines will be team C. Detectives Jude Holdings, Fred Stevenson and Fred Shelby and Ryan Mackie will bee team B. And Finally team A will be myself, Detectives Jeffery Hugh, Marcus Elsworth and Eden Hines."

Eden was a little surprised at her placement. She didn't know her father would be so daring. She was, at first going to ignore how her transfer had ended up. It was okay to just me in the same room as him. Their interactions would be to a minimum, but to be on his team? That was a whole different case. They would have to share the same space and speak to each other on a daily bases. Was her father not daunted my this idea? Was he not afraid that Eden would consider him with total disregard?

But on the other side of the table, someone was thoroughly pleased with himself. Marcus saw this as his opportunity to get close to David. This position would either allow him to make or break his case. His eyes landed on Eden. He felt her gaze several times. He knew that this Eden was the same one from His childhood. She definitely grew up well and looked like a completely different person. It was strange to see these two people from his past. He was a little afraid, Eden would blow his cover but they knew each other for basically 3 months. She probably didn't even remember him like that. She would pose a problem if she did. He wasn't certain if she recognized him but he would really have to sell his new identity in a subtle way.

David continued his speech on the new guidelines they would all have to follow before he handed out three files.

"These are cases the Captain wants us to look at first," David said. "Let's try our best and remember the Captain is watching us closely. You are all dismissed."

Everyone got up slowly and began to file out the room. Eden gathered her belongings and joined the line.

"Detective Hines," David suddenly called to her.

Eden paused and turned to face him, her heart skipped a beat.

"A word please," David said.

Dread ran through her heart. She may definitely have to request for this transfer. The thought of speaking to him after so long made her quinsy. She moved out of the line and made her way over to her father. She stopped about arms length away and watched as every person left, the last person closing the door behind him.

David gathered his paperwork and looked at Eden. He wasn't sure if he should be happy or not. He had some fear in his mind. But did Eden come looking for him? He didn't know where she was all this time. She sent him post cards once a year to inform him that she was alive but that was the end of it. He hadn't known how much her voice changed or her looks between those years.

They stared at each other for sometime, before Eden who was the most uncomfortable spoke first. "Team leader you wanted to speak with me?"

David felt shock at her words. She didn't even try to address him as father. He had to admit that they weren't close in the past but they still managed some semblance of familial unity. He hadn't known how she was doing these past years. He didn't know if she had suffered or not or if she managed to live comfortably. He knew nothing of her life or who she was for that matter. But it pleased him to see that she followed in his footsteps even though he would not have envisioned this for her future. For one child to be lost was one thing but for both, that was another. His heart could be put at ease as long as he was able to see her.

"Eden," David said but it sounded more like a question. "How have you been? I didn't know that you became an officer."

Yeah, Eden thought, a lot can change in nine years.

She answered instead, "Yeah, I'm okay."

"How...What...How long have you been an officer?" David asked.

"Six", Eden responded curtly.

"Six?" David asked again, displaying some surprise. 'I thought you were going to become a lawyer. You liked that type of stuff."

Eden almost rolled her eyes. That was when she was ten, but she was still interested in law so she let it go. "I studied criminal justice."

"You went to college?" David asked.

She faintly nodded her head. Eden felt a little guilty there. Her parents would brag about their smart children and she almost felt like they took something away from them. But at the same time, she didn't even bother to attend her own ceremony. Their family was in a strange place or had always been. She wasn't thinking about what would make them happy and hardly cared at that time. Though the bitterness was still there, as she got older, she realized that she wasn't as angry and it didn't matter much to her how her parents treated her. She was more interested in the ends rather than the means.

This conversation was getting a little personal for Eden. She did want to explain her past to her father. That was the reason she left. She couldn't even function without feeling suffocated by the past. She knew that it was something she would have to deal with but her heart wasn't ready yet. She needed answers about the past and all the things that led to her sister's disappearance before she could make peace with her family and her past.

"I think we should go back to work," Eden said. She turned without really waiting for a response.

"Wait," David said. "How about we have dinner sometime?"

Eden's mind went blank for a second. She wanted to say no. She wasn't exactly interested in reconnecting with anyone. But then she thought, she didn't want to worsen their relationship. She could still try to keep things amicable. They never had that tight-knit relationship and it felt weird think about having that right now. Either way she said sure and headed for the door.

As she was leaving she heard David's phone ring but didn't pay any mind.


Outside the office, the three younger officers stood together after introducing themselves.

"Damn man," Will said. "When they said that this was going to be a progressive squad, I didn't imagine this. Left one department with five females to go to one with practically none."

Ryan nodded with little enthusiasm while Marcus was wondering why Will automatically assumed they were close enough to discuss this or anything in that matter.

"But that Eden girl is bad though. She can make up for all the pretty girls," Will said. "Say... what's Chief discussing with her? Maybe he's trying to make a pass too."

Marcus stared at Will for a split second before turning to walk away. Thank God he wasn't on his team. If that was his first conclusion then he surely must have bought his way onto this team. But then again, they didn't know what he knew so they would be a little suspicious of her.

The door suddenly opened to the conference room and everyone standing there was a little surprised to see each other. Eden didn't smile at them.

Will extended his hand with a smile. "Hi, I'm Will Shines."

Eden glanced at his hand she felt weird, as if she'd walked in on something. "I'm aware," she said as she shook his hand. She saw the slight displeasure in his face and knew she was probably supposed to smile but she really didn't feel it. She glance at the other guy, Ryan, and nodded in acknowledgement to him. She looked and saw the back of Marcus disappearing.

Eden suddenly remembered something and began to walk to catch up to him. "Detective Elsworth?" She called.

Marcus stopped at the mention of his name and turned around. Eden reached him and took a long look at his face. She took in the shape and spacing of his eyebrows, lips and nose. There was some good symmetry going on with his face that gave a strong masculine look and reminded Eden of a Norse god. But his good features were not what was catching her. There was something in the lining of his face that was definitely familiar. For some reason the location and the period in time was not coming to her brain but she definitely knew him. She never forgot a face especially one that looked like his.

Marcus could feel her inquisitive eyes roaming his face. It felt as if she was looking for some traces of his former self. There was nothing there though but felt as if she could see the traces of the past and it made him feel uncomfortable. He had to get away.

"Is there something,?" Marcus asked.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" Eden asked.

Marcus didn't respond right away, "Should you?"

Eden took a look at his face again. There was definitely something. She tilted her head slightly to the side. "Where did you attend school?"

"Ireland." Marcus responded.

"For college or high school?"


"And before that?"


Eden's eyes widened in surprise. Eaglewood was an elite school for the people who had the money-money. If Marcus was coming from that background, Eden couldn't really make heads or tail of what he was doing working as an officer. She knew no one of that background.

"You probably just look like someone then," Eden said softly, but Marcus saw her brows were scrunched together and her eyes had somewhat of a far away look to them. Her face relaxed a little. "Okay then."

Eden walked away and Marcus watched her go. He had a strange feeling as if he was standing on a wire. He felt as if she could unravel him in that moment. This was going to be very dangerous.


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