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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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1 Chapter 1 - Spawning

Mid Rim - Chommell Sector - Naboo System - Third moon of Naboo

On the surface of the third moon of planet Naboo, a large sphere of energy emerged out of nowhere, lasting only for a few seconds, before dissipating and showing what came from it.

Kneeled on the rocked floor, stood a large black humanoid mech body, looking like a giant human in spiked dark heavy armour.

Slowly the machine charged it's power, with it's four red lights on its head swiftly turning online.

Inside the mech's chest was a cockpit where a man wearing a black armour suddenly woke up from his slumber.

"Wha.." He mumbled while opening his eyes, before closing them as memories and information filled his head.

'I died? I'm not on earth anymore, did a ROB turned me in one of those fiction players? Yes, he did, but he also removed most of my memories! I can't remember anything except the entertainment that I had in my previous life. Oh, it seems that I am now a Cybran? I did love RTS games and the Cybran nation was my favourite faction in sup com games. For some reason I'm not mad, perhaps it's because I don't have my missing memories and it seems that my brain has been improved? No, I'm not a genius, but it seems that I can process information faster.'

At the same time, the Cybran Armored Command Unit, or ACU for short, rose up as it's head moved to the sides while it's arms and torso took every possible turn and position.
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'The ACU is working properly, too bad it doesn't have its weapon but at least the left arm still has it's Proto-Crafter working. It seems my building options are very limited, my data is corrupted or damaged, but at least I got options to build a Tier 1 factory, generator, mass fabricator, walls, radar and storage units. Weirdly, I cant built extractors, but from my data, things were changed compared to the game so I'll need to build one power generator per mass fabricator to produce mass...'

"But first things first..." He mumbled with a smirk as the ACU started to move forward.

After three steps, the mech stopped, pointing his left arm towards the floor and slowly the Proto-Crafter started to consume the rocky ground, turning it into mass.

One hour later, the Cybran commander had made a new floor deep underground, with enough size to build a small base.

With the cover of the surface above him, he started his base into four steps.

The first step was mass production, which he divided into sections of nine buildings, lined up at the centre, would be three mass fabricators, while behind these, three generators were added to power them and finally at the front, there would be three mass storage units.

Nine of the mass production sections were built in a square formation, only separated by a road sized space, enough for the ACU to walk between them.

The second step was energy production, each section again had nine buildings forming a square, with three energy storage units at the back and front and three energy generators in the middle.

Nine of these energy production sections were made.

The third step was unit production, four land factories were built, each with three generators on each side, which are enough to power the building they are assigned to, leaving room in the north and south sides for units to leave the building once they were built.

The fourth step was defence, the first line of defence was near the tunnel that leads to the surface, a line of walls was quickly made, with a tier-one radar and an energy generator behind them.

It took a full day to build the base. "The building time was nerfed." The ACU pilot simply stated.

The Cybran had no other units or defences available to construct, he could not even build the tier 1 engineers. 'It is very good that I can make my own schematics, but unfortunately, I do not have the tech available for them? I guess Rob did this on purpose as my only options now are either explore this planet or try to communicate with the outside world. The radar is receiving a weak signal. Oh! What's this? HoloNet? How interesting, so I am in the star wars universe, 32 BBY, two days before the Blockade of Naboo and inside the third moon of this paradise-like planet. How lucky!'

"For now let us surf the Net" He giggled while searching for more information. "Interesting, so it seems that there are a few low techs available for free in the HoloNet, Oh yes indeed! Droid technology seems to be somewhat easy to get..."

The Cybran commander now could build basic technology of old speeders, droids and even blasters.

He could also make schematics of not only civilian units but also his first combat unit.

The first one was a smaller EVS Construction Droid version turned into the cybran engineer from supreme command two, a red bug-like beetle that used it's six legs to move, even being able to climb walls and ceilings. On its sides, was a mechanical arm with proto-tech that could be used for constructing buildings, repairing and recycle matter.

Codename: Beetle

Build time: 1 hour

The second one was a new air scout unit, an unarmed floating droid in the form of the tier 1 cybran air scout. This smaller version was the size of a cat, able to access terminals.

Codename: Flying Eyes

Build time: 10 minutes

The third one was his first combat unit, using tech from the B1 battle droid and other low tech droids, finally a smaller version schematic of the tier 1 cybran assault bot was made, essentially a unit of only 1.5 meters, making it not even reach the shoulders of most races in the galaxy, basically a blaster turret walking on two legs.

Codename: Hunter

Built time: 10 minutes

The fourth one was a transport ship, which could carry a sizeable quantity of units, capable of interplanetary travel, its appearance was of a bug with six legs at the front sides while having a large long tail at the back, with these tails, units can be dropped into the battlefield without the need to land. It has 60 slots available, 30 on it's tail and 30 inside it's body, which means it can carry 60 hunters at will. Larger units will use more room and have more restrictions, for example, this ship can carry an ACU only on it's tail, using 20 slots.

Codename: Skyhook

Build time: 4 hours

"I can't make the rest of the tier one units... I might have to steal tech from the trade federation when they invade? But at least I can build air factories, oh yes indeed!"

With the commands given, the land factories queued 5 beetles and each started their building process, which was using half of the current income, so the ACU swiftly moved deeper into the floor, leaving the radar, passing the mass and energy sectors and taking a quick look at the working factories before moving behind them.

Now the cybran commander started building 2 tier 1 air factories, which would have the same support composition as the others.

Five hours later the beetles were up and running and air factories were online, so more orders were assigned, the beetles went behind the air factories at the end of the room, slowly they started to recycle the rock wall, their orders were to make a short tunnel, which would lead to a new room and fill it with sectors of mass and energy production.

Meanwhile, the land factories started to produce 288 hunters each, one air factory 12 skyhooks and the second one 11 skyhooks and 24 flying eyes.

'Now they will be busy for the next 48 hours and I will have 1209 out of 2000 cap, unfortunately, my brain can only handle 2000 units, I need to search more tech to expand! Uh, weird, something compels me to help Amidala and the Jedi, I wonder if it's the force or Rob? I think I won't mess much with story, not at least until the clone wars, perhaps a little change here and there will be acceptable, I don't want to stop the clone wars, as the current time technology is a bit downgraded from what I remember of the time of the war between old republic and sith empire and will now only grow during the clone wars. Yes, the clone wars must occur, so many technologies will be available to me, perhaps if I ally myself with the republic I can get access to better tech, even the cloning abilities of their future army. I'm not going to join the separatists, too much backstabbing, at least the Jedi can somewhat give me cover from Palpatine. I can always steal tech from CIS, Oh yes, yes indeed!'

'No, siding with the republic might be a bit too cliché, but I don't want to face them, while my ACU can handle a few hits, most of my units are pretty much the same as B1s with more agility and can take some extra shots, hmm, perhaps I can work as a mercenary army for them?'

"I don't remember how is cybran lore regarding their bodies, I know they're cyborgs, but I can't recall their substance requirements, I do calculate that I shall need water soon, I don't think I won't last three days without it. Perhaps I should go into shutdown mode to preserve my water reserves." The cybran commander mumbled as he watched the little hunters forming up a formation behind the defensive walls with the new flying droid scouts landing behind them.

After much thinking, the ACU turned off most of it's power, entering hibernate mode for 24 hours.

Twenty-four hours later the ACU's red-eyed lights turned red again and the Cybran commander woke up.

At the front of his ACU as it was between the resource sectors, was a small assault bot army in line, the 576 hunters stood like statues as more came to join them, in the air 9 skyhooks could be seen almost touching the ceiling while 24 flying eyes laid on the ground near the ACU.

The cybran looked from his armoured helmet as the chest of his ACU opened up, made a huge smirk before jumping from his seat and holding his hand on the mech's right knee area before releasing and reaching the ground in a superhero landing style. "The joys of life!" He shouted as one of the skyhooks landed on the ground and opened the bay door behind it's body and bellow it's tail as 50 hunters and 8 flying eyes embarked it, followed with their commander, in midway before he reached the ship, a ninth flying eye closed it's wings and other sections to form in a closed bowl form before landing on it's master's back.

The supreme commander sat in seiza on the steel floor as the transport slowly went through the tunnel before increasing speed once it got past the surface ground and quickly departed from the moon, heading towards the greenish paradise planet of Naboo.


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