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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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2 Chapter 2 - Naboo

The skyhook arrived at the planet from the other side of the planet, as with the exception of the main city area, there were no issues to be discovered as it seemed that the Naboo defence forces lacked detection capabilities, after all, they were mostly pacifists and max they have are the royal guard and a few fighters, pretty much the minimum capabilities just to keep pirates away from raiding their planet.

The transport ship slowly moved across the planet, maintaining low altitude, being very close the ground to avoid being detected just in case of being spotted, as the cybran commander was sure the appearance of his ship could easily be mistaken as either a pirate or smuggler ship.

Soon it arrived at the destination, a small cleared field in the middle of the massive jungle forest, kilometres away from Theed, capital of Naboo.

The units departed the ship, with hunters forming a perimeter and flying eyes going forward to scout the area, finally, the cybran left the ship as he ordered it to redo its path and return home.

He smiled as he still remains in contact with his units on the moon. 'It seems that Rob added something extra, I don't think ACU commanders could control troops from other planets!'

The perimeter looked clear with the exception of a few wild native creatures here and there, as the droids haven't found any sentient lifeforms yet. At first the cybran wanted to build an outpost and bring more units, but he deemed too risky, the federation might either retreat if the entire force he had at home was spotted, or worse, they could bring major reinforcements, the best choice was to wait, as most of the initial invasion fleet would eventually be recalled, it was better to deal with one Lucrehulk battleship rather than fleet of them.

Two of the flying eyes returned, they would follow the main group as it departed forward while the other 8 would keep patrolling the perimeter, while being cybran allowed him to run quite fast, he still had time, no need to rush or increase chances of being detected, so with ten hunters on his front and ten more on each of his side, he simply trecked, as the rest of the bots followed behind him.

Hours later, the group paused, the cybran decided to rest, as the city was now in his view, he had come from the side facing the back of the palace, it was quite enjoyable watching the beautiful scenery of the green forest, the waterfalls going down the massive cliff and the wonderful buildings of the city, especially the palace.

What surprised him was the appearance of the hanger, unlike the palace and most other clean buildings, this military installation wasn't looking so good, with roots and moss growing on the walls while it's old bricks seemed about to collapse. 'I hope it's just the outside appearance, in the movies at least the inside looked very clean.'

The cybran release sigh before mumbling. "Was it Palpatine?" He decided to forgo that idea for later and sent five flying eyes towards the city before hibernating as night was settling and the federation would only come tomorrow.

In the morning, waking up again, something wrong was going on, a C-9979 landing craft landed near the city, and a few minutes later he lost the HoloNet connection. 'They must have destroyed the communication towers' He thought, as his tier 1 radar wasn't strong enough to detected the network sources outside the planet's area, good thing he landed on the moons planet, he was still able to check the local network, not only that, but he could detect 20 Lucrehulk federation ships and a large number of smaller transport ships, the same as the previous C-9979. 'Oh, quite a large fleet, indeed...'

Suddenly a republic consular cruiser appeared and docked with one of the Lucrehulks, at the same time the commander rose from his seiza, his flying eyes reported and watched a clear path towards the palace, and promptly the cybran moved with the hunters following him.

Later as he reached the city, several of the C-9979's departed from the main fleet, accompanied by a large-sized group of fighters which exited the battleships, vulture droids. "Here comes the Jedi..." He mumbled while detecting an escape pod coming from the battleship and crashing into the planet.

The droid army made landfall and slowly marched into the city, outnumbered and outgunned, the royal guard slowly retreated towards either the palace or the hanger as dozens of AATs, Staps and hundreds of b1 battle droids could be seen entering the city while vultures passed above them.

Inside the palace, queen Amidala stood there, silently watching through the window as the droid army reached the courtyard before signalling her handmaidens and departed the room, moments after, the droids who entered the palace seized her, the governor, her royal guards and handmaidens.

Meanwhile, the Cybran reached his destination, a small street between buildings, with plenty of cover. 'If I remember correctly, this is where the droids bring them in...' "Go" He pointed to most of his hunters, from which 35 departed towards the hanger and 15 remained, then pointing to the flying eyes. "Go" All the floating bots left into several directions.

"Now, let us get into our places, the first act is about to begin!" He spoke towards his assault bots who hid behind walls and inside the buildings.

Meanwhile, at the nearby river inside of the city, a unique submarine submerged, parking near the shore, from it, two men with brown capes and one weird looking alien departed from it.

"Master look!" The youngest told the eldest as a droid slowly approached before them.

"Strange, I have never seen a droid like that..." Commented the elder as he scratched his small beard. "I don't think it's a federation droid."

"But it isn't from Naboo is it?"

"No, my young padawan, but it seems like it wants us to follow it, and the force seems to agree."

The young padawan nodded it's head as the trio followed the droid.

Meanwhile, a group of people left the palace, escorted by droids, unknown to them, they were being watched and as they quickly walked to what a droid mentioned before, a prisoner camp and passing by several buildings, the group entered a small street where an armoured black being stood before them.

The group stopped, with one of the brow B1 droids with red lines stepping forward. "Identify!" It said.

"I am your new superior officer." The man said to the droid, making its head turn a bit to the side as what he was told was confusing. "I have not received orders of a new officer."

"I know!" He laughs as several droids that haven't been seen before rose from their hideouts, surrounding the group, some came from the second floor of the buildings while others appeared from the previous street they had come from.

Five seconds went by as everyone stood silent before the droid finally spoke. "Wait a..." He didn't finish his sentence as the unique droids fired at them, killing all the federation droids with red blaster shots.

The humans stood there with their mouths open as the cybran signalled them to follow into an alley. "Follow me, your highness." He requested as the group did it so while the captain of the royal guard Panaka ordered his men to pick the fallen droid's blasters.

At the same time in the alley, the trio arrived and approached the group, the oldest one smiled as he approached them.

"Greetings, your highness, I am Qui-Gon Jinn and this is Obi-Wan, we are ambassadors sent by the supreme chancellor..."

"Your negotiations seem to have failed." Stated Sio bible, the governor of the planet.

"Negotiations never took place... it's urgent that we contact the republic." (Qui-Gon)

"They knocked down all our communications!" (Panaka)

"We need to get a transport then..." (Qui-Gon)

"There's one in the hanger." Said Panaka while pointing his hand from where Qui-Gon came from.

But before Panaka could pass him to show the way, Qui-Gon looked at the black armoured being. "Are you with the royal guard?"

"Nop" Answered the Cybran.

"Wait, he's not with you!?" Panaka shouted before turning around pointing his blaster at the strange, his men doing the same and making the several hunters behind the Cybran point their blasters to the human group.

"Easy..." Said Qui-Gon, putting his hand on Panaka's weapon and lowering it. "Who are you then?"

"Yes, I would also like to know the name of our saviour." Said the queen, making the older Jedi raise an eyebrow.

"He saved you?" The Jedi master inquired, receiving a nob from most of the group. "Will you come with us then?"

The cybran simply nodded, before the group departed after a minute of silence, sensing that the cybran did not want to reveal his name and eventually they reached hanger.

The master Jedi looked towards the hanger, several destroyed droids were on the floor, while humans and more of the strange droids stood there as if waiting for something, then turned back. "These strange droids yours?"

"Yes." (Cybran)

Qui-Gon Jinn smiled before telling the group to follow them into the hanger and with a nob to Panaka, the captain swiftly commanded the crew to enter the ship while the rest dispersed into the city.

"I suggest you come to Coruscant with us." (Qui-Gon)

"Thank you, ambassador, but my place is with my people." (Queen)

"And my place is on that ship!" The armoured man suddenly shouted, heading inside the ship along 6 droids while the rest left the building, surprising the group as they looked at his back.

Inside the ship, the Cybran giggled. "pfff" 'I guess Amidala was in a hurry that she forgot her bra?'
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Minutes later with everyone inside, the ship departed the hanger, with AAT's that patrolled the palace's perimeter firing and missing, the ship eventually made into space only to come under heavy fire from the closest battleship.

The commander stood alongside his escort in the droid room, right across the R2D2 and the other others, at the same time Jar Jar was near the ship's entrance, panicking like a clown. 'Yup, clown...'

The droids left their spots and moved towards a little droid elevator. 'Shield generator down I guess?' Then he wondered. 'Shields fixed or was it power? Uh, oh wait, R2 redirected the hyperdrive power into shields in the movie, still going canon, oh and before I forget, let's add a few more commands.' He sent the extra orders to the moon before the spaceship entered hyperspace.

Five minutes later the Jedi entered the droid room, looking at the armoured man in seiza as he was guarded by his droids.

"Since the ship didn't blow up, my guess is that we are going towards another planet?"

"Yes, the hyperdrive has been damaged so we are heading to the planet Tatooine and then afterwards we will make way to Coruscant." (Qui-Gon)

"I see..."

"So who are you? I haven't seen that armour before, nor these droids." (Kenobi)

"Yes, I would also to know more about you, if you would not mind, after all, you know our names and we don't know yours." Qui-Gon inn politely inquired the Cybran.

"Hmm, you may call me Kyrios, Supreme Commander of the Cybran Nation." (Kyrios)

"Cybran Nation? I never heard of it." (Kenobi)

"The Cybrans are from a planet called Earth, very far away from here." (Kyrios)

"So Cybran is a race? Could you remove your helmet for us to see?" (Kenobi)

"Obiwan, you are being disrespectful to him, perhaps he doesn't wish to show his face?" (Qui-Gon)

Kyrios nodded, after all, he hadn't removed his helmet yet and if he did, it wouldn't be in front of people, maybe Qui-Gon as he wouldn't turn into a 'Kill tha human robot' as most do and who knows how messed up his face is, or if he has even a human one.

"If you excuse us, the queen requested the little droid." (Qui-Gon)

Again Kyrios nodded as the two Jedi took R2D2 out of the room.

'Time to hibernate'

His short nap was interrupted as R2D2 entered the room, followed by one of the queen's handmaidens, the young girl started to clean the droid, occasionally glancing at the non-moving cybran.

'Looks like she got a bra now.' "Cleaning the droid?" He inquired while looking at the duo, making the girl returning the gaze. "Yes, the queen told me to clean him, he deserves it, after all, R2 saved us..."

"Yes, you're right," Kyrios told her as he rose, heading towards the door, followed by two hunters while the other four stood on their place. "He would even deserve to be cleaned personally by the queen, would he not?" He chuckled before leaving the room, leaving a surprised Padmé behind.

Once the door closed, someone was in front of him, the famous master Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn, the man smiled before speaking to him. "Do you plan to come with us to Coruscant?"

The cybran nodded before passing by the Jedi, only to stop as he spoke again. "What are your plans? And why were you on Naboo if you don't mind me asking?"

Kyrios turned to the Jedi. "I wanted to find a new home and rebuild the cybran nation. Naboo was simply the closest planet."

"Alone?" (Qui-Gon)

"Yes, I am the last of my kind." (Kyrios)

"My apologies and my sentiments, but perhaps if we request the senate and the Jedi, they could help you?" (Qui-Gon)

"That would be tremendously wonderful." (Kyrios)

The master Jedi smiled again towards the cybran. "Would you like to join me for some tea?"

"Lead the way!" The cybran moved to the side and allowed the Jedi to pass before following him.


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