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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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3 Chapter 3 - Tatooine

The two men took the lift to the second floor of the ship, entering a new room, where several appliances could be seen, Qui-Gon used one of them, taking two cups filled with tea, before giving one to Kyrios and sitting in a seat next to a small table, the cybran joined him, seated on across the table, before taking off his helmet, stopping the Jedi from taking his first seep of the drink and taking a surprised face at the other man's appearance, as ignoring the strange red lines on the right side of his face, he looked like a regular young human in his twenties with black hair and dark eyes.

"So you're human?" The master Jedi inquired.

"No, but you could say that our races look alike, after all, mine was based on yours."

"You mean to tell me that cybrans were made?"

"Yes, cybrans are symbionts, humans who have been enhanced with implantable technology, I believe you have a term in the republic that is close to symbionts, cyborgs, but what separates us from them is that we have a high processing cybernetic brain."

"Were you forced to it? Perhaps a disease or?"

"No, most symbionts grow in a lab, from fetus stage until they reach a child's body size, I don't think there's much of a choice on being born in a tube or death for us."

"But why? Was the population in your homeworld low?"

"Oh! No, I'll try to explain it the best as I can..."

The next hours went by as Kyrios explained Qui-Gon Jinn of how initially the cybran were made by their creator and father, Dr Brackman, patriarch and chief designer of the Cybrans cybernetic technology, how the earth empire started from earth, expanding to other planets until it's fall, as the Cybrans wished for freedom and the Aeon wanting to spread their way, while the UEF rose afterwards from an old idea of the dead empire, starting the Infinite War between three factions and lasting for more than a millennium.

On the moment when the war was thought to be finally over, a new alien faction appeared, the Seraphim came from another universe from a rift, with the aim of conquering the galaxy for themselves, the war kept going until Princess Rhianne, leader of the Aeon entered the rift to the Quantum Realm, the Seraphim's home and sealed it from within, destroying the Seraphim's only way of accessing our universe and saving humanity, by doing so, she sacrificed her life, bringing an end to the Seraphim War.

But the costs of it were tremendous, as, before this victory, the Seraphim did the unthinkable, using an old UEF weapon from the infinite war days and improving it, the planet killer named Black Sun, destroyed every planet and effectively wiped all life in his galaxy.

"I was lucky, the moment the weapon activated I was using a quantum gateway and by luck, I ended in your galaxy." The cybran finished his speech by drinking the rest of his tea, while the Jedi simply stood there, downhearted at the story the man in front of him told him and the force somewhat affirmed of what he said to be true.

"Such wars... the only thing I can remember close to it are the stories from when the Sith empire was around, you have my sincere condolences, I cannot imagine being the last of my people and I promise to speak with both the Jedi council and the supreme chancellor to assist you."

'Interesting, for some reason even I believe my little fake story, is this another of Rob's influences? Really interesting, oh yes indeed!'

"And I thank you for your help." (Kyrios)

The Jedi master nodded before excusing himself as Amidala came from the lift, heading to the back of the ship where the 'queen' was at the moment with him following her.

The cybran released a sigh before filling his cup again with tea, the civilian machines of this universe weren't much different, in fact, they were similar to earth's, but just with different shapes and the fact they worked faster.

Outer Rim - Arkanis Sector - Tatoo System - Tatooine

The trip did not last long as the vessel approached the desert planet of Tatooine, landing softly on the sand ground, somewhat far from the next settlement.

Kyrios left the ship accompanied by his six hunters, he smirked, having an idea and sending the flying eyes recon bot on his back away, before turning around and seeing the master Jedi, R2D2 and the clown leaving the ship, followed by captain Panaka and Amidala.

After some bickering, Panaka returned to the ship while the other four approached the cybran.

"You are coming with us?" The master Jedi inquired, a bit concerned that they would attract too much attraction with the cybran and his droids.

"Yes, I wish to see the planets of this galaxy." Said Kyrios as Qui-Gon nodded, dismissing his concerns after thinking that perhaps armed droids in Hutt space would be seen as normal, taking the lead of the group towards the settlement.

Most of the time the cybran ignored his companions' conversations, and chuckled as the clown stepped on shit, the group was smooth as most people step to the sides, fearing the guns of the hunters, before entering one of the igloo-shaped houses as the bots stood outside waiting.

As the bug shop owner and Qui-Gon left with R2D2 following them, Kyrios listened to the kids speaking to each other, only to interrupt them as Anakin said that angels lived in a moon. "Yeah, cute as an angel isn't she, boy?"

The two kids blushed a bit to the cybran's enjoyment before turning their attention where several old droids remained on display as the clown was messing with one of them, making the cybran walking to him and swiftly slapping the back of his head. "Stop messing with other people's stuff, and if you break something, you will pay for it, got it?"

"Missa apologies!" The clown almost screamed making the commander facepalm and leave the shop as the alien kept apologising to the kids.

'No wonder people think he's a secret sith lord...' He thought as the group rejoined him outside.

"Any luck?" (Kyrios)

"No, but I am sure we will find a way!" Qui-Gon said before contacting his padawan.

"Then perhaps we should split up? I will go one way, you folk go to another and if either of us finds spare parts, we will join up."

"A good idea, but will be you alright? " (Qui-Gon)

"Yup, I'll have four of my hunters with me, the other two will escort you."

"Thank you, but I think you need more protection."

"I can defend myself, no worries. Besides, I will know where you are with them following you and there's the point where cute little angels need protection. Until later!" Kyrios waved before leaving with four hunters following him.

The Jedi master's eyebrows rose, confused at the cybran's words before turning to the young handmaiden, looking at her for answers as she immediately glancing away from his gaze.

After roaming around, the day ended and night began, Kyrios was outside sitting on a random stone as the flying eyes bot returned. 'Jabba's Palace has plenty of security, even so, perhaps it will be less guarded because of tomorrows pod race, how wonderful! I hope he doesn't mind that I take some treasure from him and if possible a few credits.'

Now he just needed to wait and with his hunters and flying eyes on the lookout for him, the cybran started again his hibernation.

He woke up in the morning, at this time, he calculated that Qui-Gon Jinn must be betting with the bug to get Anakin and ship parts, the plot was going properly, no issues until now, so the cybran decided to get his plan done, moving with his hunters and scout near the palace, it was tricky and took a few hours but slowly he managed to get inside, the race had started, so he must be swift with his actions.

The infiltration was successful if you don't count a dead guard here and there, the palace was almost empty, with just a few servants and guards roaming around, so it was easy to manoeuvre until he got into a treasure room, picking up some jewellery and gold, just enough to hide inside his hunters empty compartments before leaving. But then he suddenly stopped, he was found by one of the servants who simply tried to scream before Kyrios putting a hand on her mouth.

"Calm down, look I have to leave quickly, so either say yes or no to my question, if you scream or run without answering my droids will shoot you, got it?" He said before releasing the twi'lek girl with blue skin as she nodded slowly with tears on her eyes.

"If you are a slave of that worm, that chip you got in your neck will be removed and I will free you and protect you against Hutt retaliation if you follow me, now answer yes or no if you agree, if no I'll leave you here."

The girl after being released quickly looked around and then to her feet, shocked at his words before suddenly hugging him. "Yes! Please take me! I can't stand those monsters anymore!"

The cybran chuckled before picking up the girl and quickly ran away, with his bots following him.

Sometime later he reached the settlement, entering the igloo shop where the bug was griefing his loss in the bet.

"Hello, I heard you have a slave woman available." Said the cybran commander with the little twi'lek girl hugging his clothes and cautiously watching the bug alien look at her and her saviour.

The bug smiled as he saw the hunters behind him. "Yes, do you wish to trade her for one of your... unique droids?"

"No, I can pay in gold and jewellery." Kyrios answered before the hunters opening their hiding compartments and dropping a small pile of the goodies.

"All this for an old slave?" The bug inquired, it seemed a good deal to him, but it was suspicious as it was enough to buy a hundred of top quality slaves.

"No, I also wish a copy of the tech available you have on ships, droids and other tech if possible."

"Are you planning on opening a shop? It would be bad to support competition, you see."

"No, don't worry, I won't even be on this planet for another day, but if you agree on the trade and to keep silence of our agreement, you may also have this." The cybran pointed at the flying eyes who floated to them and dropped a stack of credits on the ground, making the bug trader release a huge smile.

"Deal!" The bug shook hands with the cybran before giving him a pad with the tech and the control of Anakin's mother slave chip, not that Kyrios needed it, but he still took it just not to make the bug suspicious.

With the trade done, the group departed, heading towards the skywalkers home, the cybran could see Shmi Skywalker just about to enter her home until he stopped her.

"Greetings, miss skywalker, I am your new owner."

The women got instantly afraid of the armoured man followed by what it seemed two battle droids and took a sigh before calming herself down.

"Very well... master, I shall serve you..."

"Don't worry woman, I only need you to fulfil maid service, that and taking care of this child." The cybran said before showing the little twi'lek girl hiding behind him.
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"Hello, little one." Shmi smiled towards her, which causes the girl to try to hide again behind the cybran.

"She went through a lot. We shall discuss later, now can you get some robes? I don't want people to recognize you, we will be leaving this planet. If you do well, I promise you will see your son in the future!"

Shmi's mouth opened in the form of an egg before smiling even more and rushing into her house, bringing an old robe that covered all her body except for her eyes.

"Let us depart..." Said the cybran as the group followed him towards the ship.

Meanwhile, at the ship, Qui-Gon arrived with young Anakin, sending the youngling inside and meeting with his padawan Kenobi while frowning. "Kyrios hasn't returned?"

"No master, but I sense something dark in force, do you think it's responsible for his delay?"

"No, my padawan, I also feel it, it would reach us just before we could leave if not for two of his droids delaying him." The Jedi master spoke as he concentrated shutting his eyes for a minute before opening them. "Look, there he is."

From the distance, Kyrios group arrived, with the droids entering the ship and the two women following them, making the Jedi master once again raise an eyebrow, this was becoming common every time he meets the cybran.

In response, Kyrios shrugged his shoulders. "Don't be mad I saved more slaves than you did, Jedi cant be jealous can they?" He playfully said before entering the ship with the Jedi looking at each other before following him inside.

The ship started to lift off as a dark shadow appeared in the distance, an angry Dark Maul was in full speed with a damaged speeder towards them as the Jedi and the cybran looked at him before the ships doorlock closed and departed from the planet.

The two Jedi looked confused at the cybran wich again shrugged his shoulders. "What? I didn't want to deal with that troublesome brat..." He said before leaving the duo and heading upstairs for another cup of tea.


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