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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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4 Chapter 4 - Coruscan

The slavery chips were easily deactivated forever by Kyrios once they got aboard the ship, Shmi followed his orders and stood near him in the droid bay, alongside the twi'lek girl for some time before one of the queens' royal guards arrived in the room and informed the cybran that she wished to see him, wich Kyrios promptly headed to the second floor towards the royal throne room just behind the cockpit, leaving the two women under the hunter's protection.

Before he could enter the room, Panaka and another guard who stood guard blocked his way.

"You might have saved us, but I still don't trust you, if you dare hurt the queen...." Panaka threatened him while touching his holstered blaster.

"I heard if you wave a blaster enough, someone might fight back." Kyrios commented making the captain of the guard grunt before signalling his man to let them pass, finally leading the cybran into the room.

Inside, the fake queen stood on her throne, with padmé on her right and the Jedi on her left as Anakin sat in one of the side seats.

"Your majesty, did you call?" Kyrios inquired with a gentleman bow.

"Yes, the ambassadors informed me that you are looking for a home, you deserve a reward from saving us from the droids so if you are interested, I can give you a place in Naboo after the republic helps my people by removing the trade federation from our planet."

"I would be grateful, but the space I require is quite large." (Kyrios)

The queen glanced to the Jedi and Padmé before speaking. "I heard you seek to rebuild your species nation, it is possible to give you more land but you must understand that having another government on my home planet would cause problems with the public especially when they got invaded by droids."

"I am sure that the chancellor won't have a problem with giving permission for Kyrios to settle another planet." (Qui-Gon)

"May I make another option?" The cybran inquired, receiving nods from the queen and the Jedi. "I do not require territory in Naboo itself. Instead, I wish for the ownership of the planet's third moon."

The queen again took a quick glance at Padmé before answering him. "While I would accept your request, a moon might seem a bit too much of a reward from the rest of the republic and my own people..."

Her sentence caused the cybran to interrupt her. "What about an agreement? If the republic senate is unable or takes a long time to remove the trade federation's blockade, I will assist you in retaking the planet."

"I don't think the senate will ignore the trade federation's actions, but if such a thing happens, we will speak of this again." (Queen)

"The chancellor will surely help, there won't be a need for conflict!" Qui-Gon added.

"If you are so sure, then I'll simply wait for everything to be solved, now if you excuse me?" With the queen's permission, the cybran retired to the droid bay.

Kyrios approached Shmi as she was talking with the twi'lek girl. "As you see, your son is on this ship, but I ask of you to not speak to him, he must not know you're with us, in the future when he becomes a Jedi Knight, I'll invite him to meet you, don't worry I will also make sure that you know how he is from time to time."

The mother frowned towards his new master. "May I ask why?"

"The Jedi don't accept old younglings that have years of connection with their parents, as attachments are forbidden by the current council so if they see Anakin with you, they won't accept him and if you meet in the future as he's a padawan, they will kick him out. Once he's a Jedi Knight, I will be able to request the council to send him to either guard or escort me, which will make you two meet."

Shmi thought for a while, it didn't seem bad to her as if she was still in Tatooine, then she probably would never see her son again, but with Kyrios help, she would have news of him and eventually will see her little Anakin again so she agreed.
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The cybran then picked up the little girl. "So what's your name?"

"I don't have a name" She timidly said with a sad face. "They always called me slave or servant.."

"Then for now on, your name is Dostya!"

The girl smiled deeply at receiving a name, hugging the cybran tightly, before he put her on the ground and sitting on seiza.

"Take her to the lift, on the second floor there's food and drinks, both of you must be hungry, so eat whatever's available. Dostya, don't worry, Shmi will take care of you." Kyrios assured her as they went off, escorted by two hunters.

The cybran commander hibernated again until Qui-Gon along with Kenobi came towards him.

"You freed his mother but won't let them be together?" The Jedi master inquired as Kenobi now learned from his words that the women in robe above them is Anakin's mother.

"Yes, from what I know, you Jedi forbid attachments, so if the Jedi council sees the boys mother, they probably won't accept him, or am I wrong?"

"How much do you know of the Jedi? You seem to possess knowledge of us. What do you plan on doing with her?" (Qui-Gon)

"As I told you, she is now my maid. And you would be surprised how much information the HolotNet has!"

The master Jedi nodded. "We will arrive soon and after I report to the Jedi council, may we speak again?"


Core Worlds - Corusca sector, Coruscant subsector - Coruscant system - Coruscant

Minutes later, the pilot communicated through the comms, informing that the ship was leaving hyperspace.

Slowly the ship descended on the planet, passing huge skyscrapers as several speeders could be seen coming and going from every part of the planet city, the ship landed on an anti-gravity metal floor, Palpatine and the supreme chancellor escorted by several guards in shiny black roman armour carrying blaster riffles came towards the ship as the Jedi, Anakin, the queen, Panaka, Padmé and her maids exited the ship, followed by the cybran and his entourage.

Palpatine introduced the supreme chancellor to the queen and kept exchanging words with a glance now and then trowed at the cybran.

The Nubians left the area along with Anakin by a speeder, while Qui-Gon signalled Kyrios to approached them.

"Kyrios, may I introduce you to Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum. Chancellor, this is Kyrios, the only cybran in our galaxy." (Qui-Gon)

"Greetings, Supreme Chancellor." (Kyrios)

"It is an honour to receive a new species into our republic, Qui-Gon has told me that you require the senates assistance?" (Valorum)

"Yes, I seek to rebuild both my people and my nation, hopefully with the republics help." (Kyrios)

"I will do what I can to assist you and will mention your request after the Naboo situation." (Valorum)

'So nothing, considering you will lose your job just before that...' "Very well." The cybran nodded.

"The queen of Naboo as given you quarters in the embassy, you may stay there until the senates meeting is over, one of my guards will guide you." Valorum said as he departed with the Jedi.

Kyrios and his entourage were guided into a large fancy suite. 'A sci-fi hotel suite?' He thought while laying down on the large couch, using it as a bed. The hunters stood guard near the exit door, two outside and the other two inside, Shmi sat in the smaller one while Dostya came to him.

"Go on, my child, feel free to explore our accommodations." The cybran told her, making Dostya giggle as she ran around, checking the rooms as the cybran turned the star wars version of a TV.

"You are adopting her?" Shmi inquired.

"Yes, the last thing a child like her deserves, is slavery."

"What will we do now?"

"Hmmm, I will request the queen to give me a house in her homeworld's capital, you and Dostya will be living there from now on, it will also serve as my home, but I won't always be available because of business."

"So that's why you bought me?"

"Yes, that's one of three reasons"

"And what are the other two?"

"Anakin and you, a mother and son should never be separated forever. Also, that bug will get in trouble with the Hutt."

"What do you mean?"

"It's nothing important, now why don't you go check the suite too? Use the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen for whatever you want, in one hour cook us a meal for us three, wake me up once it's ready as I will take a nap." The cybran finished before hibernating.

The evening went peacefully and the trio enjoyed their meals, a fresh bath and the entertainment of the republic's TV.

Kyrios glanced at the window, the planet city was a truly beautiful view in the night, with large quantities of coloured lights. 'Might have to explore it in the future, especially the slums. Hmm, they are surely taking their time...' The cybran thought before ordering Shmi to take Doskya to the bedroom as his hunters saw Padmé walking with haste towards his suite.

The girl swiftly entered the room, immediately spotting him laying on the couch. "What help can you provide us in retaking my homeworld?"

"Does that mean that you agree with our deal?"

"So you knew, when did you discovered that I am the queen? At the time I cleaned R2?"

"Oh, no, much earlier!"


"Let's just say that I'm that good!" The cybran smirked before adding. "So the deal?"

"Depends on how much help you provide, a couple of droids won't do much against the federation's army."

"Very well, you will know of my capabilities for when we plan our strategy, you can decide if you want to give me the moon or not afterwards, deal?" He reached his hand towards her, which Padmé grabbed it instantly. "Deal!" She turned back and headed towards the door. "We are departing as soon as my ship is ready. Please don't be late."

After the ship departed the planet and entered hyperspace, everyone gathered in the throne room of the Nubian royal starship.

Amidala stood beside the queen alongside Panaka at the centre, the Jedi, clown and Anakin were at the left and Kyrios on the right with Shmi and Dostya behind him.

"Your highness, what are your plans?" Qui-Gon inquired. "We are still assigned to protect you and while we might be skilled, my padawan and I cannot fight this battle alone."

"You are right, we need an army to counter the federation's droids." (Queen)

"My queen, I only have 8 men of the royal guard currently on this ship, nine if you count with me, if those we left in the planet followed my orders, they are still hiding awaiting for my call, around sixty more men plus enough pilots for our fighters. Perhaps we can also free the captives on the prison camps to bolster our numbers. Its something, but not an army." (Panaka)

"Yes, we lack the manpower, Jar Jar, do you think the Gungans will accept an alliance with us Nubians to help fight the federates out of our home?" (Queen)

"Missa thinks so, Gungan have strong army!" (Clown)

"Then once we arrive, I shall speak with the Gungan's representative, while captain Panaka rallies his men." (Queen)

"We still lack a way to deal with the blockade." (Kenobi)

"I have information to share." Stated the cybran, receiving nods from the queen and the master Jedi to speak. "I don't know if the federation did it so because it was costly or because they know you spoke with the senate, but they decreased their blockade size."

"Decreased?" (Queen)

"Yes" Continued the cybran as the flying eyes moved from it's back and positioned itself between the group, showing a hologram of the planet with only one Lucrehulk battleship. "From what appears, only one battleship remains, the droid control ship and if we take it out, the droid army on the planet will simply shut off."

This brought smiles and smirks to those listening. "Our fighters can take it out!" Panaka said with excitement.

"It will be a tough battle, the ship is probably filled with droid fighters" (Qui-Jon)

"And we still need to be able to secure the main hanger for us to use." (Queen) "I will ask for the Gungan army to distract most of the droid army, it will help our fellow Nubian pilots."

"Even so, we must be quick, I don't think the Gungans can hold them for very long." Stated Panaka.

"I can give you more time if the Gungans hold their position in front of an empty area so I can use it as a landing zone to bring my troops." (Kyrios)

"More of your droids? How many?" (Qui-Gon)

"Yes, if the queen agrees, I shall bring 500 hunters." (Kyrios)

The cybran's words left the group surprised, they did not expect him to have such a force.

"That's... you have my gratitude, Kyrios." (Queen)

"I will also add a surprise or two against the federation." Kyrios added.

"What surprise?" (Kenobi)

"Now, now, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you before revealing it, right?" (Kyrios)

"And what would your highness have us do? Where will you be in this battle?" Inquired Qui-Gon, trusting the cybran that he would do the right thing.

"With both of you protecting me and alongside a portion of the royal guards lead by the captain, we will capture Nute Gunray." (Queen)

After a few more details were discussed and the meeting ended, everyone left to get some rest, the pilot told them thanks to using one of the main hyperspace lanes, they would quickly reach Naboo, just two hours before sunrise.


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