Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
5 Chapter 5 - The Battle of Naboo part 1
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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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5 Chapter 5 - The Battle of Naboo part 1

Mid Rim - Chommell Sector - Naboo System - Naboo

Everything happened like in the movie, with a few changes, the ship landed without being discovered, making Kyrios think that either Palpatine allowed it, or that the current Lucrehulk lacks the ability to watch over an entire planet, there was also the plot armour excuse that the force simply helped them.

Padmé got the Gungans to agree to an alliance, after revealing that she is the real queen.

In the next hours, Panaka gathered more royal guard, trainees and volunteers than he expected, after a few prison camps released from the federation here and there, he rejoined Padmé and the Jedi wich departed to infiltrate Theed, accompanied by Anakin and R2.

The Gungan army formed up after they were called out from their hiding and did a small strike in a nearby prison camp where the droids held a herd of kaduu, their mounts, strange dinosaurs who walked in two legs with large lips, looking like they have duck faces.

With the kaduu, they assaulted another camp, where the federation had captured large quadruple beasts, the fambaa, which would be released to carry the deflector shields.

Shmi and Dostya remained on the ship, guarded by two hunters, the cybran would not risk putting them on a battlefield.

The grand Gungan army slowly marched through the forest swamps, alongside 46 light assault bots aka hunters, while seven flying eyes scouted the perimeter.

Leading this army, were two gungans and an armoured cybran riding their own kaduu, General Tobler Ceel, Jar Jar, who was now Bombad General, meaning he was the one leading the army and Kyrios.

The cybran came with them, as he could not risk the clown messing up, so he assured Jar Jar that it was the best to make him his adviser.

More Gungan warrior groups showed up, bringing Gungan battle wagons and energy catapults pulled by falumpasets, joining the main army along the march, these would carry and use large boomas, blue grenade-like energy weapons in the form of balls, which would be very useful and the extra manpower was always welcomed.

Thanks to the 8th flying eyes that remained in Theed, Kyrios knew that the droid army was already leaving Theed, the liberation of the Nubians and the animals wasn't exactly a quiet operation.

The army left the foggy swamps, now numbering in two thousand, but despite this large number, the troops mostly carried spears for melee or ranged weapons like slings and atlatl that launched smaller versions of boomas, others simply carry sacks with boomas to trow with their own hands.

Luckily, there were enough warriors with personal shields to actually hold a battle line.

Once off the swamp, the army formed up forty meters ahead, just leaving enough room behind as an LZ for the cybran units that were on the moon waiting to be called, the short distance also allowed the gungans to retreat towards the swamp and forests in case they needed to retreat.

Six large fambaa spread evenly throughout the army, three spaced evenly at the front and the other three in the back, Jar Jar and Tobler Cel accepted my suggestion and the kaduu riders divided into three groups, the first two would stay in the flanks of the main infantry line, once the droid infantry moved towards the first line of gungan warriors with shields, they would run from one side to the other and ram the enemy, then wait in the flank behind the other side until ordered to repeat the same action.

The third kaduu group stood behind the frontline warriors, if the formation broke or they took too much fire from droids, they would rush to suppress them, giving time for the line to reform and reinforce.

Catapults along battlewagons would remain at the back of the army, prepared to provide heavy fire support, alongside them were the fambaa while the second formation of warriors was positioned at their front, this second line of soldiers would either reinforce the frontline or stood their ground if the first broke, it was imperative to not lose the fambaas.

This formation didn't have shields, only some had spears and the rest carried small boomas.

The reason that Kyrios preferred not to advise another battlefield area was because the army simply did not have time to be set in another area because they had to force most of the droid forces to leave Theed, he didn't make them hurry towards the hill, because the army would get exhausted, plus the droids advantage would be dismissed by the shields and fortunately the space between the hill and the place of the gungan army was a short gap, so if they needed to retreat, Kyrios would order for the battlewagons to release all large boomas which would roll towards the federation army and with chance take not only B1 droids but additionally a few ATTs.

Federation ATTs and MTTs gradually surfaced on the hill as the shield generators on the fambaas were initiated, generating three large purple shields, enclosing the grand army.

The first wave of the droid army lined up along the hill, with 18 ATTS at the front and 11 MTTs at the rear.

With a command from OOM-9, the ATTs sprang their fire, the shots hitting the shield but producing no effect, so the commander droid halted the firing and ordered for the MTTs to move forth and dismount it's content.

'They have to hurry!' Believed Kyrios as he grasped that Padmé and her group were still infiltrating the city under the surveillance from two flying eyes.

The MTTs deployed 1232 B1 battle droids, which swiftly activating once they were on the ground, rising up and grabbing their blasters before marching in units of 56 towards the shield.

A hidden compartment unfolded on the right side of the cybran's belt area of his armour, Kyrios grabbed out a blaster from it, the Naboo's officer variant of the S-5 heavy pistol, a gift from Panaka, as he saw the droid army marching towards the shield.

The moment the B1s pushed into the shield, Kyrios shot the nearest one to him, efficiently hitting it's neck and separating the head from the body, this acted as a sign call to the gungans who copied his example and threw small boomas at their enemy.

The droids began to shot, often missing or hitting the personal shields of Gungan warriors at the front, however even with luck, shield protection and bad aim of the droids, deaths sprang along the line, gradually making openings in the Gungan formation as they continued marching onward.

Kyrios nodded to the Gungan general and he pulled his horn, blowing it once.

The first and second Kaduu cavalries crashed into the droids from the sides and kept going, and advancing, and progressing, either dismembering or electroshocking the B1s as the frontline kept trowing boomas and reforming the shield lines.

At the other side of the battlefield, OOM-9 looked through his macrobinoculars at his vanguard who had already lost 22% of it's infantry strength.

"First Battalion, Infantry only, reinforce the flanks. ATT Squadron, form up on the flanks of the ATT vanguard squadron."

More extra droid vehicles emerged from the hill, 24 ATTs wich distributed and extended the tank lines to the sides, while 7 droid carriers drove downhill, four to the gungans left flank, three into the right and stopped directly outside the shield, deploying 784 further droids.

The battle inside the shield kept progressing, with small boomas being trowed and Kaduu riders flanking the droids, Gungan catapults could not be used yet, they would not go through the shield and the targets inside were too close to friendlies.

The droid reinforcements passed through the shield and aimed for the Gungan riders, taking a good number of them out as the animals screamed in pain or hitting the mounted warriors which would immediately collapse to the ground.

"This is not looking good." Stated Ceel as some warrior personal shields started to fail and the droids finally reached the first group of warriors, producing a melee brawl throughout the frontline.

"It's time." Kyrios murmured towards the other two Gungan, one very agitated and the other quite calm who used his horn again and blew it twice.

As the horn sounds were heard throughout the battlefield, Jar Jar and Ceel moved back, towards the second line as the frontline broke and retreated.

Kyrios glanced at the third Kaduu rider group forming behind him, before turning ahead. "Chargeeeee!" The Kaduus charged, warriors pointing their weapons to the enemy with the cybran on the lead, the other two rider groups viewing their comrades, made the same and once again, the droid lines were brutally pushed by the riders.

Meanwhile, in Theed, Captain Panaka's group launched their distraction by using a speeder with a turret to take out one of the ATTs guarding the palace's courtyard before retreating from the street as other ATTs chased up towards them.

As a firefight ensued outside the palace, Padmé, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan led their group inside the main hanger, shooting, using the force or lightsabers on the droids patrolling the building, while the pilots raced towards their N1 Naboo starfighters and began launching into the air.
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With the hanger secured at the moment, Anakin which had been hiding in an N1 alongside R2D2, was about to leave the ship before Qui-Gon told him to stay in the fighter.

The Jedi and the queen were about to move, only to be interrupted as a figure emerged behind them.

"We will handle him." Announced Qui-Gon as Padmé agreed and left them along with her guards.

Once the three were alone, Darth Maul lightened up a red dual lightsaber, agitating both the Jedi master and padawan.

"Dark Jedi, who are you?" Inquired Quin as his padawan turned his blue lightsaber.

"You dare to regard me as one of those sith pretenders!" Screamed Maul as he twisted his lightsaber. "I am Darth Maul! I am SITH! And I am your doom!"

"Sith!" Kenobi cried as he assaulted Maul, accompanied by Quin-Gon who turned his green lightsaber to support his padawan.

In a large opening on the third moon of Naboo, everything was at moderately peace until various ships could be seen brutally flying at maximum speed.

Back to the battle between the great army of gungans and the droid army.

Kyrio's had just blasted another droid with his weapon as he and whatever was left of the Kaduu riders arrived at the end of the second line, now strengthened with the remnants of the first.

The second his flying eyes notified him that the Nubians had just launched his fighters, the cybran transports began propelling towards him with haste.

The droid armies still kept marching and shooting towards them and the gungans returned the favour with more boomas, unfortunately, the federate's droids were already at a good range of the Fambaas and started pointing towards them, making the giant beasts roar in pain as two of the shield generators ignited and exploded on the back of the animals that carried them while three others receive a massive blaster shower towards their bodies.

Half the Fambaas died while the others fled away as the shield shattered, the gungans now nervous not only because of what just happened but also their loss that had occurred in these last days as many of them had lost their families to droid search parties, launched a raging frenzy and charged towards the droid army.

"Tell the catapults to fire at will! After three salvos sound the retreat!" Kyrios yelled towards Ceel and Jar Jar as he endured at the frontline, sniping droids.

Leaving Theed's hanger, 14 N1 Naboo starfighters were moving towards the battleship in formations of four or three.

"This is Bravo leader!" Said the pilot in the leading N1. "Enemy control ship in sight!"

"Bravo leader, this is Bravo Six, are you picking this up?" Another pilot said in the comms, which made Bravo leader smirk.

"To all Naboo vessels, this is Bravo Leader! Follow us! Our objective is the control ship!" The squadron leader commanded, as more ships came out of the planet's atmosphere.

Several other ships similar to the N1 followed behind Blue squadron, 22 N-X police cruisers and 6 N-1L starfighters from the other corners of the world had come to help free their planet.


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