Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
6 Chapter 6 - The Battle of Naboo part 2
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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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6 Chapter 6 - The Battle of Naboo part 2

A wave of fifty vulture droids departed the Hucrehulk's hanger, immediately assaulting the Naboo strike group, forcing the Nubians to engage in dog fights, two police cruisers were already lost and eight droid kills were made, mostly done by Bravo squadron.

More vultures perished as they pushed forward towards the droid control ship which began to fire it's turrets, taking out three more ships. "Bravo seven lost!" Screamed Bravo two while being pursued by five vultures.

In the palace, Padmé and her group were just one floor below the throne room, they took cover on the support pillars along their path as another wave of battle droids stopped their move.

Padmé looked at the window on the other side of the large corridor they were in, one of Kyrios flying eyes was poking at the window, giving the queen an idea, shooting a couple of droids before signalling Panaka and a few guards to follow her.

The decreased group used trowing cables that shot from their blasters, hitting just above the higher floor, quickly propelling them towards it.

Entering another corridor via the window, Padmé and Panaka looked at Gunray running to the inside of the throne room, making them follow him, only to be surrounded by six droidekas and several B1 droids.

From the battleship's hanger, another wave of fifty vultures lifted off, taking out five more Nubian ships.

"They're too ma..." The connection was lost as Bravo two's starfighter exploded.

Ric Olié, Bravo flight's leader, watched as his friend Porro Dolphe, pilot of bravo two had died, taking out three more vultures before seeing fifty more leaving the battleship and detecting 72 unknown ships coming from the third moon's direction.

At that moment he thought they would die, thinking these ships were federation reinforcements, only to see the newcomers starting to shoot down more vultures, giving new hope to the Nubian pilots.

Back on the mainland battle, the Gungan grand army began to retreat into the swamps, while a hunter defensive line was formed just behind the battlewagons.

Ceel and Jar Jar stood with Kyrios as his droids began firing at the wagons, releasing the large boomas, making them roll down and take out a large quantity of B1s and even three ATTs.

OOM-9 saw as only a line of unknown battle droids stood in his way, so he ordered for the second battalion, his reserve force to join in and then pursue the gungans.

The cybran assault bots began to lose some of their numbers but still stood their ground as the cybran commander kept sniping B1s.

'Thirty seconds...' Kyrios calculated as the droid army approached his position, now reinforced with 26 more ATTS, 15 platoon carriers, 1568 B1s, 20 droidekas and 20 Staps.

Three more hunters went down, leaving only 26 assault bots standing between their enemy and their commander.

Suddenly Kyrios fell from his mount, one of the ATTs shots had hit the ground near them, luckily his armoured suit was very advanced and can withstand blaster hits and minor explosions easily, the same could not be said about the poor Kaduu, as the poor animal laid now in pieces of meat.

The cybran tsked, rose and returned fire.

At the palace, Padmé, Panaka and their men were just captured by B1s and droidekas before being escorted to the throne room.

"Your little insurrection ends, your highness. Time for you to sign the treaty and end this pointless debate in the senate..." Said Gunray before someone called him from outside the room.

"Viceroy, your occupation has ended!" Padmés double stated before shooting one of the B1 droids and running away along with the men she came with.

"After her! This one is a decoy!" Ordered Gunray as most of his droids left the room, including the six droidekas, chasing the double.

'Ten Seconds...' The cybran counted as Jar Jar and Ceel ran towards the swamp, while 17 hunters kept taking out B1s.

With them distracted, Padmé opened a hidden compartment in the throne and took two blasters, throwing one to Panaka before taking out the B1s in the room, eventually capturing the leader of the trade federation.

'Three... Two... One' The cybran held the line along with 13 hunters as finally the skyhooks arrived, not only dropping more hunters but also black tanks with red lines who carried two cannons on their turret.

50 tanks and 460 hunters had been brought by 16 skyhooks and with Kyrios command, began to push forward, easily taking out some enemy tanks, vehicles and droids.

But the cybran's attention was not on the land battle anymore as he turned around and retreated, waiting just outside the swamp. 'This should be over soon, Anakin's fighter just got inside the control ship'

Tanks and droids went down as the cybran army marched forward, with the droid army doing the same, trading shots between each other.

OOM-9 watched as more enemies arrived, including several armoured vehicles, but he was unconcerned, his army still outnumbered the enemy, so he ordered for his forces to keep going, estimating that he would win, but moments later as both sides took more loses, he lost connection to the command ship and shut down, along with every federation droid on the planet.

In space, five seconds ago, an N1 starfighter exited the Lucrehulk, as small eruptions occurred before the capital ship broke in two and exploded.

The pilots celebrated as they returned home, while their reinforcements followed them side by side silently.

With the battle over, the Nubians spent the next hours cleaning the battlefields, dismantling and disarming the droids, releasing the remaining captives of the leftover prison camps and taking care of their wounded and deceased.

Kyrios took a skyhook to Theed, meeting the girls in the Nubian hanger and for now, they were in one of the rooms in the palace offered by Panaka, the man no longer distrusted the cybran as he greatly assisted his world.

"You may stay here until the queen calls for you, your companions may use the bedroom just across this one." The Naboo captain informed him before reaching his hand towards the cybran for a handshake. "You have my sincere gratitude for helping my people." He thanked Kyrios as they shook their hands before he left to meet with his queen.

Kyrios sat on a couch as Dostya went to explore the palace with Shmi looking after the little twi'lek girl.

'If I didn't steal the schematics of the ATT and the Vulture fighter, this battle would have a different winner...' The cybran reflected, on the day of the invasion, he had his flying eyes hack and download information from the droid commander in the hanger, from it he confirmed that the federation's army was massive, luckily, most departed along with the Lucrehulk fleet, leaving only a sizeable garrison.

The garrison of Theed was composed of a full Regiment of droids, consisted of 4,368 droids and support troops in four battalions and a single vanguard, these were the total number of troops and vehicles carried aboard one C-9979 landing craft.

After the blockade was shortened, only five regiments remained, which represented the total surface force carried aboard a Lucrehulk-class Battleship.

Luckily for them, three of the regiments were divided into guarding the other cities and settlements while the fifth regiment remained as a reserve force inside the control ship.

But the droid commander did not have the information Kyrios required, which surprisingly, he found it easily on a PK worker droid as a large number of them were brought to the planet to recycle and repair damaged droids and vehicles.

With this tech, he was now able to build tier 2 cybran tanks, the Rhinos, who had their tracks changed with the anti-gravity hover engine that the ATTs used, covered by a layer of armour. These were about the same size as ATTs, were armed with two heavy laser cannons, occupied 20 slots on a skyhook, three on its tail and two inside the cargo hull and take 1 hour each to build.

The second unit is the tier 1 interceptor, nicknamed Prowler, a light cybran starfighter improved from the original tier 1 of the game, with two blaster cannons and one energy torpedo launcher.

During these last three days before he left the system on the Nubian royal ship, the factories focused on producing these new units, building a total of 72 Prowlers, 288 rhinos and an additional 18 skyhooks.

Unfortunately, the worker droids only provided him with enough information on how to build units similar to B1s, ATTs and vultures.

'I'll have to ask Padmé to allow me to have some of the deactivated droidekas and at least one MTT. These would be very useful to me. Oh yes indeed!'

The moment his factories were idle, the land factories began producing normal droids from the schematics the bug on Tatooine sold to him, 192 DUM-series pit droids, 96 V5-T transport droids, 48 FX-4 medical assistant droids and 48 2-1B surgical droids, these began almost 16 hours ago and will be completed in the next 8 minutes.

The cybran planned to gift these to the queen to increase his chances of getting the third moon legitimately from the Nubians.

'These droids will be useful to them, the amount of wounded must be very large, considering that the grand Gungan army had more than 500 casualties and 800 wounded.

Assuming that all the Nubian/Gungan cities and settlements fought against the droid garrisons, the number of wounded could easily be doubled or tripled.'

The losses were affordable to the cybran, out of the 508 Hunters and 50 Rhinos that departed the moon, 150 and 24 of each remained.

Two Hunters were lost to Maul and 356 to the droid army along with 26 Rhinos, out of the skyhook group, just one was lost, with its cargo of 60 Hunters included, luckily it crashed into a formation of 3 ATTs, turning the tanks into scrap.

'I can rebuild what I lost in less than four days. Even with the nerf, my production abilities are quite overpowered. Uh, but if it was the same as the game, I could build units at least five to ten times faster...'
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Kyrios thoughts were interrupted as one of Padmé's handmaidens knocked on the door and with the cybran's permission, entered, informing him that the queen wished to speak with him.

The cybran commander arrived at the throne room where the Padmé sat on the throne, with her double, Panaka and several other civilian government officials on her sides.

"You wished to see me, your highness?" Kyrios inquired, receiving a nod from the queen.

"I wish to thank you for all your help and complete our agreement, the third moon of Naboo is now yours."

"That indeed is good news for me!"

"Yes, tell me, what are your plans? I received a transmission from the senate, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedis will arrive tonight and a medical ship will arrive tomorrow to assist our world."

"That is good to hear, as for my plans? I think I will start negotiations for trading, one of the things we cybran are good at, is production. The moon will be turned into an industrial base to build the goods."

"May I inquire what goods? Perhaps we Nubians could be the first to trade with you as we need much to rebuild our home."

"Oh, I can supply you with droids, ships and materials as long as I have the schematics or samples of them. In fact, as a show of good faith, I shall gift you a package of worker and medical droids."

"I accept your gift, we have many wounded..."

"Then with your permission, I shall bring them now."

The queen nodded, smiling at the help she was getting. "Master Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn's funeral will be at nightfall. Will you join us?"

The cybran nodded before leaving the throne room.

'Ah, it seems I changed more details of the story...'


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