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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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7 Chapter 7 - Funeral

The droids arrived via skyhooks soon after the meeting with the queen, landing on Theed's hanger one at a time.

Kyrios watched as the engineers and workers took the droids and activated them once they were checked and programmed.

Captain Panaka approached him after he had finished speaking with some of the staff dealing with the new droids. "Once again you help us." He stated as a dozen activated droids began following a Nubian past them, probably to their first task.

"It was nothing, tell me, how soon do you think we can begin trading?" Kyrios inquired the captain who took a moment to think before answering.

"I'm just the captain of the guard, the queen and the civilian officials will do that decision. To be honest I don't think we will be able to afford much, from what I heard, while Naboo isn't bankrupt, we sure lack monetary support to trade with you, assuming you will keep bringing him large packages such as these!" Panaka said while extending his right arm towards the hanger's as the current skyhook lifted off and another arrived."Oh, but there's one thing I wouldn't mind."

"And that is?"

"You saw how the droids outnumbered us. I know that the trade federation won't return thanks to the senate. But personally, I would prefer to have our defences ready if they or someone else tries it again."

Kyrios nodded at the captain's words. "What do you plan on doing with the deactivated droid army?"

"The queen decided to sell it all to a scrapyard planet!"

"Actually, I wanted to ask for a favour and to suggest something?"

"After all you have done? You are free to speak to me." The captain said to the cybran, showing his biggest smile.

"I would like to get one MTT, the commander droid designated as OOM-9, a droideka and whatever data is salvage on the destroyed control ship, I'm even able to trade these for other items. My suggestion is to keep most of the droid weapons, while the E-5 blasters arent the best guns in the galaxy, they could certainly boost your military capabilities."

"I'll bring this matter to the queen, currently, the public extremely hates the federation's droids but I don't think they won't mind seeing their protectors using their blasters."

The two spoke more about this topic as the cybran threw a few more suggestions here and there, like increasing Naboo's fighter capacity, improving the planet's detection capabilities and adding a few anti-air defences.

Later on, Kyrios retired to the palace, arriving just in time as one of the handmaidens invited both him and the girls to join a private room later for a meal and to his surprise, Padmé joined them.

Dinner went without issues, with Padmé informing him of how Naboo's recovery was going extremely well, thanks to the new droids while doing some small talk of random topics with the trio.

Once Shmi retired alongside Dostya, Padmé completely changed her mood from a young girl to a politician.

"You spoke of trading, now that we are alone, perhaps we could evolve this topic."

The cybran nodded, telling her that he could deliver metal, stone, brick, marble and any other non-organic material in any form she wished, as long as she provided him with a sample to make sure he would deliver the same product.

"How much will it cost? And quantity? We are not a very rich planet, so I won't be able to give you much..."

"I can set deliveries by packages, have you see my transport ships? And did Panaka told you of what I requested?"

The queen nodded twice, remembering seeing them before through one of the windows of the palace as she spoke with Panaka.

"Those ships are called skyhook, I wish to trade the content of 6 skyhooks for what I asked and two of those will be filled with what you call Chromium and Titanium."

Padmé almost jumped at his words, Chromium was the rare royal mineral in the galaxy, famous for being used mostly in nobility ships, the mirror shine effect they gave was enough to make people decorate it on their own ships, in the addition, this mineral was effective at blocking radiation and laser attacks.

Her own ship was covered in this same mineral and even the royal Bravo squadron's N-1 fighters wear partial Chromium plating.

Titanium was also a great mineral used for defence plating used normally on ships, it another great resource that was quite expensive to acquire as Naboo had to import them from other trading parties.

Hyperdrive systems typically required a specific alloy of titanium and chromium.

She immediately agreed to a package of Chromium and one of Titanium while the rest was composed of common materials, 1 with marble, 2 stone and the last one with brick for constructing or repairing buildings.

Kyrios had his first order but kept his factories building his previous order, they currently were making hunters while the air factories made flying eyes, only once he had the samples, they would begin to produce the materials, using a small portion of the matter that he had saved.

The queen then inquired if he was interested in trading with other governments, to which he agreed as she promised to speak with the nearby governmental planets that bordered with Naboo.

This topic brought the creation of Cybran industries, a name that the cybran had decided to use as she needed to eventually introduce him to their neighbours.

The cybran then retired from his room.

The building time for each package would take 6 hours to be made, the same as skyhooks, once it would be complete, a skyhook would land nearby while the flying eyes transport the materials, using their four hidden arms bellow them to store the goods inside the ships.

'I'll need to build a few more beetles...' The commander thought while planning to expand his base, deciding to use the current buildings for trading and create a second and third floor below the first one.

The second floor would be a massive warehouse to store his units or products while the third floor will become his main industry, filled with land and air factories along with their proper energy and mass sectors requirements to ensure 24/7 troop production as he needed to expand greatly.

He also thought of expanding the first floor greatly, new massive rooms would be added with large door locks, these would be his future hangers and shipyards.

Speaking of shipyards, the cybran decided to create a greater version of the naval factories from the game, unlike his tier 1 air and land factories that could produce pretty much all tier units, he had to split the future ship type production into different sized shipyards.

'For now, I'll build the tier 1 shipyard, allowing me to build corvettes and frigates. Hmm, I still lack some tech...'

He stopped his thoughts as he reached some sort of temple outside the palace, inside was all those who would attend to Qui-Gon's funeral in the movie, the only difference was his presence, alongside Dostya and Shmi.

'Another change...' The cybran thought as he saw Obi-Wan Kenobi, the padawan was now a Jedi knight, promoted for defeating Darth Maul, but it came with a cost, as both he and his former master did not expect Maul to be a sith warrior, them not knowing did a butterfly effect and it seems to have made Kenobi lose his right hand on the duel.

Qui-Gon Jinn's body began to burn, silence remained for a moment before murmurs could be heard by the cybran.

"Now, what will happen to me?" Anakin whispered, in the brick of crying, making Kenobi bow to reach the boy's ear.

"The council has agreed for me to take you as my padawan. Don't worry, I promise to take care of you." He softly promised, receiving a small nod from his new padawan, then glancing towards Shmi for a moment before returning it towards his master. "Don't worry master, I will fulfil my promises!"

On a corner Jedi masters, Yoda and Mace Windu discussed the sith's appearance.

"There are always two..." Murmured Windu as Yoda nodded.

"True, but master or apprentice this one was, we do not know."

"We must keep watch, the sith will try to break our peace..."

Alongside Padmé, stood Palpatine, the man simply gazed upon the dead Jedi, none of them notices except for the cybran that for a moment, the chancellor gave him quickly a hidden stare.

Sometime later, people began to leave, leaving only the cybran who told Shmi to take Dostya to sleep and Kenobi who spoke with the Jedi masters before approaching Kyrios once he was alone.

"I'm sorry for your loss, he was a great man" (Kyrios)

"Yes, he was, but I must move forward, that was what he wanted."

The cybran nodded. "So you will train the boy?"

"Yes, personally, I'm not sure if I am ready for a padawan but I think I will manage. Tell me, what do you plan on doing now? The Jedi council will not oppose your actions as long as you don't break the law."

"Trading and perhaps some travelling, I want to know more about this galaxy."

The Jedi warrior nodded. "Then I'm sure we will meet in the future."

"Oh! Yes indeed!" Said the cybran before looking around, ensuring none was watching them. "I have information for you to pass into the Jedi council."

"What is it?" Kenobi inquired the cybran, intrigued by his message.

"The sith master has power on the Senate..." Kyrios whispered, making the former padawan jump in surprise. "Who?"

"I'm sorry, this is the only thing I can tell you." The cybran said before walking out the temple but paused midway. "In the future, if you ever need my assistance, simply give me a call." He finished his words before leaving.

Next morning a republic ship arrived, providing both medical supplies and bacta tanks to assist the injured, allowing Kyrios the opportunity to sneak a flying eyes to 'borrow' medicinal tech.
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Since the funeral, all factories had been producing beetles, who would assist in expanding the floors. 'It will take a week to finish everything that I'm planning, 10 land factories, 5 air factories and 1 tier 1 shipyard will be very useful. Oh yes indeed!' He smirked as the flying eyes returned to his back.

The celebration of Naboo's victory began at midday, where the population had gathered in the palace's courtyard, wings of N-1s and interceptors flew on the Theed's skies as Gungan riders, warriors, Nubian soldiers, Rhinos and hunters walked in a military parade into the city, the formation then stopped just behind the public as they're between them and the palace.

Padmé gifted the Gungan leader a beautiful oversized marble and announced that Nubians and Gungans would become forever allies, before the other leader electing Jar Jar as a senator representing the gungans.

Kyrios remained close to them on the main group, Palpatine, the Jedis, Panaka, Anakin with his braid, showing he's a padawan now and finally Shmi with her arms around the little twi'lek's shoulders, standing just behind the queen.

"While our people worked together, there was one who didn't ignore the federations invasion." Spoke Padmé as Panaka signalled Kyrios to step forward. "My beloved people of Naboo, for those who don't know already, this is Kyrios, leader of the cybran, his people aided in our time of need and for our gratitude, it has been decided that we will respond in kind, the cybrans will now move to our third moon to make a new home. In addition, both Nubians, Gungans and Cybrans will share as allies, our planet's position in the senate. For Naboo!"

People shouted in joy, screamed and whistled in reaction before a huge party began throughout the planet.

'The possibilities!' Kyrios was surprised, he had planned to slowly work to get a position of senator of the republic but it seems it was already accomplished. 'I am lucky indeed!'

Unseen by everyone, Palpatine tsked after he heard the queen's word as he tried his best to retain his facade.


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