Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
8 Chapter 8 - Base building
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Supreme Commander: Star Wars The first Jump
Author :DKstarcraft
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8 Chapter 8 - Base building

Kyrios spent the next three days on Naboo, simply lazing around as he waited for the shipyard's construction to begin.

For most of the time, he, Shmi and little Dostya remained in a manor near the palace, provided by Padmé, with the excuse that the cybran nation needed an embassy on the planet.

The cybran most of the time simply spent his time with Dostya while managing his base at the same time, he had ordered 90 more beetles, quickly increasing the construction of the floors as it would take more than two weeks just for the new floors and another for the buildings, but instead, with the extra worker units, the process would speed up, taking only five days.

From an entire day, the second floor was excavated, with a main massive room enough to fit five cities the size of Theed, and to the north of it, was a small tunnel that leads to a second room with enough size to hold 100 energy storage and 100 mass storage buildings was made.

On the second day, the first floor was expanded with a tunnel from the west side of the now designated trading factory room, leading into a new room where the future shipyard would be built, this room was greatly expanded to the south, giving space to serve large ships to land and park, this would become the first hanger. Additionally, the storage buildings were built on the second floor.

The entire third day was spent on the shipyard, this structure was massive, unlike the other buildings, occupying 160000 square meters, dwarfing the other factories of only 400 square meters as all this space was the required for building ships with the length of 400 meters, like corvettes and frigates. (corvettes=100 to 200 meters, frigates=200 to 400 meters)

At the end of the evening on the third day, Kyrios said goodbye to everyone, informing them that he would be on the moon and that they could contact him anytime.

The cybran decided to leave a small garrison on the embassy composed of 10 flying eyes and 40 hunters as it only had a grey C3PO droid for maintenance and assistance.

On the third moon of Naboo, Kyrios arrived via skyhook. 'Home sweet home...' He thought while making the decision to later build a section of his base simply for organics as his base lacked atmosphere ence no oxygen, luckily his armoured suit not only was better than the 'plastic armour' that was used by the other factions of this galaxy, but it also allows him to be in hard environments, even capable of being on space for days with oxygen and submerged 5 minutes on lava.

The cybran approached his ACU as the machine kneeled before him before opening its cockpit door.

After half a minute later he was inside, that was the time he took to climb even if the armoured command unit kneeled as the command unit was quite large, 48 meters height to be exact.

The entrance only had 50 rhinos and 100 hunters patrolling behind the longwall, this was just a temporary thing, as only the rhinos could shot from behind the walls, as the walls large height of 10 meters easily dwarfed the little hunters so he thought of making static defensive turrets in the future.

The rest of the units remained on the second floor, deactivated to save their battery.

Units functioned entirely on energy and had to recharge every 7 days, unless they were in combat wich then, they would consume twice their power until the need to recharge at either an energy generator or power storage, air units were different, as they require a unique building called Air staging facility where they could land to recharge, Kyrios used the old look of the game's version, a black, grey and red box-like metal building, with a hanger on the top and included a power generator inside, so it could function by itself.

The ACU headed to the shipyard, who began to assist 90 beetles on completing the building while the last 10 kept turning the ceiling into a massive armoured plate, using the walls and combining them together.

Adding in the centre of it, was frigate sized gate still in construction, from it was a vertical exit tunnel, heading upwards to a surface gate before having two more between them built as extra security.

Three hours later the massive shipyard was completed and the beetles separated into two groups, one helping with the hanger's exit while the second headed to the third floor to begin construction of the factories.

Kyrios put the shipyard into production immediately as he added personally the extra power generators assigned to this large building, before building 5 air staging facilities between the shipyard and where the ships would be parked.

Right now he only had 29 skyhooks and 27 Prowlers as the factories didn't have resources to build more and were idle at the moment since the shipyard consumed almost the entire income that he had saved.

Coming from the storage floor, two skyhooks landed before him, releasing the MTT, OOM-9 and three droidekas, which remained stored previously for two days once he had traded the resources with the Nubians, the data given from the Lucrehulk to him was very useful, he now had access to all it's tech, which is why the shipyard was already producing a new Corellian Defender-class Light Corvette thanks to everything he had already collected.

Surprisingly to the cybran, the bug from Tatooine had most of the schematics required for this ship and many more, ranging from modern republic civilian ships to old republic warships. 'How did the bug bastard have the plans for a Kandosii-type dreadnaught... Uh, quite interesting indeed!'

Specifications of this light corvette with the cybran's changes:

Length: 94 meters Width: 71 meters Height/depth: 29 meters

Engine: 2 high-power thrusters

Equipped with Hyperdrive system

Armament: Heavy Shield and 4 sets of dual laser cannons. (Two placed in the same place as the original version and two hidden in the top and belly)

Deck: Replaced with armour, a bay for 40 hunters, compartments for the two new hidden dual laser cannons and two power generators.

Painting: Old version Red/White replaced with Black/Red

Building time: 12 hours

'Too bad I had to remove the missiles, but then again, this makes it not require any resupply...'

Two days later, four cybran corvettes, 170 Prowlers, 5 skyhooks, 100 Rhinos, 60 Mantis and 800 Hunters were added to the cybran's army, confirming his suspicion.

His theory was that while he could only control 2000 units, they wouldn't count while being inactive, so he was able to produce more than his cap as long as the extras remained offline, which was why he made such a large warehouse-like room on the second floor.

He built his new unit thanks to the droidekas, the tier 1 assault bot Mantis, which was much stronger than the tier 1 light assault bot Hunter, essentially making it the cybran heavy infantry of his army.

This mantis version is a medium armoured bot with four legs and a turret armed four blasters on its 'mouth' and protected by a light red shield which would only appear when being hit, making it perfect for taking out a group of enemies, shielding hunters or providing suppressing fire, this unit occupies four slots and takes 30 minutes to build.

This unit is larger than hunters, occupies four slots because of it's legs and measured 1.8 meters height.

He upgraded and reprogrammed OOM-9, the trade federation commander droid, while it's body remained unchanged, his processing abilities were improved, so the droid could control 200 units, allowing Kyrios to leave the base on its hands, its paint was also changed, from brown/yellow to black/red, making it his first Cybran officer, which he designated the rank of Staff Sergeant.

After much thinking, he made a new military ranking system for his cybran nation.

Warrior - Non-cybran or cybran civilian armed with a walker unit.

Corporal - The cybran military recruit, allowed to command 200 tier 1 units

Captain - Cybran officer allowed to command 200 tier 2 units + 4 Corporals

Major - Cybran officer allowed to command 200 tier 3 units + 2 Captains

Staff Sergeant - Cybran officer in charge of a base or an outpost, responsible for building, repairing and recharging units. Allowed to command 200 units or more of any tier.

Admiral - Cybran officer in charge of 5 to 20 ships. Allowed to command 200 units or more of any tier + 2 Majors

General - Cybran officer in charge of a fleet, with a minimum of 20 ships. Allowed to command 200 units or more of any tier, receives a support armoured command unit upon promotion.

Elite Commander - Part of Cybran High command, capable of commanding and building any cybran tech. Receives several upgrades to his support armoured command unit.

Supreme Commander - Leader of the Cybran Nation, responsible for giving promotions

"I'll have to get more tech again... Especially if in the future I get followers, I do not want them walking around a battlefield without protection! Also, need to improve processing..."

OOM-9 activated, immediately looking at the large ACU while saluting it. "Greetings, supreme commander! Awaiting orders!"
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Kyrios smirked inside his command unit. "You are now in charge of this base, I want you to expand the second and third floors with the same buildings, keep producing the units available, take all the beetles and all the units of your choosing that you can handle into your command, but this is your second priority.

Now the third priority, expand the first floor's hanger, add four more shipyards when you able to and try to keep the storages filled at 50%.

Your first priority is to create a new room to the east of the trade production room, schematics of the requirements and the data of bio organics have been already provided, I want this new room to be able to host our visitors or new citizens. If something happens, contact me immediately."

"Roger roger!" The droid responded as it connected with its choosing units.

Kyrios smiled as his droid got to work, taking a few moments in joy to think of future possibilities, before moving his ACU towards the walled area.

'Time to upgrade!' The ACU's left arm turned it's proto crafter online and red beams hit the tier 1 radar, increasing heavily its size and adding larger antennas.

Once completed, the cybran left it's 'mount'. 'Better leave my ACU as a trump card! Speaking of which, let's finally get some firepower!' He thought as the armoured command unit began being covered by red light lines that flew around it, where slowly a heavy large blaster was built on it's right arm while a large box was added on its back.

'Time to check on the girls.'

Heading towards a skyhook that landed before him, the cybran departed, escorted by four Prowler interceptors, promptly leaving the moon and returning to Theed.

Core Worlds - Corusca sector, Coruscant subsector - Coruscant system - Coruscant

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was in his office, sitting on his chair behind a desk as two other senators spoke with him.

"I am sure we can solve your problem, my dear friends!" He spoke in a grandfatherly way to the two Neimoidians representatives of the trade federation who thanked him before leaving.

Once alone, the sith apprentice tsked, before opening a drawer, taking a small item and turning it online. "Master, I haven't found any information about this so-called cybran."

A robed holo figure appeared from the device and began to speak. "Try to find the truth, if they're actually from another galaxy, they hold many possibilities and perhaps with the right direction, could be our allies against the Jedi."

"I only saw one of them, the rest were either droids or vehicles. I think there's only one."

"Or perhaps they are hiding like us, testing the republic."

"What for?"

"To them, we're unknowns, the one who came is probably testing our galaxy and from a militaristic view, he is probably scouting the senate, the Jedi and any other threats."

"Should I try to find more about them, personally? Master"

"Yes, but keep it to a minimum, they want to initiate trading? Allow them to do so, but keep control, make sure they know you are important for him."

"Yes, Master."

"One more thing, there's a chance they are with the dark side. I did not sense the force in him but the light and dark side seems to surround the cybran. So just keep your eyes open."

"I too felt it so and I will, Master!" Sidious ended the call before returning to his 'duties'.


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