Swordmeister of Rome
11 Count Kerbel“s concern
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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11 Count Kerbel“s concern

Count Kerbel looked out the window from his office in his mansion.

He noticed Sian walking into the mansion with a snack in his mouth and glanced at the time.

'06:08 PM. Hm… He's so eager to return home.'

He thought to himself as he watched Sian returning home right after his work finished for ten straight days.

The Guarran-Tia post was about eight minutes away from the mansion. Therefore, he definitely walked out of the office the moment the clock hit 6:00 PM. It was his training period, but he did not care to stay behind to learn more.

He understood why Sharlotte thought poorly of Sian. However, he knew the secret that Count Roman told him.

'I can't believe… he's stronger than Count Roman at that age. Stronger than a Grand-Bander!'

He remembered the discussion with Count Roman and smiled. The secret that Count Roman told him was nothing like he had ever heard before.

<He only does what he wants to do. Hates getting stressed. Hates anything that doesn't show results. But he's still strong. Stronger than me!>

This was opposite of what most people would consider as the traits of a strong warrior. Sian was more like a foolish Noble son that liked to only enjoy his privileges, but he was strong. The Count claimed he didn't know how much stronger he had become now.

What came next was more unbelievable. The Bander Rating. Count Roman paid the Magic Priest a handsome amount of gold to keep him quiet about the rating. If Kerbel was not in need of great help, Count Roman would've never disclosed it.


Count Roman was scared that if this rating was known to the world, his son would be swept up by the world. He decided to keep him within his mansion and raised him until he could stand on his own.

It was unbelievable. Count Kerbel could understand why Sian had become what he was now. It was obvious that he was so good at using a sword that everything else became dull.

Kerbel thought Count Roman and his wife did a fantastic job of raising such a son to this point.

As Kerbel heard the stories from Count Roman, he began planning plots that he, Count Roman, and Sian would be happy with.

<Count Roman wanted his son to go out in the world and do his part. And live a happy life.>

<Sian wants to do what he wishes and live a stable and happy life. (This was judged by Count Roman after hearing it from Sian.)>

<Count Kerbel himself wanted peace in the capital.>

The capital looked peaceful, but that was only the shallow surface. The returning Guards were sure to be a powerful asset to their families when they returned. Unlike five years ago where they were young and powerless, they surely had grown to be powerful after surviving five years in extreme environments.

The balance between the two factions was equal, so it did not create much trouble before. However, things might turn out differently upon their return.

Count Kerbel was doing his best to block this from happening.

This was also why he placed Sian in the Guarran-Tia. He was located at the most peaceful area for his training, but once it was over, he was to be moved to a district where high-ranking Nobles were located, the center of the heat once the Guards returned.

He did not intend to tell Sian what to do. It seemed pointless since he would not listen.

Nonetheless, if his plan worked out and Sian did his job well, everything would surely move according to plan.

'Sian, I'm counting on you.'

He concluded his thoughts, wishing Sian would do his part. It was already twilight.

'But where's Celine? I thought she was going to come and visit Sharlotte today? This is weird… she's not the type to break her promise.'

Count Kerbel became concerned as he noticed that Celine de Kiraine had not arrived yet. He was informed that Sharlotte, who had been disturbed lately, invited her close friend Celine over.

Either way, he still wasn't worried.

It was very close and not many men out on the road were stronger than the <Blue Train of the Knight Guard> herself.

He then moved downstairs for dinner to ask what Sian and Sharlotte did today…


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