Swordmeister of Rome
21 Kal-Kira
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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21 Kal-Kira

<Exers are fascinating beings. No one can predict what they can do. Oh, of course, I'm still stronger.>

Black Moon Kara-Kal, Ra-Bander from 150 years ago-


Kal-Kirat. Her name. The Pathfinder of her people.

She had a hidden power that she never revealed to anyone. Only her sister Rasha knew of that power. Kirat had never heard of anyone having a similar power, even after secretly looking into it when she arrived here.

<Seeing strange writings in the air, explaining the object being looked at.>

Sometimes it was detailed, and sometimes it was not. Other times, it had a combination of unrecognizable words. However, one thing was sure.

<It was very accurate and helped tremendously.>

This power helped her people survive as it allowed them to reach and move past the wall. It helped them move across the distance that would've taken them a hundred years in just ten years after she acquired the power. It was this power that helped them meet with the Marquis in the first place.

They did not hear any detailed information about the target from the Marquis, but with Kirat's power, they were not worried.

Needless to say, as she was listening to the Marquis and the Elders talk, a strange box popped up in the air in front of her. Sometimes it guided the path she needed to take.

[New quest available. Will you accept?]

[Request from Marquis Narasha. YES / NO]

If she accepted the quest, then it would show detailed directions on where she needed to go and provide her with various information that could help her finish her task.

She chose 'YES,' and it started showing information.

[You have accepted 'Request from Marquis Narasha.']

[As per the Fifth Elder's order, go out to El-Lua Road. Look for traces of the unknown target.]

[Reward: 1450 Exp. Trust of the Fifth Elder. Increase in investigation skill.]

She did not know where this El-Lua Road was, but was not worried. The map would soon pop up next to her. When she left the basement, she began moving in the direction the map showed. She did not need to think; she just needed to follow the guidance from the map.

El-Lua Road was very clean and majestic. If it weren't for her task, she would enjoy the view and look for a store where 'desserts' were sold, but there was no time to waste. The place where the map guided her to was different as it was in ruins. People were working hard to repair it.

[You have arrived at El-Lua Road.]

[Mission: Investigate the traces of the battle.]

-This place bears the traces of battle between Kial (Knight Guard Retiree, 44 years old) Returnee of Marquis Narasha's faction and Karan (Knight Guard Retiree, 43 years old) Returnee from the Royalist faction.

-The two had been fighting until they were subdued by an unknown individual. Look for traces of him.

The quest included useless information like it always did and told her what to do. (She had no use for the information about their age or old jobs.)

She was hidden using a secret technique from her people called Zengar-Klang so she could investigate slowly.

[You have found 'Broken rock from Sir Kial's sword.']

[You have found 'Ornament from Sir Karan's sword.']

[You have found 'Evidence of affair from store owner.']

Various pieces of useless information filled her view, but she did not give up. The quest had guided her here, so there must be a trace. Finally, she found the trace she was looking for.

[You have found 'Button from unknown man.']

[Mission: Look for the scent.]

-You have found a button that the unknown man dropped. He dropped it as he swung his sword around.

-The button still holds its owner's scent. Trace the scent and locate the man.

'This will be easy.'

Kirat used the skill that she learned when she went on missions. It helped her people get out of dangerous situations multiple times.

[Activated skill <Jarban's Nose>]

-Your 'smell' ability has increased by a large margin.

-You have memorized a specific scent.

-You will need to be within a 30-yard radius to locate the owner of this scent.

The Marquis' report claimed the individual was living nearby. It would mean she would just need to walk around carefully, which she did.

Not long after, she heard an alarm and some information popped up.


-Scent has been tracked.

-Distance: 24 yards.

She glanced around quickly and found the man.

'Huh? Did the skill get it wrong?'

Her skill had never failed her, but this time she was filled with doubt. The man had a confused look and did not feel strong at all. After surviving the land of death in the north, she acquired animal-like instincts, and they warned her whenever there was a dangerous individual nearby.

This man triggered no such warnings.

'I was told he is a Grand Bander… but I would've known if he was.'

However, it was definite that he was the man she was looking for.

The skills and information never lied to her, and he was looking directly at her anyway. He seemed annoyed to see her and was moving away to avoid her. Even Masters could not sense her when she was using her hiding skill, so she was sure that he was strong.

Kirat decided to check on him before he returned home.

If he was a Grand Bander, the hiding skill wasn't enough, but she had more than that. Even the Elders could not find her if she used all her skills unless she intended to attack. But she had no such intention this time, so it seemed possible.

[Activated skill 'Footsteps of Fairy Queen']

-You are setting foot into a different dimension. Your trace has decreased greatly.

[Activated skill 'From the darkness']

-Your ability to hide from the five senses has greatly increased.

[Activated skill 'Lingering Memories']

-Your presence fades, making it harder to recognize. Affects Banders and Exars.

After using all of her skills, Kirat used all her might to use Zengar-Klang and approached the man. If she drew close, the information would pop up, and she just needed to check it.

As soon as she approached, as expected, a box popped up.


-You have found the unknown man

-Quest completed: Acquired 1450 Exp, Maintained the trust of the Fifth Elder, Increased investigation skill.

-Go back to the Fifth Elder and report for the next order.

The mission completion proved that he was the target. It felt strange that she couldn't feel anything, so she used another skill.

[Activating skill <Eye of the Avant Garde>]

-Begin analyzing the target.

This skill allowed her to investigate the target's details and even their weaknesses. It was one of her best skills. It had even helped her people fight two six-horned Harijans. It had cost them three Elders and many others, but it still helped them significantly reduce the number of casualties.

It was at that moment.


-Target: Sian von Roman.

-Analyzing… failed. You cannot examine a target that is much higher-leveled than you.

-Skill has been detected. Skill has been canceled.


At that moment, Kirat felt as if she had been struck with a hammer from within. The energy from her skill being canceled rebounded at her. Her inner flow was disrupted, and she could not activate her skills. She felt dizzy as all her skills were canceled, including Zengar-Klang. Her sight went dark, and she fell unconscious.


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