Swordmeister of Rome
22 Kal-Kira
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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22 Kal-Kira

"…So you abandoned your duty and came to rest?"

"I haven't abandoned my duty, don't say that! She came up to me and fell! It was an emergency, so I had to return to the post. It was an EMERGENCY, you see?"

"Okay, I was joking. But I can't trace her identity… there's nothing on her to prove it. We should ask her when she wakes up."

Kirat opened her eyes as she heard the noise around her. She could not understand what had happened; she was on a bed.

'Why am I here…?'

All she could remember… was a man's face looking down at her.

Then, she realized what happened and rose up quickly, glancing around.

"Oh? You're awake. Hello?"

Kirat found the man talking to her as the man she saw before she fell unconscious and became wary.

"Hey, what did you do to her? Why is she on guard like that?"

"I didn't do anything, Lady Celine. That's a false accusation."

Kirat watched the man and woman in front of her talk to each other for a while, before asking, "…where am I?"

"Hmm? That's an unfamiliar accent. You must not be from here. This is the Guarran-Tia's headquarters within the capital. You're here for treatment. I don't see anything wrong but do you feel anything strange?"

Kirat sighed in relief as she saw the woman talking nicely to her, her identity had not been revealed.

"I am okay… I think. I am Kiras. Can I go? My parents must be waiting for me."

Kirat spoke as she had been trained for emergencies in the Marquis mansion. It helped that she only looked fifteen.

"Of course. Sian, escort her to her parents."

"Huh? Me?"

"Yeah, you. You brought her here. You are responsible. Besides, she's a girl! And everyone else is on duty, unlike you."

"Ugh… understood."


Kirat frowned, but thought it was an excellent opportunity. The man didn't seem to be suspicious of her, so she could just say she was an Exer and wanted to prank him. It even seemed like a good chance to get more information as well. At that moment, a status window popped up.

[Quest. Investigate the individual for details]

-The mysterious man who beat up Marquis Narasha's men is Sian von Roman.

-He is stronger than the Elders, so carefully examine him.

[Reward: Information about Sian von Roman, Increase in social skill, 800 Exp]

Kirat smiled as she nodded and rose, holding onto Sian's hand.

"Thank you."

They began moving towards the mansion where Marquis Narasha had provided for her people to stay.


[Status: Kal-Kirat]

-Survivor of North Great Forest, Descendant of Kal, Accessor of Ak-Sarai

-Level: 37

-Bander: 0

-Exar: 82,000 / 145,000

-Skills: Eye of Avant Garde, Jarban's Nose…

Kirat looked over her statuses and checked if anything had happened after falling unconscious. After ensuring nothing was wrong, she turned to Sian who looked very annoyed.

[Status: Sian von Roman]

-2nd son of the Roman family. Guarran-Tia

-Level: ???

-Bander: ???

-Exar: ???

-Skills: ???

No details showed up.

All she found out was his name and job. It would help the Marquis, but she had never experienced something like this, so she was confused. She had never tried it against the Great Elder and the Second Elder who were much more powerful than anyone else out of fear, but she had tried it on the Fifth and Seventh Elder with no problems.

She tried conversing with Sian, but he seemed too annoyed to chit-chat.

The mansion was a distance away from the capital, standing alone in the plains, with nothing around it.

After she arrived, there was nothing else she could do other than give her thanks.

[Quest failed!]

-You have failed to complete the quest.

-There is no penalty for failure.

-Recommendation to learn more for future missions.

-You can retry. Retry? YES/NO

Kirat ignored the window and went to report to the Elders.

"So have you found a trace of the man?"

<Yes… We succeeded.>

"That's great. I just asked you for it… So, do you require any more information?"

<Of course… Look into this... 'Sian von Roman' for us.>

The Marquis looked confused at the name of the second son of the Roman family.

"The second Roman son? Is he involved in this?"

<Of course he is... he is the one you've been looking for… Give us the information… and we will handle it.>

The Marquis became dazed from the unexpected revelation.

"Are you… sure it is him?"

<Yes… Our intel is always accurate… We are sure... Do you doubt us?>

"No… It's just that he is only seventeen years old."


Even the Fiften Elder was dumbfounded. It was not possible for a seventeen-year-old to become a Grand Bander. Others who were not even close to that level might have thought it was maybe possible. But to the Marquis and the Elder, who were at the level of such strength, both knew it was impossible.

The Marquis and Swordmeister were barely able to become Grand Banders at the age of sixty. It already surprised him so much when he heard that Count Roman had become a Grand Bander at the age of fifty.

But at seventeen?

The Elder continued,

<I will look into it further… But you should too. Grand Bander or not… this Sian is the one… who subdued your men.>

"Understood. I will do the same."

The Elder disappeared with a swirl, and Marquis Narasha delved into his thoughts alone. He did not believe it was possible, but if Sian was the one, then every situation fit in perfectly.

'Let's not jump to conclusions yet.'

The Marquis decided to change his plans for an unprecedented event while he waited for the Fifth Elder. Nothing was certain for now.


Sian frowned as he stared at the girl in front of him. It was Kiras, whom he had escorted home a while ago. She was back with a stranger next to her.

"Uh… yeah. Hello. What's going on?"

"Oh, my sister wanted to say thanks for helping me."

"Hello Sir, I am Raat. I heard my sister put you into some trouble… so I came to invite you over for dinner."

'She's beautiful,' Sian thought as he looked at the woman named Raat. Now he realized that Kiras would look promising when she grew up.

"How about a dinner at a restaurant after your shift is over? I am always worried about my sister, and I have to repay you for what you've done for her. I already made a reservation at <Lagron's Forest>."

He had time, but he was suspicious, so he couldn't quickly make up his mind. Kirat and Rasha tried hard to persuade him. The Fiften Elder wanted to look further into the man before making any moves. The report stated that Sian loved eating, and he even accepted the invitation from Viscount Kirion's daughter, Elon, for good food. They decided he would be wary of an invitation from a stranger, so they reserved a famous restaurant within the capital.

Sian finally accepted the offer.

"Hm… I guess I can't refuse! I will go once my shift is finished."

"Okay. You can go with us once you are done with your shift."

"Do you have a place to stay until then?"

"Oh, yes. We heard there's a great dessert place nearby. We'll stay there until then."

The sisters turned and left as Sian thought to himself that it was to do a good deed and complimented himself, daydreaming of what a good time he would have at the dinner.


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