Swordmeister of Rome
36 Arankal
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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36 Arankal

<VOID> was simple magic.

<Distort the space of the target, tear it from the current dimension, and throw it to another dimension as a whole.>

Top-grade magic wasn't created to target humans. Its purpose was to be used against a six or more horned Harijan the size of a small hill, or eradicate an entire enemy city at once.

Even the Empire limited its use of such magic and there weren't many instances where it was needed.

After researching deeper into the Pa-Harijans, Magic Priests realized they needed to use such power to subdue them and began formulating magic best-suited for such a purpose.

Hence, the creation of <VOID>.

<VOID> was governed by otherworldly laws that could possibly counter the Pa-Harijans who exhibited extraordinary resistance against the elements, physics, Bander, and Exar.

<If it is difficult to influence a Pa-Harijan in any way, distort the space they are in and throw it into the other dimension.>

They didn't need to worry about where Pa-Harijan would be thrown into. But just distorting it once did not seem to be enough to handle such a monster. After careful calculation, they concluded that it would take seven spatial distortions to kick out Kiladaple.

And that was the birth of top-grade magic: <VOID>.

One core meant one distortion of space, and seven cores resulted in seven distortions.

There was a total of ten cores within the Arankals.

The space surrounding Sian instantly distorted ten times. It wasn't just the same distortion every time; the distortion's power doubled each time it happened.

The result wasn't dramatic. It was so quiet that the sound of Arankals falling down from running out of power was even louder. The space surrounding Sian began swirling and it swept him up.

And he was gone. It was not even one second after the core had activated the magic.

The last Arankal that watched it unfold spoke in a mechanical voice.

[Unregistered target… Danger level 'F'… has been eliminated…]

And it fell to the ground.

But that was when the space began breaking down.

The sound of crushing came from the emptiness, growing louder and louder. Then, something suddenly came out from nowhere, sticking out from inside.

It was the end of a sword.

The sword that poked out at a finger's length started moving about its space, trying to make the hole bigger. The crashing sound grew even louder.

The sound then turned to ripping and the sword was pushed out even deeper, widening the space. Soon, the hole that showed the darkness of the void became large enough for a person to pass through and Sian came out of it.

"Wow. Now that was a fascinating experience!" Sian exclaimed, and the void space quickly closed up, leaving no trace behind. Sian then glanced around at fallen Arankals, locked up his power, and started cleaning up the area.

"I'm sure it was around here…"

Sian looked around to find the box that the man had brought here.

He did not have the right to those weapons that he stashed in the box as it now belonged to the country. But the box seemed okay to take into his possession. He finally found the box and remembered how the thief had used it. He needed to empty what was inside to take the box.

It would've caused trouble if he took the box and whatever that was inside since it wasn't his. That would result in not being allowed to have the box. Moreover, Sian had no interest in those toys.

Sian activated the box just like the old man did and it began shooting out red light.

The same thing happened when the man activated the box to take out his sword out of it.

Surely the area would be filled with those machines.


But nothing came out. Sian was sure he did the same thing the thief did. He touched the box and tried different things, but it was no use.

This was bad. He was the last one to stand in this place and there was nothing. He was bound to be accused as the thief.

Sian began thinking how to squeeze out of this mess and made up his mind.

'What's going on?'

Phareon was trying to evacuate his family even after listening to Ra-Kadum. It would've been great if he could use <Kranga> to look at what was happening at the armory, but it had run out of Exar after teleporting three times today. It required a day's worth of recharging before it would work again.

Phareon became nervous and couldn't stop from glancing toward where the cliff was.

"Huh? What!"


Phareon and the others around him looked at the cliff.

"It's falling down!"

The entire mountain, including the cliff, was collapsing.

"This will do."

Just destroying the armory might've still raised some questions, so Sian unlocked his power once more and destroyed the entire mountain. There was nothing in the armory, so it seemed to be okay.

He hung the box he acquired on his neck like a necklace and hid it behind his clothes.

"Ni…tzmatan. Nitzmatan, eh? Hahaha!"

Sian laughed as he thought about the amazing ability that this box, named Nitzmatan, had.

He wasn't interested in the toy soldiers, but this box seemed to be very useful.

That was when he remembered Baron Kulan who ran away the moment those machines came to life. If it wasn't for Sian, those machines would've destroyed half of Tian before going down.

Judging by how fast he ran away, it seemed that Phareon knew how dangerous those machines were. Sian knew he wasn't much help and didn't expect the baron to leave him there to die, but the man should've at least tried to warn him.

Yet he just ran away after asking Sian stop the thief.

Sian began thinking about how much of beating he would give Phareon and moved back to the castle.

Ra-Shar-Roa of Kromata Region, within the Usharan Kingdom.

The Ra-Shar-Roa of Usharan was controlled by the royal family of Dimitri, non-accessible by the public. Tarnian, who was in charge of the Ra-Shar-Roa and the Second Magic Priest of Usharan, turned to the Ra-Shar-Roa that had begun activating itself.

There was no planned use of Ra-Shar-Roa today.

Tarnian checked to see if anything was wrong and was just about to call his subordinates when the Ra-Shar-Roa burst into light, spitting out various war supplies and mechanical weapons.

These machines were familiar. Tarnian was once stationed at the <Armory of Arankal>.

"This is…!"

He felt that something had happened to Kurandas the second he saw a huge number of <Kel-Rufens> and <Kanuans> coming out from the Ra-Shar-Roa.

The <Void space of Nitzmatan> had a special power. In case the wielder of the artifact died, it would send all the items it held to Ra-Shar-Roa.

It was meant to save whatever that was inside in exchange for the loss of the artifact.

Since it had been activated, it only meant Kurandas' death.

Tarnian also realized that Kurandas had successfully acquired the weapons from the armory. Their armory did not have a huge number of <Kel-Rufens> or <Kanuans>.

Kurandas sacrificed himself for the future of Usharan.

Tarnian called his subordinates to guard the area while he sent a message to King Dimitri.

He could not waste Kurandas' life.

With those mechanical soldiers, there was no need to battle against the Con Kingdom or ally themselves with the dirty Tarans like they were doing right now.


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