Swordmeister of Rome
53 Chrona-Phon
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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53 Chrona-Phon

<dragona> decided to camp out at a clearing a little ways ahead as the civilians were too startled and shaken to move. They decided to move the next day. "So, he was a Roman son after all…" "Why did he stay at the spire with that power?" The <dragona> warriors were glancing at Sian with shock and disbelief. Yet Sian was sitting down on the ground, looking up at the sky. He was fidgeting with a ring with <narangel> inscribed on it, which he had taken from one of the men he had beaten up. 'I guess I do need a better sword…' A regular sword wasn't enough to hold his power. In fact, he had to waste a lot of his power to protect the sword from getting damaged. He unsheathed his sword once and it still broke. The golden sword that he saw when he was fighting the Fifth Elder was very complicated, and even that wasn't enough. Sian made a decision and stood up at once. There was no telling if he needed a sword, but it was better to prepare now. It was a good time to do it since the material was readily available. Sian then jumped out from the group that was preparing dinner. Sian arrived at a huge crater which used to be the Con-Tian Castle. There was nothing but an empty crater after the magic consumed everything that once stood there. Sian jumped in and began running to the center. When he reached the center, there was a deeper pothole that was created by the sphere that had dropped. Sian then found the black sphere still burning everything around it from the heat. An hour had already passed after it was created, but it was still exuding incredible heat. 'This is it.' It held the compression of an entire city. It used to weigh thousands of tons, but everything inside that could not withstand the power of contraction dissolved and it now only contained the purest essence. It was now a material that was extremely durable and the heaviest in the world. It still probably weighed a few thousand tons, but that didn't bother Sian. His power defied the laws of physics and gravity. There was no time. He needed to work on it before it hardened. Sian picked up the sphere that was about the size of a man's head and began shaping it with his hands. After squeezing and molding for a while, the sphere became a four-foot long stick. Sian then began shaping the handle area for a better grip and concentrated the power on his finger to shape the blade. Then it was finished. It was a bare blade without a guard or decoration. It resembled that of a wooden practice sword. But it wasn't crude like the practice sword as it was created with beautiful balance. Sian looked at his creation proudly. It was created to focus on the sword's main attributes: to be sharp and durable. It did not have the unnecessary extra skills like that of the golden sword. That made it more appealing. Sian pondered on how to carry this sword and was reminded of the necklace. It let out a blue light and absorbed the sword. Then the necklace shined again with the blue light. It meant that <nitzmatan> was now almost full in capacity. Even when it was contracted, the sword still weighed ten thousand tons. But it didn't matter. Sian did not need to store anything else other than his sword. It was a decision made on a whim, but he was very satisfied with the sword and decided to name it. <chrona-phon> It meant Chrona's hand, named after legendary, gigantic Harijan that bit off a mountain. The sword would surely to live up to the name. It'd be great if he didn't have to use it, but he felt that was not going to be the case. There was a weird sensation pulling him lately. It was something that he could not make out, but it still bothered him. Sian then looked to his surroundings. Sadly looking at the ground where Con-Tian once stood, Sian then began running back to his group. 'I didn't mean to do it, but I got revenge. Rest in peace.' "They… what?" Prince Rakun asked in disbelief. General Nazgal was one of his best generals. He had beast-like instincts on when to strike and when to flee. He brought Usharan many victories over countless wars. But they were wiped out. "What happened!" "Use of top-grade magic, <explosive fire="">, was detected right after General Nazgal charged in, Your Highness." "They still had such a weapon left…? But didn't he have the <gate of="" narangel="">?" the Prince asked. "We are not sure, but it looks like they didn't have a chance to use it." "How… did this…" The Prince grimaced. This meant he needed to make drastic changes to his plans. The remaining number of Kel-Rufens and Kanuans was enough to conquer Con Kingdom. However, without the seventy Kel-Rufens, it was now impossible to try to pressure the Taran Kingdom. Even invading Con Kingdom would take longer than expected. It was his plan to let General Nazgal attack the capital with fifty Kel-Rufens, but all was lost. As the Prince was deep in thought, one of his messengers ran in. "Your Highness! We have an important message!" "Huh? What is it! Have we found General Nazgal?" Prince brightened up a bit, hoping for better news. But what returned was nothing he could have expected. "Tian Kingdom has declared war against Taran Kingdom! They are now advancing their troops toward the Lagran Region of Taran Kingdom!" "WHAT!" The Prince was shocked to hear that. He realized what was going on. "Narasha, you sly old man…" When he returned through the Ra-Shar-Roa portal, Sian felt that the capital was different than usual. "What's going on?" Sian asked Celine who had just returned from being summoned to the capital. "Something's going on. It's a war." "Yeah, I know that. We've been there, remember?" Sian answered casually, in which Celine laughed and continued, "No. This time, we are attacking Taran." "Huh?" Sian thought he misheard what she said, but it was true. 'This Narasha human is one of a kind…' That was what Kalagul had in mind. The King did not send Kalagul to Con Kingdom just to help his allies. It was a decoy for Usharan to focus their eyes on the war with Con Kingdom. He made Usharan think that they divided their forces to help Con and carefully moved troops over to the Taran border, under the excuse of strengthening the border. It was all a setup to let Taran's guard loosen, to make them think that Tian was focused on Con Kingdom, afraid that they might lose. King Narasha's target was Taran Kingdom from the beginning. His intention was to take over the farmlands of Lagran. He believed Con and Usharan would be too busy to interfere with the other war and began preparing for an invasion while disguised as fortifying his kingdom's borders. As soon as everything was ready, the King appointed Count Roman and Swordmeister Kiraine as the leads to attack Taran Kingdom. But there was one more mysterious group with tremendous power helping King Narasha. Tian Kingdom was now advancing toward Lagran Region with an unstoppable force.</gate></explosive></chrona-phon></nitzmatan></narangel></dragona></dragona>


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