Swordmeister of Rome
54 Invasion
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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54 Invasion

<i will="" make="" tian="" a="" country="" made,="" not="" by="" superhumans,="" but="" by="" normal="" people.=""> -From a discussion between King Narasha and Viscount Talin ...…. Lagran Region, located in the northeastern area of Taran Kingdom. It was located in between Taran's capital, Stahntal, and the northern border, right below Sky Mountain. It was more widely known for its nickname, <the land="" where="" the="" sun="" god="" lives.=""> It was a blessed land. Harvests cultivated in multiples compared to other regions. The number of crops that were harvested from Lagran was enough to feed all of Taran and there were still leftovers to export to Tian Kingdom. Not only that, the part of Sky Mountain that it touched had an abundance of gold, silver, and iron ores. The people were healthy and intelligent. It was researched by the Exalted Magical Council that people born in this region had a higher average Bander Rating, usually by five units. Taran Kingdom was not a powerful country. It became a powerful nation when Old King Stahntal the First took the throne by force and invaded Lagran. Lagran Region then was too peaceful; it could not withstand the attack from Stahntal and the region then helped Taran Kingdom grow in its glory. Everything from food to people came out of Lagran. If Lagran was lost, it meant the loss of half of the power that Taran had. It also meant the enemy that acquired it would grow stronger while Taran would grow weaker. It was why Taran had been doing the best it could to protect this region. It was why the Lagran Region was never allowed to be attacked. After all, Taran Kingdom was a powerful military nation. And that was why it was more shocking. "Narasha, that bastard…!" King Stahntal the Fourth gritted his teeth in anger. He didn't expect to be attacked from behind. He was moving his forces to attack Usharan when it was vulnerable, but he never imagined to be attacked by Tian. He figured Tian was a fool to send its Grand Bander out of the country, but it turned out that Tian Kingdom was foolish after all. Stahntal didn't underestimate Tian. In fact, he had moved his forces to the Tian Border to attack if the country did not stabilize after going through the succession. It was just that King Narasha's plan was more effective. He pretended to fortify the border by bringing two Grand Banders and troops and attacked without warning. The border was breached even before Taran was aware of it and Tian's troops were now advancing toward Lagran at full speed. 'So that was what Narasha was preparing…' Stahntal the Fourth, who was ninety years old, never imagined he would have his borders breached by a newly appointed King of Tian. He needed to give the new king some credit as he did create results. At this point, Tian Kingdom was a threat against Taran. So it was also a good time to crush them under his feet. 'Good. I will take this chance to shake up your country, all the way to your capital.' It was a good opportunity since Usharan was too busy with its own war. He would not allow Tian to reach Lagran. "Call in the other Four Great Generals except Kranon!" The four Grand Banders, except for Kranon who was guarding the Usharan Border, would be enough to deal with Tian Kingdom. Stahntal planned to defeat them at Talos, a region in front of Lagran. "… so <dragona> is being called there?" "Yes, Sian." "And Father is already there?" "Yes." Sian felt something twisting from within as he heard his brother speak. His family was too involved in the world to live peacefully without any interruptions. His family was one of the strongest, but there were too many people that were stronger than his father and brother. Sian then made a decision. If the King kept declaring war and insisted on having a Roman at the lead, Sian was bound to be called around. He needed to take a stand. Sian began heading toward the palace. He decided to use his last option if it didn't work out. "Don't worry. Lagran will be our last war." "Hm…" King Narasha was looking calmly at Sian, who obviously seemed uncomfortable, but he was really worried. By the looks of Sian, it was apparent that his patience had reached its end. Even now, he was flexing his fist, threatening to use force at any time. 'Sigh… I guess he had been patient.' Sian was a man of absolute power. He had been very generous until now. King Narasha wasn't worried about Old King Stahntal or the Great Generals of Taran. He needed the help of the Roman family to win this war. The problem was whether Sian would allow it. If Sian decided that it was best to kill Narasha at once to keep his family out of war, his reign would end in a year. The King sighed. He was better in every aspect than the boy named Sian in front of him. His power, wealth, judgment, wisdom, charisma, every other aspect… he was better at all those but one thing. The one thing he wasn't better at was what made him worry about this boy. "We cannot always be at war. Lagran is our limit." "…" Sian looked confused and Narasha learned that he needed to explain more. 'Now I, a king, need to become his teacher?' "I will explain the main condition. I wish our nation to have talented individuals like Count Roman and Sir Rian, but I do not want our nation to be built upon the power of a man like you." "Hmm… why is that?" Sian became curious. It seemed better to have powerful warriors. "We can always find and train a man like Count Roman and Sir Rian. But you… you are different. We will not be able to train or find one like you. We never have, and we never will." Sian began to understand. A Grand Bander wasn't common, but it always existed and was a part of human society. Yet a man such as Sian was different. Even if such a man appeared, there was no guarantee that he would work for Tian. "So, I want to build a system that Tian itself will be able to maintain. To train talented individuals and become powerful. To build a Kingdom… no, an Empire." He wanted to create a nation which did not rely on one person's power. Humans were imperfect beings and relying on one man would destroy the system. That was what King Narasha was dreaming of. "What about what happened to the previous war?" "Allow me to apologize on that one. I needed your power to control this Kalagul. I promise you that it won't happen again." "Hmm…" Sian began to accept what the King was saying and the King continued, "So, I want to make Tian strong without your help. That's why we need Lagran and that's where we will stop." "Why is that? Isn't it better to invade both Kharan and Taran altogether?" "It's because we won't be able to do that without your aid. Count Roman's power isn't enough for such a feat. Like I mentioned, I want to avoid asking for your aid." 'I am afraid you will go out of control.' Narasha held the last part back. This Sian had to be dealt with care. His reactions had the potential to become a disaster. "Hm… Understood. So, you don't need me to use my power?" "No. If our plan works, the Tian forces will be enough. I believe you are just worried about your father and brother and will work to do just that." Narasha divided the Roman family from Tian Kingdom on purpose. "Right. That's true. So, this WILL be the last war?" "Yes. Rest assured, Tian will become twice as strong once we have Lagran. No one will dare to fight us then. Don't worry." 'Hm… maybe I should help him one last time.' It seemed okay to help one last time. There wasn't much that could threaten his father or brother other than the wars. "Okay. It will be the last time." "Thank you for your understanding." "Oh, and one last thing." The King flinched and concentrated on Sian again. "Take me and my brother out of that <dragona> thing. Oh, Lady Celine too." "…" "I'm going to be following my father around so I don't have time to deal with them. Let me… uh… yeah, put me in that Third Knight thingy. It looks safe and all." "…Understood. I will do that. I don't think your father will face any danger under our plans… but if that is your wish." "I'm just worried that your 'plan' will not work as intended. Oh, and make my request a secret, will you?" "…don't worry." The King sighed after Sian left the room. The main problem was solved. It was now time to focus on Lagran. If Lagran fell under Tian rule, the region would serve as a foundation for the future empire.</dragona></dragona></the></i>


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