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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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55 Talos

Talos Fortress, the final defense point before the Lagran Region and the impenetrable fortress of Taran. Its walls were littered with various defensive runes and all spires were equipped with cannons created with the newest technology. One of them was a <kelavan>, the finest creation of Taran science. It was created by a Dekon craftsman by using rare iron ores gathered from the Lagran Region. It was made to auto-target Bander users by sensing Bander. The fortress never allowed an invasion to pass through for almost two hundred years, but it was still equipped with the latest technology. It was proof that Taran considered Lagran with such importance. "So Talos is now ahead of us." Swordmeister Kiraine spoke quietly as he observed the Talos Fortress from the distance. He was followed by the many warriors of Tian. They were all seemed excited to have come so deep into Taran Kingdom. "Haha, Swordmeister. I'm already itching to get my hands on it." Count Roman was already eager to jump out. His old nickname was <mad bear="">. His age made him more dignified and calmed him down a lot, but it didn't make his personality go away. He loved to fight and his father always worried that his son would die in the battle and end their bloodline with his generation. However, he had no such worries. He already had two sons. 'And they both have become great men.' Rian was somewhat of a concern, but the King, who seemed to understand, placed Rian at the capital. It now allowed Count Roman to enjoy fighting. However, he had no intention to die. He needed to return home to his wife. 'Revadan… I will crush you this time for sure.' Count Roman thought about his rival who was somewhere inside the Talos Fortress. 'But where did the King get these people?' He looked at the mysterious group of people behind the Royal Knights. Those people, who introduced themselves as <granines>, didn't seem like humans. They looked similar, but they had different powers from within. They were all very strong too. Among them were four Elders who all seemed much stronger than Count Roman himself. "We really do stand a chance with them on our side." "Yes… I believe so too." Kiraine agreed with Count Roman's words. Taran had been impenetrable for them until now. With the current power, however, they now had a chance. It would've been good if they had Kalagul with them, but he was dispatched to the Kharan Border along with <dragona>. Kharan Kingdom had been quiet for a while, but they still needed to keep an eye on them in case they were plotting something. It was a good choice since Kalagul the had the power to hold them back if they did do something. If everything worked according to plan and Tian acquired the Lagran Region, there would be nothing to fear anymore. 'Hmm…' Yet there was one thing that he couldn't understand from the King. <if everything="" goes="" according="" to="" plan,="" count="" roman="" will="" not="" need="" to="" fight="" at="" all.=""> It wasn't definite, but the King always knew what he was saying, so Count Roman decided to believe it. <so… we="" are="" back.="" after="" all="" this="" time…=""> The Third Elder spoke as he watched Talos in the direction toward the Lagran Region. It had really been a long time. After leaving their homeland to join the war with the Old Empire, they had not returned after 400 years. Their long journey home was now nearing its end. It was time for the <granines> to reclaim their old land. <that narasha…="" has="" been="" keeping="" his="" promise…="" it="" would've="" been="" hard="" to="" go="" through="" this="" place="" with="" only="" our="" forces="" alone…=""> The new Fifth Elder, who was the Sixth until while ago, spoke as he watched Talos Fortress. They sensed four Grand Banders from within the fortress. The walls and defense also seemed very sturdy and powerful, making it hard to deal with. <it would="" mean="" nothing="" if="" the="" great="" elder="" or="" the="" second="" elder="" fought="" with="" us.="" what="" are="" they="" doing="" now?=""> <same as="" before.="" they="" are="" still="" readying="" themselves="" for=""></same><that time=""> as always.> <why can't="" they="" help…="" for="" one="" last="" time?=""> <you know="" them.="" they="" have="" no="" interest="" in="" such="" matters="" anymore.="" we="" should="" still="" consider="" ourselves="" lucky="" that="" they="" are="" willing="" to="" lend="" a="" hand="" at=""></you><that time="">.> <yes, do="" not="" forget="" our="" mission.="" our="" mission="" is="" to="" bring="" them="" to="" our="" land.="" the="" rest="" is="" up="" to="" them.=""> The Fifth Elder nodded. Their job was to win the fight against that fortress. Now they will finally return to their homeland. Sian was now moving toward where his father was. Something kept bothering him. As he went closer to the Talos Fortress, he felt something similar to that of himself. He kept touching the necklace. He didn't expect to use it, but he felt that his weapon would soon come in handy. "Okay… I'll make this the last time." Sian made up his mind and quickened his pace. After this mission was done, he was going to be free. He thought about going traveling. Once his family was safe, there was nothing to bind him anymore. The war began as the Sixth Elder of <granine> voiced an incantation. [LA-AKUM-SAOW-SHE…] With weird words and flow of Exar, the Sixth Elder began working his magic. The First Grade Magic Priest Jeraph looked at him curiously. "He is… special." "What's that, Master? What about it?" The apprentice, Katrine, looked confused. Jeraph smiled and explained, "Him. He is an Exer, but he is using magic at the same time." "Is that possible?" "It's rare, but it's not entirely impossible either." After witnessing the impossible seventeen years ago, it was hard to surprise Jeraph, but young Katrine who was only twenty years old seemed to be shocked. The Sixth Elder who mumbled the words then began focusing on the Talic Stone in his and. […ASCA…RAU… SHWO….. <way of="" agran="">] The stone began to glow brightly and a ray of red light shot out. <way of="" agran="">, or second-grade magic, had no special effect. It was the ultimate magic focused for the war as it had the longest range and caused devastation upon its target. The Sixth Elder added more effects by using his Exar and the ray of light shot out at one of the guard towers inside the castle. It needed to be destroyed to attack Taran without the danger of being pummeled by the cannons from above. At that moment, a person ran up the tower as if it were flat ground and unsheathed his sword, dividing the incoming ray into two. He then fell down to the ground, landing without any damage. He was one of the Great Generals, <zagron the="" invincible="">. In return, the Sixth Elder smiled and used his power. The ray that was divided then changed directions and was directed to the top of the spire of the wall. There was no sound. The two rays met at the spire and melted the place entirely. The ray that still had the energy to move was now directed toward the ground, blasting it soon after. As the dust from the explosion subsided, a man in his shield was revealed. It was <revadan the="" ravager="">. He jumped in to defend his soldiers as the ray attacked them. <it's only="" the="" beginning.=""> The Sixth Elder smiled. It was only the beginning of the attack. It wasn't time yet. Both sides began fighting at that moment. Cannons began firing and warriors started wielding Bander on their bodies before charging in.</it's></revadan></zagron></way></way></granine></yes,></that></why></that></it></that></granines></so…></if></dragona></granines></mad></kelavan>


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