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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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56 Talos

Sian looked at the battleground from far away. He arrived at the scene before the actual fight began and moved up a nearby mountain that was not too far away to watch the war. When he first arrived, he intended to quickly finish the war. One thing he realized was that even if he only intended to protect his family, if his family was at war, then it meant that he was at war too. Thus he thought that it might be good to finish everything quickly as the King said Lagran would be the end. Yet something made him stay back. Something was off. He thought this was the place where he needed to fight, but it didn't seem like it. This was the first time he felt as such, so he decided to stay back. If his father was in danger, he was going to jump right in, but there seemed to be no threats against his father for now. There were four enemies who could fight his father, and two of them were quite dangerous. Yet they were not joining the fight. The cannon fire was pretty powerful, but it was not enough to actually hit the Grand Banders as the flow of Exar was too great to miss. Besides, it was only a skirmish right now. The main warriors were not at the front. 'Father… didn't you tell me that it's always good to not fight?' Count Roman was not fighting at the moment. He was still with the Swordmeister, at the back of the warfront. He seemed very eager to jump in and fight. Sian agreed with his father's views, so he had no complaints. If it wasn't for his parents, he would've ended up like Kuntarian. After looking through the warfront, Sian found a group of people with some familiar features. 'So, they were the King's reason to start the war.' These people who were at the frontline were very powerful. The four of them who were not at the front also seemed to be very powerful. Each one was as strong as Kalagul. Something was familiar about them, but Sian couldn't think of a place where he would've met them so he shook his thoughts away. He had no opportunities to talk to non-human beings. As Sian watched the warfront, something began to change. "Where did they get those people?" Zagron, the Great General of Taran, looked toward the other side. He was eyeing the four mysterious men, Count Roman, and Swordmeister Kiraine. They knew about the two Grand Banders of Tian, but he wasn't aware of the other four men. It was because they invaded the border within seconds. "Zagron, are you scared?" "Colan, give me a break. I'm not talking about that and you know it." Colan, also another Great General, teased Zagron who had been his best friend for life. They were here without any worries at first. Taran Kingdom had a total of six Grand Banders and was much more powerful than Tian. If it wasn't for Usharan, who ways looked for a chance to invade Taran, they would've already conquered Tian. But how dare they attack first? Zagron scoffed when he first heard of it, but he also thought it was a great chance to destroy Tian and move the border out to the Celaine territory. The war, however, didn't turn out as he expected. "You think too much, Zagron." "…" "We still might win. You're just afraid that Narasha might be hiding more things." Zagron flinched at Colan's words. It was true. Grand Banders were rare, so being a Grand Bander just simply meant that to most people. In reality, all Grand Banders had differences in power. Thus, he wasn't worried about those mysterious men. Even when they had six Grand Banders against four, it didn't mean they would lose. However, the problem was that Narasha probably knew about that too. Then why did he invade? What was the reason? The reason for the four Grand Banders gathering was to kill and capture all of them without much loss. Colan and Zagron himself were enough to fight against Count Roman and Swordmeister Kiraine. But when he arrived, things looked different. It looked like there was going to be heavy casualties. What was up with them? What would happen if they reached Lagran? What then? What are they up to? Questions began filling Zagron's head. They still had time to pull back if they wanted to. Colan spoke at that moment. "Okay, I'll solve your problems." "Huh?" "Let's gather everything and move back to Lagran. We'll let them handle it on their own." "Do you know what you are talking about?" "Of course. That Tian King must have prepared something… but 'he' might like it that way." !! "We don't need to about care who wins. It's not up to us." Colan spoke without much energy. That was when Zagron realized what he had been ignoring. "Yes… you are right. Thank you, Colan." Yeah. After that, the four Great Generals jumped into the battle and began pushing the enemy back. As the fight came to a rest, they quickly began gathering all troops and used Ra-Shar-Roa to teleport out. Tian wanted to chase after them, but they were tired and driven back by the Great Generals. So after not much of a fight, Talos was taken over by Tian and Tian began advancing toward Lagran.


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