Swordmeister of Rome
58 Ruler of Lagran
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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58 Ruler of Lagran

<These Ra-Banders are so troublesome to talk to. They never listen to anyone, and never will!>

-Rant from 'UNKNOWN,' from 'UNKNOWN' years ago


The city in the Lagran Region was empty. It was a large city, but Taran's Great Generals had already evacuated all of its people. They all knew well of the person living not too far away from here. They weren't sure what King Narasha had in mind, but if he prepared a force powerful enough to fight Stahntal the First, the city was sure to be left in ruins when the fight began.

She wasn't one to care about the petty lives nearby, and that's why the people of the city were evacuated.

The forces of both Tian and Taran placed themselves miles away from <Lavne>, waiting for the main fight to begin. The two Elders were now crossing the empty city of <Stiel> towards <Lavne>.

<It… has changed…>

<Yes… what have they done... to our land? We must… build anew.>

<We'll leave it... to Sixth Elder... for that.>

<We are... almost here…>

As they arrived at the small well, a female human greeted them.

"Hehe. You're here."

<Stahntal… was it? So, will you fight here?>

"Of course not. I have to play with the well once I finish dealing with you two, so it can't be destroyed. Oh, do you guys also go in there once you die?"

<Haha… I see. We shall move... further then.>

"Right. Maybe I should've gone down myself. I thought you guys didn't care about the well."

Both sides didn't want to destroy the well, so they began moving down to the city. After they were far from the well, about ten miles away, they would start the fight. Fighting in the city meant the destruction of the city and the loss of lives, but they didn't care.

Sian, who was looking towards Lagran, frowned.

"Ugh, look at those crazy bastards. Why are they coming down? Fight up there!"

The three people quickly moved ten miles into the city and stopped right in the middle. The problem was that the place was only five miles away from where the Tian forces were stationed. If they fought there, the chance of his father getting involved was 100%. Five miles was nothing in a fight of Ra-Banders.

Sian realized what made him feel uncomfortable.

"The world is large, and there are so many who need to be beaten up."

The only problem was that it wasn't easy this time around. He wanted to solve it by talking things out, but he knew that wasn't possible. Sian then charged towards Lagran, unleashing his full power from within.

"HAHAHA! Shall we start now- HUH?"

Stahntal, who was excited to start the fight, turned in shock towards the walls of the city. The two Elders were also looking at the same direction in disbelief.

A terrible, vicious, force of power was approaching.

And definitely wasn't friendly.

"…What have you guys done to bring such a terrible thing here?"

Stahntal, who had resided by the well for 200 years, thought she didn't have anything to do with this and asked a question

<…Was he that powerful…?>

<This is… unbelievable.>

Karatra had already heard of a powerful Pa-Harijan in Tian Kingdom who could be stronger than him. But the Great Elder did not heed the warning. He figured it was impossible for an ordinary man to compare to the true power of a superhuman. It didn't make sense that a 17-year-old boy was stronger than a 400-year-old warrior. The one in front of them was at least 230 years old.

However, the Great Elder now realized he was wrong, and so was the information from his people. This boy was not just stronger; he was an unimaginable being, even to him.

The three of them looked at each other for a moment and turned toward that direction. If this being existed, there was no way anyone else could become the most powerful. It needed to be dealt with. Besides, this being wasn't approaching with a friendly attitude anyway.

Stahntal pressed down on the jewel in her wristband. The wristband began making strange sounds, and Stahntal's body was covered with light.

<The… Armor of the Seven Stars!>

The Great Elder gasped. Stahntal was covered by a powdery substance floating around her in various colors of light, but the Great Elder identified it as armor.

There was a limited number of weapons that Pa-Harijans could use, and they were even rarer than Pa-Harijans themselves. That armor was one of them.

"Don't pretend that I was the only one hiding something. Come on, bring it out. Unless you want to die without having the chance to use it."


The two Elders created a void in front of them and reached in. The Great Elder took out a ring while the Second Elder took out a wristband. Stahntal's eyes widened in shock. Those were items she had been searching so hard for but couldn't find.

"The <Hand of Gran-Ra> and the <Spear of the War God>… I didn't understand why I couldn't find it all those years. So it was because of you guys. Okay, we might be able to stand a chance then."

The elders equipped their items without a word. The Second Elder's wristband began to shine with a golden light while the Great Elder's ring let out black waves.

They all turned to the same direction again, where a young man was now walking toward them.

Upon his arrival, the boy glanced at the three of them and said, "Hey."




All three of them listened intently to what he had to say.

"Fight somewhere else."

The man was pointing to the outside of the city.

Sian's first intention was to drive them out of the city, to a part of the mountain where his father would not get dragged into. However, as he unleashed his power and closed in, something welled up from within him.

<It might be fun to fight them.>

<Prove that I'm the strongest.>

Sian could barely hold himself back. If he fought them here, it would mean the death of his father. He had given his father the <Gate of Narangel>, but his father might not run away.

As he reached his destination, all three were ready to fight. Sian thought his sword was one of a kind, but the weapons held by the three were also very powerful.

'Where did they get those?'

Sian spoke slowly while pointing toward the mountain range.

"Go away. Fight somewhere else."

The woman covered in weird fog, spat, "HAH! What if I don't want to?"

Sian's patience snapped at that moment. And he succumbed to his instinct.

<Destroy them.>

<Chrona-Phon> was taken out from his necklace, and he immediately swung it at the woman.


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