Swordmeister of Rome
60 The Great Swordmeister
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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60 The Great Swordmeister

<I thought that was the worst day of my life. However, it was only the beginning. The world was large… with lots of madmen… and strong men. And a LOT of those needed beating up.>

-Excerpt from Tales of Sian von Roman.


Tian was undergoing festivities. King Narasha had accomplished an amazing feat half a year after becoming King: invading the Lagran Region. Taran Kingdom accepted Tian's ownership of the Lagran Region, allowing Tian to redraw a new border around Lagran. Once the process was finished, it would inevitably shift the balance of power towards Tian.

Everyone was excited and amidst the excitement was an unbelievable rumor. The birth of a Great Swordmeister from the Roman family. Some speculated that it meant Kain von Roman, while others guessed it was Rian von Roman. Then, the rumor subsided. Great Swordmeister was a title that wasn't even given to Swordmeister Kiraine. And there was only one person remaining within the Roman family, which was the seventeen-year-old Sian.

Of course, that didn't make sense, so people just considered it a myth or an exaggerated rumor. The rumor of the newly-born Great Swordmeister was soon dismissed.

King Narasha had been very busy. He only had to look over significant matters that needed his attention, but that still tied up his time. They now had the Lagran Region, so all its laws, systems, and everything else had to be resolved now.

The <Granines> were given the right to rule over the Lagran Region as promised and was made an ally. What Narasha wanted from the region were the resources and people, so he had no interest in their sacred place and the well.

After setting up a new border, the King sent Swordmeister Kiraine and Kalagul to watch over the new border. There was no telling if Taran would wholly give up on the land.

It was only matter of time for the title of the strongest in the Seven Kingdoms to belong to Tian.

Usharan was having a hard time in their war against Con Kingdom. After losing a lot of forces at Con-Tian, they were having a hard time advancing into the Con Kingdom. However, it was speculated that, in a year or two, Con-Tian would be swallowed whole.

At that time, Tian would have completed its infrastructure, and the Ra-Sian Continent would then have the two strongest nations and four other nations.

The most important thing now was to stop relying on Sian. The King had not felt the power of a Ra-Bander until now. He now considered it to be too dangerous.

"So… you wish to go travel?"

"Yes. I think it's about the right time."

"It… sounds like a good idea."

Sian was discussing with his father in the Roman mansion, located in the outer part of the capital. He had been pondering this idea for a while. He enjoyed the life in the capital, but it was boring. That was why he thought about traveling.

The idea came from a novel he had fun reading when he was young. He had always wanted to try it, but he was too lazy to do it at first, and all those other things that popped up held him back. But now he had enough money saved, and his family was no longer in danger. He wanted to give the armor he picked up this time to his father or brother, but that armor would crush the user if they weren't strong as a Ra-Bander. In the end, he gave <Narangel> to his brother, so it was okay.

This was the best time to leave.

Count Roman agreed to the idea at once. He and his wife had done all they could. Now Sian needed to learn and experience new things out in the world. The Count didn't know how powerful his second son had become and didn't know how responsible he had grown. The fact that nobody knew of such a powerful man showed how careful Sian had been.

'He should travel out in the world and experience more things.'

The Count nodded.

"Good. I'll support you with anything you might need. Is there anything else?"

"Hmm… no. I can just go. Oh… I need a map and a… good place to start."

"I see. What's the purpose of this travel?"

"Well… eat good food and see good things, I guess? OH! And one more thing."


"I want to see the places where Ra-Banders used to live."

Sian thought of the purpose of his travel so that it wouldn't be boring. He was curious about how the other Ra-Banders lived, and how powerful they were after fighting other Ra-Banders. He also wanted to check if any others had obtained the <Way> like he did.

"Then I suggest you go South, to Broshan. Kiara is also a nice place, but I heard it's not a good time to visit. Something seems to have happened there."


"Yes. It's one of the Seven Kingdoms. That's where the Great Emperor's original Kingdom, Broxian, was located. I heard it's beautiful and they have great food there, it's a popular destination for nobles. Oh, and that's also where the famous Sun Sword Liviath lived."

Sian became interested. He remembered that a lot of main characters in the novels he read found love in Broshan.

"Good, I should start there."

"Oh… and Sian."

"Yes, Father?"

Count Roman halted, seemingly embarrassed to continue.

"You… have been doing very well. I am very proud that you have grown into a fine young man and are responsible for such great power."

"Oh… haha. Father, you're making me embarrassed."

Sian also became embarrassed, but the Count continued, "You don't have to sacrifice your life for the family. And I also hope you learn to use your power to help others if it doesn't badly affect you or others. It might bring you another kind of joy."

"Hm… Understood, Father."

Sian nodded. It seemed reasonable to help others if he or others wouldn't be badly affected.

Stahntal, capital of the Taran Kingdom

The enormous palace displayed the Kingdom's power. It was a palace with no king. Their king had left this place after building it and stayed in the Lagran Region. It was back when her descendants ruled over the land as surrogate king.

But the king had returned after 200 years.

Stahntal the Fourth looked at Stahntal the First who was lying down on the bed.

"It's been a long time, my king."

"Haha… yes. I was beaten up good this time. He even took my armor! What a brat…"

She was ranting, but she didn't seem upset at all.


Stahntal the Fourth couldn't still believe what happened. She had become a Grand Bander at the age of thirty and she overthrew the old Taran King. Then, she became a Ra-Bander at sixty and had lived to this day. That was what he knew of her. There was no enemy strong enough to fight her; she was like a god.

Stahntal the First looked at him and smiled. She knew what he was thinking. If it were before, she already would've ordered his death for being rude; however, she decided to stop that. It was because she remembered what the brat said to her after beating her up.

<Keep your power to yourself and live peacefully, okay?>

He looked very different once the fight was over.


"Yes, my king."

"Did you look into that brat?"

"Yes, as ordered."

He handed over the report by Taran's intelligence. Stahntal the First read through it and suddenly burst out laughing.

"HAHAHAHA! He was what? Only seventeen years old? Oh my… this is crazy."

She couldn't believe it. He was living peacefully even with such great power. There were a few times when he used his strength, but it was nothing compared to his powers.

That was when she understood why Sian said that to her. It wasn't a threat; it was his way of life.

"So, what is he up to now? Is he going to become a General of Tian?"

"He… is preparing to travel."


"Yes. I think our intel reports that he wants to enjoy his youth."


It had been so long since she had laughed so hard. The man in front of her wouldn't know why she was so happy. She felt like as if she was stranded for years and she finally found another stranded human. It was near impossible for a Ra-Bander to meet other Ra-Banders.

"Find out where he is going."


Stahntal the Fourth blurted out his thoughts and quickly stopped. He knew any slight mistake in front of her would mean his death.

"It's okay… hehe. I feel good right now."

She spoke, smiling. Then, Stahntal the Fourth asked, "Are you not going back to the Lagran Region?"

She looked at the man as if she understood what he was saying and replied,

"I can't."


"Those men that I fought with, they have already positioned themselves there. I can't get through them if they defend from that place."


"You fool, give up. We can't touch that place anymore. They're too strong. Rather, you should pound on those Usharan kids."


"Yeah. And you know that Tian has him. He's not like me. He still cares about the world. What will you do if he comes to defend it?"

Stahntal the Fourth gave up at that moment. He had seen the recordings. It was like a fight between gods. Even his Great Generals refused to invade the Lagran Region because of Sian.

"Good. I'll rest for another week and then move out. Find out where he is going before then."

"Yes, my king."

She smiled as she thought about Sian.


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