Swordmeister of Rome
65 Margaran
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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65 Margaran

After Sian and Stiel finished touring through the city of Lenorva, they moved towards the east. They were now traveling to the east coast of Broshan. It was where Sian felt like visiting, and Stiel did not care where they went, so their next destination became the large city of <margaran> on the eastern coast of the Broshan Kingdom. "Has it been a long time since you saw the ocean?" "Yeah. I never went to the ocean other than for official business." "Official business?" "You know, like war, or pirate hunting… that sort of a thing." "…" "However, the ocean is great. You don't have to clean out the corpses. You can just destroy the whole ship. Haha." "…" Sian sighed as he thought she looked like a wild animal when she spoke of such things. "Huh? Why are you looking at me like that? Aren't you the same also? You never spared anyone trying to kill you, right?" "Hmm… Maybe you're right." "Yeah, exactly. I just did it on a larger scale." As they talked about various subjects, their carriage had nearly arrived at their destination. After going over the hill, they were greeted with a full view of the ocean and a large city built by the coast. <margaran> It was one of the most popular trading posts on the eastern coast of the continent and the best resort. <margaran> This bustling city full of life was famous for two things. First, it was the center of trade that connected Kiara and Broshan, with hundreds of ships visiting each day. Second, it contained one of the top five resorts that nobles wanted to visit to rest and relax. The northern half of the city was a trading hub, while the southern part of the city was built to fulfill the needs of visitors from all around the world. Broshan was a neutral Kingdom that allowed nobles to purchase retreat houses. The supply of such houses was scarce, and all the inns were always full. Even when it was not peak season, the city was full of people. However, right now was the busiest time of the season, when the huge festival, <lagaope>, was going to start. That created problems for the unexpecting Sian and Stiel. "You have no rooms too?" "Yes. If you don't make reservations ahead of time for the Lagaope season…" The employee of the inn looked as if Sian was to blame for attempting to rent a room without any reservations during this season. "Everywhere's full. It's good that it's festival season though." Sian liked that it was a pleasant time to visit, but the problem of not having any available rooms was frustrating. Other than Sian, there were a lot of other people that weren't able to rent a room. "Hehe, I've told you. I can solve this quickly. I just need one word from you. ONE word." "Ugh." Sian flinched at Stiel's declaration. It seemed like she had a plan as she looked extremely confident. Sian knew she would bring it up again at every chance if he asked for help, which was why he was holding off. However, at this point, it seemed impossible to find a room. "Okay… I surrender. PLEASE, Miss Stiel." "HAHAHA! Okay, if you insist. You should thank me for accompanying you." 'Sigh…' Sian sighed as he followed Stiel. "Hmm… is this the right place?" "Yeah." After contacting someone using the long distance messaging center run by the Exalted Magical Council, <korun>, she began traveling down to the southern side of the city. After passing all the retreat houses of nobles on the coast, she walked through an empty private beach. Then, at last, they stopped in front of an enormous mansion. It occupied a considerable area in the corner of the southern city, and with the sky-high price of the land here, it was unimaginable how expensive this place was. "Uh… Miss Stiel. I might only have enough money to stay at a restroom in this mansion." He did earn some money when he worked in <dragona>, but it wasn't much. "Don't worry. Some kid I know lent this place to me for free." "Some kid you know…?" "Yeah yeah." Sian remembered the sign outside when he entered the property. <warning: this="" is="" the="" private="" property="" of="" stahntal="" the="" fourth="" of="" the="" taran="" kingdom.="" any="" trespassers="" will="" be="" put="" to="" death="" immediately.=""> 'Some kid, huh?' Sian shrugged and turned to Stiel. "Let's go in." Stiel walked into the mansion. "Miss Stiel, this place is really huge. Isn't it?" "Yeah, you don't need to thank me too much." "Then, I assume there's plenty of rooms?" "Yeah. I heard there's ninety-nine, but I'm not sure." "And the people here, other than the employees, are only you and me?" "Yeah. No one will dare to use the place while I'm here." "…So, why do we have to stay in the same room?" Sian asked Stiel, who was rolling around on a huge bed the size of a small yard. "Oh… It's the rules. I rented this place, so I have no choice but to follow the rules." "…" "I guess you forgot! Let me remind you then." Stiel flicked her finger, and an employee walked in and greeted them politely. "I am here at your service." "Yeah. So, this room is the only one we can stay in, right?" "Yes, ma'am." Sian frowned at the instant answer from the employee. "…is that really true?" "Yes, sir." "I saw like thirty empty rooms on my way here." "Those are being used for storage." "What storage?" "We store chairs, beds, tables, and drawers." "…doesn't that make this a storage room?" "No, sir." "Ugh…" All of the employees sided with Stiel and Sian thought they looked more like slaves. He sighed as he had no other place to stay in the city. "Hehe, it's a special case. Don't worry about it." Stiel grinned at Sian. "Okay, I guess there's no choice. Let's go take a look at the festival." Sian figured that at least the bed was large enough and prepared to go out. <lagaope> was an annual festival held in Margaran to celebrate the legendary hero, <lagaope>, who opened up a sea route between Kiara and Broshan. The road between the two kingdoms was long and perilous when taken by land, but it was much quicker by sea. However, the sea was full of Harijans that attacked anyone trying to sail through. A lot of Bander users and Magic Priests attempted to clear the way, but they failed. Finally, after a Grand Bander failed and was killed in the attempt, everyone else gave up. However, Lagaope managed to succeed. How he did it was a mystery, but he managed to find a route that allowed people to travel freely without being attacked by Harijans and spread the news. The starting point of this route was Margaran. When the route <lagaopora> was established, Margaran's prosperity was destined, and the annual festival named after the hero was then held every year. "…says the booklet. Interesting." "I heard the name before. I think it was around when I was born." "Was he a Ra-Bander?" "I don't think so. You can hide after becoming a Ra-Bander, but you can't hide the fact that you became one." Anyone who became a Ra-Bander was already talented before they reached that level. It was bound to be known if they wandered around trying to become a Ra-Bander. "Then he might be an Exer… or something." "Yeah, but it doesn't matter. Besides, if he were a Ra-Bander, he would've opened up way more routes and not just only one. Here, try this. It's good." Stiel picked a skewer that originated from Margaran and shoved it into Sian's mouth. Sian took a bite and nodded. If it were a Ra-Bander, all the Harijans would've died. "I want to visit this place, <rokuum show="">. A cute show of Rokuums… I think we may have to stand in line though. Do you know any 'kids' here?" The <rokuum show=""> seemed to be extremely popular, so Sian asked, just in case. "…" "It's okay if you don't have one. Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?" Sian ignored Stiel's frown and quickly moved through the crowds.</rokuum></rokuum></lagaopora></lagaope></lagaope></warning:></dragona></korun></lagaope></margaran></margaran></margaran>


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