Swordmeister of Rome
68 One who dreams of becoming a hero
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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68 One who dreams of becoming a hero

It was those people who were beaten up by Stiel yesterday. They were surrounding a young man and a woman. 'Hmm? Isn't he the man from the show?' The man being cornered was the man from the Rokuum show. It looked like he had beaten up two or three men with a club-like weapon he was holding on to, but he was cornered in the end. And there was a woman who looked like she was in her early twenties with an infuriated look behind him. She was holding onto a small dagger. It looked like the group of men tried to harass the woman and it turned into a fight. She looked cute, so it was understandable. They were glancing around to see if there was a way to escape, but they couldn't find a pathway so they were trying to fight back. "Nothing to see here! BUZZ OFF! Right now-?!!?" "Hey, what's going on? What…-ARGH!" Men who were chasing off the onlookers jumped up as they found Sian and Stiel. Interested, Sian spoke up. "You gentlemen work hard to become the evil of society. Are you guys trying to create more work for the Margaran Peacekeepers?" "Uh… er…" "Yeah. I don't think they have fully healed from yesterday. I told you Sian, this would've not happened if I did it right yesterday." "Yeah, I didn't think they were that strong." To do the same thing after getting beat up just yesterday… Sian thought these people had such strong determination. "…Ugh." The men began backing off as they watched Stiel. As soon as they started backing away, the woman ran out and hid behind Stiel. "Hey! Lamran! Come here!" She figured they were afraid of Stiel, so she hid behind her, but that was the wrong move. "Oh well. It doesn't matter. Let's go now. Are we almost there yet?" "Yeah. We're almost there." "Huh? HEY! NONONO! You can't just go! Help me!" The woman grabbed Stiel's waist. 'Oops.' Sian gasped internally. "Huh? Is this a human body?" The woman who expected the body to be soft, was shocked when she felt the body was like a steel pillar and began examining it. As she reached up, she saw Stiel who was looking down at her. "EEEK!" She screamed and fell down on the ground immediately. 'Oh well…' Sian shook his head. It was a mistake to try to use Stiel. Stiel squatted down and looked at the woman. "Hehe… Hey, ant… I mean girl. Do you know what it means to touch others without permission?" "Ah… ah ah…" She was too afraid to speak properly and she could barely shake her head. "It means attempt to assassinate. So it means that you have made a great mistake." 'How does it come down to that?' Sian sighed. Even if she hurt herself while holding onto Stiel, it wouldn't have made a scratch on her. "To teach you not to do that anymore, I will show you…" "Miss Stiel, you will make her pee on herself." "…" "Let's go now. We'll be late for lunch." "Heh. You're too nice, Sian." Sian stepped in and Stiel mumbled as she stood up. She glanced around as she felt unsatisfied and the mercenaries ran away at once. "…Thank you very much." "…" The young man named Lamran spoke to Stiel. Stiel looked uncomfortable as she had unintentionally helped them. "Let's go get lunch." Sian quickly guided her to the restaurant before she became even more uncomfortable and Lamran took his woman partner somewhere else. It was a dark night and the two people were closing in on the pedestal. They were going to the hill by the pedestal to be exact. There were guards everywhere, but no one paid much attention to the hill a few hundred yards away by the pedestal, so these two managed to go to the place without any interruptions. "Lamran, come on," the woman told Lamran. "Lilia, it's dangerous here. Be careful." "Did you forget what I do for a living? This is easy." Lilia quickly climbed up a huge boulder and jumped over. Lamran shook his head and also climbed up the boulder. "But… are you sure it's here?" "Yeah. Everything he said until now was correct. I'm almost done preparing too. I just came to look today so let's take a peek and leave." "Okay, okay." Lamran looked at Lilia apologetically and spoke. "Thank you Lilia. I really do appreciate it." She was a popular adventurer due to her special skill. Lamran was extremely thankful for her help. "Yeah, don't mind it. It's not free anyway. Don't forget it." "Haha, I know." "It was really dangerous today. The mercenaries were strong too, but it might've been better to fight with them." Lilia didn't specialize in fighting, so the situation they were in was really dangerous for them. However, after meeting the woman's eyes, she realized it would've been a hundred times better to fight the mercenaries. Lamran smiled bitterly. He was an Exer, but he was too weak. That was why he needed to fulfill his goal. Lamran. He was an ordinary kid living at a fishing village near Margaran. He had a dream to become a hero and travel around the world, but reality was brutal. He had no money or any sort of hidden power. All he could do was help his father work at a bazaar while he daydreamed. One day, he came across a fish as he watched the ocean. <hey, go="" there.=""> He thought out on a whim, without any intention. However, an amazing thing occurred. The fish moved to where he wanted it to move. He was so excited when he found his power. It seemed like the path to becoming a hero had opened up for him. Lamran then began training hard. He tamed birds, animals, fish, and all kinds of things. After he was able to control his powers, he came out of his home. But when he left home, he was again struck by reality. <hey, look="" at="" him!="" he="" attacks="" with="" a="" tiger!=""> <haha, that="" looks="" interesting.="" i="" play="" with="" boars.=""> Warriors that he had never seen when he was at his fishing village. His power was nothing compared to those Grand Banders. <it's better="" to="" use="" communication="" magic="" then="" use="" pigeons…=""> <scouting with="" bats?="" you="" can="" just="" use=""></scouting><detection>, you know.> Magic Priests were everywhere and they all had power and knowledge that Lamran provided with animals. It was more efficient too. Lamran felt depressed. His skills were exceptional. He had a way to control over twenty animals and had a variety of shows to perform. He also trained in sword arts as he was a special kind who could also use Bander, although it wasn't strong. However, no one needed him. He traveled around the world with friends like Lilia, but the more he traveled, the more he learned about his limitations. And after the <incident>, he lost all confidence and returned to his home, Margaran, to start an animal show. He didn't have a problem with the income. In fact, nobles loved the show and it allowed him to gain a lot of income. Life was more prosperous and peaceful. He now was able to eat well and he had a nice house. But he wasn't satisfied. He didn't want to rot in this place. That was when someone came to him and showed him hope. Lamran was given another chance and the opportunity was pretty close. He had no intention to let this chance go.</incident></detection></it's></haha,></hey,></hey,>


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