Swordmeister of Rome
72 Deepsea Island
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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72 Deepsea Island

Lamran and Lilia were thinking about what to do next. Lamran calmed down and he had already hid the crown in his bag. He felt powerless when he took off the crown, but it was only matter of putting it on, so he felt relieved. "So, what are you going to do?" Lilia, who looked uncomfortable, asked out of concern. "Hm… Maybe I should visit the Wall. I think I should tame a Harijan." Treasures called for trouble. Lamran earned the powers, but he wasn't stupid. A few animals were not enough to protect the treasure. He needed to have at least a Harijan protecting him to stay safe. That was when it would really begin to show its worth. However, there were no Harijans on the continent. That was why he planned to visit the Wall to get a powerful Harijan under his control. "Why? Isn't there a Harijan below the sea?" "Yeah, but there are no more Harijans left nearby after Lagaopora was opened." "I see." "I don't know I can't wish for it, but I wish a strong one would show up just like that. I can tame it then." "Haha, Lamran. Life isn't that easy." They looked at each other and smiled. Lamran acquired great power, but there were still a lot of things to do. After almost ten days, Lagaope was nearing its end. There were some small problems when they found out that pedestal stopped working, but the festival commenced normally as if nothing had occurred. However, this was to keep the people from being terrified while the festival was being held. Sian felt that Magic Priests and Bander users kept visiting the place. But it didn't matter. Sian and Stiel were going to leave soon. Sian was enjoying his dessert by the beach. This dessert that came from Kiara was so good that Sian decided to eat lots of it when he visited Kiara. While watching him, Stiel asked, "So, where are we going next?" "I'm thinking of going to Kiara by boat from here." There was nothing to look at on the road on land. Margaran was too far from any other place to visit. Therefore, it might be better to move over to Kiara and use the Ra-Shar-Roa to go to other places when he was done. "Kiara. I've never visited that place before." "Yeah, well it's at the end of the continent." Taran was located at west end of the continent while Kiara was at the east end. "Let's take a cruise ship. I think it's good to enjoy the view and all." Margaran had tons of cruise ships for merchants and nobles. It provided safe and comfortable travel across the sea. It was known to have a lot of interesting things to enjoy while on board. Sian was really looking forward to this cruise ship experience. It was very annoying to run across the sea anyway, so Sian decided to make a reservation for the cruise ship when they returned to the mansion. Then he turned to look at the sea. "Didn't they say monsters… or something like that haven't appeared for hundreds of years?" "Yeah, that's what I heard too. It's only a matter of time until it comes, especially at that speed." Something vicious was charging toward Margaran beach while destroying a few ships in its path. It was still far enough so only Sian and Stiel could sense it, but it was only a matter of time. Sian felt something wasn't going as planned. "Why did the pedestal stop all of a sudden!" Marquis Talruk asked Babil, the Second Grade Magic Priest, who was examining the pedestal. However, he couldn't understand what had happened. The pillar itself was refusing any flow of Exar and he was not allowed to take the pedestal apart to examine it. The bigger problem was that they did not know how Lagaopora worked and were unsure of the outcome. The only thing they knew was that this pedestal blocked Harijans from coming near Lagaopora. "You… should strengthen security first. I think it's easy to say that we are just heightening security since the festival is about to end." "Yes. I will do my part on that, but you should do yours." That wasn't necessary. "Milord! We have trouble!" "What's going on!" The Marquis responded as he looked at a Bander user who was running toward him. "Messages have come from the ships… seven ships have sunk on the Lagaopora, milord!" The artifact that allowed communication magic was only installed on the huge ships. This meant that seven large ships had sunk, along with many more smaller ships. The Marquis tried to keep his calm. He needed to stay calm so that all of Margaran would not fall in chaos. "How… did it happen?" "The message reported that something large like an island swallowed it as a whole. And its approaching our direction in full speed, milord." "Dammit…!" The Marquis could not hold him back. It was not important to find out how the pedestal worked anymore. He knew what happened when the Talic Stones were not used, and even then the problem did not come onto land. That was why he wanted to solve this problem without letting the people feel terrified. But it was too late. "Evacuate everyone to higher ground. The festival is over. Dispatch all Peacekeepers and Bander users. Do it now!" "Yes, milord!" "Stop all ships from departing the harbor and send a message to Kiara to bring all their ships back to their docks. We do not know when this problem will end." He needed to do everything in his power to prevent the disaster from happening. "Arrest any fearmongers and evacuate the civilians into safety. Now, hurry!" "YES, MILORD!" The Marquis then turned to the Magic Priest. "Babil, you must act quick. I will support you in any way I can. And… you must flee if it becomes dangerous." "Understood. Everyone, make it quick!" The Marquis then began to return back to his castle. Worst case scenario, he needed to ask for reinforcement from the Kingdom. "I didn't… expect…" Lamran turned grim as he watched Margaran fall into chaos. He already sent Lilia among the evacuating people to keep her safe. He did expect something to happen, but he just turned a blind eye to it. However, he never expected the result to be this bad. Surely his crown had affected the monster in some way, and it kept the peace at Lagaopora. It was sure that taking of the crown was related to the monster approaching the city. 'Do I have to bring it back there?' There was the possibility of it going back to normal, but that meant Lamran would return to his old self. He could not resist the temptation of the power he had already tasted. Then an idea struck him from within. To save Margaran, and prove himself to become a hero. An idea that didn't need him to travel all the way to the Great North Wall. 'I shall tame him…!' The crown allowed it to control such a monster and it would definitely work for him too. He was, after all, the descendant of the great Lagaope. No one knew he took the crown anyway and he destroyed the cave when he came out. If he managed to tame the beast, then it will allow him to become a hero. It also meant he will become the conqueror of all the seas. However, he needed to be closer to use the crown as he wasn't yet familiar with using it. As the monster approached, it would become his slave. Lamran then waited for the monster to arrive at the beach. If it came into sight, it was time. "So all the ships have stopped." Sian spoke as he watched at the chaos at Margaran. The Peacekeepers were working hard to keep the order but the people were terrified and the civilians were fighting against each other to run out first. There were no ships that dared to leave the shores when the monster was approaching from the sea. "Ugh, some fish ruined my plans." Sian sighed. He now needed to make a choice. 1. Take a land route. 2. Run across the sea. 3. Change the destination. 4. Kick out that fish and force the ship to depart. The choice was already made. He needed to take the easiest route. To him, number four was the easiest. Besides, once the monster arrived, it would be easier to kick it out than follow it in the sea. Therefore, Sian decided to drive the monster out. After that was done, he planned to ask Stiel to ask 'some kid' she knew to have the ships depart and move on his way. That fish would be no problem once he boarded the ship. Sian then began making his move.


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