Swordmeister of Rome
73 Responsibility of a Hero
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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73 Responsibility of a Hero

The Bakuron felt two sensations coming from the beach as it arrived. One was terrifying while the other was uncomfortable. Both of these beings were present at the beach. The terrifying one… was as if it was looking at its motherform. It was the feeling that one would get when facing an unmeasurably powerful being. That being was now threatening it. Fortunately however, it looked like a land dweller and seemed to have no intention of following the Bakuron out to the sea. And for the uncomfortable feeling… this felt like the one that kept giving it orders. The only difference was that it was much weaker, but it was trying to subdue the Bakuron completely. It was trying to keep the Bakuron under its feet. Having been invincible from where it came from, Bakuron felt annoyed and irritated at that fact. It was a dilemma. Should it run? Or fight? The terrifying being was too dangerous to fight, but the uncomfortable one wasn't something it could dismiss. The Bakuron decided to stay at a distance where it could run away and sat there for a while. "Why isn't it coming closer!" Lamran let out a sigh. He was now back at the room where his crown was located, sending his orders to the monster at the sea. There was no worry of being discovered as his Exar was being sent out to the sea by the crown very stealthily. The reason he came here was to hide from the Peacekeepers. He was trying his best to subdue the monster, but it was resisting. It seemed like it might work if the monster came closer, but it stopped a few miles away from the beach. 'Is it afraid of me?' That was the only reason he could think of, but that was troublesome. He needed to subdue the monster. Fearing him wasn't enough. Lamran focused harder on the crown. He was now becoming familiar with using it. It was only a matter of time for the monster to bow at his feet. 'I will be the hero of Margaran…!' And when the time came, everyone will love and respect him. "Hehe… Sian, so how is it going?" Stiel smiled at Sian who was obviously irritated. "…that guy's quite smart." It wasn't going as he planned. Sian didn't want to startle the people, so he sent his power out to the sea. He wanted to do things right, so he sent out the strongest energy wave to make that fish fear him, and that energy was powerful enough to make a Six-Horned Monster like that run away. It must've felt Sian's power as it stopped approaching, but it wasn't running away. It did buy some time for people to run away, but they were even more terrified. The monster wasn't close, but its sheer size was enough to scare everyone watching from the high ground. It looked like the monster was waiting for its lunch to come back to the city, so Sian couldn't ask the ship to depart. 'Are all Harijans like that?' Sian had never seen a Harijan, so it was somewhat interesting. Animals should prioritize survival, but that monster wasn't running away due to its hunger. Sian began to ponder. He expected the monster to run away at once, but it wasn't working. "Ugh… why isn't that guy running away!" Stiel looked at Sian with a strange look and asked, "Hey, why aren't you killing it?" "Hmm… killing it because it's blocking my way doesn't seem all that nice." "Yeah? But it killed humans." "Who cares. He needs to live too." 'I see…' Stiel came to know more about Sian in the recent days. He didn't care if the target was a human or a Harijan. The only thing that mattered was if it invaded his space. Invaders were punished severely while others were spared. In turn, Sian didn't like invading others' spaces. Even now, Stiel would've killed the monster already only because it blocked her way. Superhumans needed to be like her. Wherever a superhuman went, they needed to exert their power. That was good for everyone. Sian was having a hard time because his boundary was too small. He was too locked up in protecting his way of doing things. His power was between the level of a superhuman and a god, but his conscious was still at the human level. Nonetheless, it was fun watching Sian getting irritated, so Stiel decided to just watch. "So, you're just going to wait it out?" "Hm… he won't run away, right?" It seemed like Sian's patience had run out. He decided to beat up the monster and unlocked his power to jump out the window. There was some distance that required him to use some power to catch up. But at that moment, the monster began fleeing at an incredible speed. "Ah?…" Sian was dumbfounded. It seemed like the monster wasn't just staying around. Surely the monster figured it was a safe distance. It was half correct though. Since the monster was already far away, Sian stopped in between. It was so fast that it seemed like the island had disappeared. Yet the problem was the aftermath of the move. As it ran at full speed, the sea was shaken up and there was a tsunami. The tsunami quickly swallowed the beach and the whole city. Every ship that was docked at the Margaran harbor was destroyed and the entire city was swallowed in whole. It happened so fast that it couldn't be stopped. "…I'm sure there are no ships left." "Looks like it." "…and I'm sure no one will try to set sail with that monster alive." "Probably not." "…so we have no choice but to go by land." The road to Kiara by land was very long. That was why Sian wanted to take a ship and the only ship large enough to travel to Kiara was at Margaran. The monster destroyed his choice. Sian was furious, but it was too troublesome to follow the monster to get revenge, so he began to prepare to travel by land. "…" Sian gritted his teeth as he watched the monster watching the island from the sea. It came back to the sea as Sian did not follow him out, and it ran if Sian tried to come out to the sea, only to return when Sian began preparing to leave. It seemed like the monster was now very relaxed. There was no way to determine its expression, but it sure looked like it. The monster was now using its tail or weird backbone-looking part of its body to send a wave toward the beach. Part of the city was destroyed each time the monster flicked its tail and the once beautiful city of Margaran was now laid in ruins. "…I can't stand it anymore." His patience ran out completely. 'Father, I did best I could.' Sian touched his necklace and took out Chrona-Phon. It was bit far to slice up the monster, but it looked like it was possible. He could kill it, but he couldn't catch it. The distance forced Sian to use all his power that would definitely kill the monster, but he was left with no choice. "…if you're lucky, you will survive with your tails cut off.' Stiel, who just came from somewhere, grinned at Sian who was pulling out his sword. "Oh, so you made up your mind?" "I've waited long enough. Look at that bastard." The monster was flailing its tail from a range where it could run away. It looked like it wasn't scared anymore. "Yeah, but isn't it too generous to kill it at once?" "What do you mean?" "It won't even know what killed him. It needs to realize what it did." "Yeah, but it runs away too fast." "I have a good idea. You'll thank me once you hear it." Sian turned to Stiel. He was angry, but he still hesitated on killing the monster. "Hm… what is it?" Stiel began to explain and Sian looked at her in respect. It was a brilliant idea. "Wow… it's incredible. When did you prepare all that?" "Haha, it's nothing." "I should do it now. Thank you." "You're welcome." Sian began making his move.


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