Swordmeister of Rome
78 Aksarai
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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78 Aksarai

"Good day, sir. I am Riff, a Third Grade Magic Priest from the Exalted Magical Council." "Uh… yes. I am Sian." Riff narrowed his eyes as Sian didn't seem to be bothered by the name of the Magical Council. If he was just some ruffian, he should've backed off the moment he heard the council's name. The council's headquarters was located in Kiara, but its power stretched across the entire continent. It looked like they weren't bothered. Riff wanted to check to see if they were involved in some powerful organization. "Excuse me… but are you affiliated with any organization?" "Organization…? Hmm. No." Sian told the truth as he was no longer part of <dragona>. Stiel was barely holding back her laughter next to him. It looked like the boy wanted to pressure Sian by using the name of their organization. The name of the Roman family should've been enough to make them back off, but Sian was answering them so naively. However, Stiel had no intention of interfering. 'Let's see how long your patience will last.' As she expected, Riff began to act tougher as he considered Sian to be a common ruffian. "The object you took belongs to us. It was sold at the Black Market after we lost it." "…" "It should be considered as theft, but we will consider the fact that you purchased it, so we will pay you what you paid for it, and we will take the item into custody." 'Hehehehe.' Stiel was quite amused at Riff, who didn't realize he was putting his head into an alligator's mouth. Riff finished talking and glanced at Limainu, thinking Limainu should learn from him. Sian watched Riff for a moment and spoke, "What will you do if I won't give it to you?" "Then… we will need to use force." Sian was relieved. "Oh… that's good. I didn't feel like beating up a man who wanted to sort it out by talking. Thank you." "Huh? What- ARGH!" The Fish No.1 meat that Sian was chewing on was thrown at Riff before he could finish talking. The meat that was held by Sian was no longer food. The meat thrashed Riff as it was smashed into pieces and Riff could not think correctly. The people at the back, including Limainu, didn't dare to intervene and only watched on. "Whew… Shall we go, Miss Stiel?" "Hehehe. You are too nice." "Well, it's not like he deserves to die. But I can't eat this anymore." Sian and Stiel began walking away, and Limainu quickly blocked them. "W-Wait!" "Hmm. Are you thinking about using force to take the object too?" Limainu shook his head quickly as he already saw what had happened to his friend. "No… is it true that you do not know what the object is?" "That's true." "Then… I'll teach you what it is for. It's not something that should be just kept as a collection. Please, let me have… at least the information inside. It's very important to me." Limainu did his best to convince the man. The others that were watching on were dumbfounded. Limainu just revealed all the secrets he had which Sian could've used against him. Everyone had given up hope; however, Sian answered differently, "Okay, if that's what you need." "THANK YOU! Thank you so MUCH!" Limainu realized Riff's approach had been wrong and frowned at him. "Will you visit our place then? A few repairs and a recharge will make it work." "Hmph. Sian, what will you do?" "Sure, we can go. It's not a hard thing to do." He was curious about the object anyway, so it was a good suggestion. Thus, Sian agreed. Stiel was also curious about what the object was for, so she followed without objection. Limainu took out something from his backpack the moment he returned to the room. It looked like a repair kit. Sian curiously watched Limainu working on it. The room had Sian, Stiel, and Limainu. Riff was lying unconscious in another room, and Stiel insisted on staying together with Sian. "Then… I'll start." Limainu carefully began dismantling the back of the box. "Oh…" The inside of the box was more complicated than it looked. After fiddling around inside, Limainu took something out from it. "What is that?" "Oh… it's called a battery. But it's not useable anymore." "Why is that?" "The energy from within… it's what provides the energy to make this machine work, but there's no more." "Oh. So it's like a Talic Stone." "Yes. So I can replace it with another Talic Stone and…" Limainu placed the Talic Stone powder in various places and used many valuable metals to replace the various parts. After a while, he covered up the box and pressed on a mysterious part of the box. The glass then began to shine. "It worked!" Limainu seemed excited to see that the box was working. "Oh. Is it working now?" "Yes. Can I remove the information from inside? It's not going to take long. I will teach you how to use this afterward." "Yeah, take your time. Hahaha." Sian felt good about acquiring a fascinating object, so he laughed. Limainu then took out a small crystal and put it on the machine. Then the crystal began to shine. "It's fascinating." "Yes. I created it to move the information from the box." Limainu answered while blushing. The red bar within the crystal began to shoot up, and it soon turned green. Then Limainu took it off and put it into his backpack. Then he took out another crystal. "What is that?" "This… I made it before. We can't use that box anymore because I took out everything." "Huh?" Sian looked at Limainu as if he had deceived him, but it didn't seem like it. Limainu quickly continued to explain to Sian, "You wouldn't have been able to use it, because it was made in another language. I'll replace it with our language." "I see. So what is the purpose of the box anyway?" Sian began to ask his questions as the critical steps seemed to be finished. "OH! I forgot to explain, didn't I? That… I guess you can call it a book." "A book?" Sian looked confused as he turned to the small box. It didn't seem like it could contain a few pages of paper. "That is small, but it can easily contain thousands of books. The information in this crystal isn't that much, but it still has enough that no ordinary man can finish reading it all." "??" 'Maybe it's like <nitzmatan>.' Sian couldn't understand how it worked so he compared it to his void storage. "I'll show you how it works once the transfer is complete." Limainu smiled as he spoke. He had achieved his goal, and knowing Sian wasn't dangerous made him feel relieved. As the machine was reactivated, Limainu began explaining to Sian and Stiel how to use the book. His mission was complete. He thought it might take longer to find the object, but since it was done much quicker, he decided to teach them well. "So, is there a name for this thing?' Sian asked. "Oh. Call it… <aksarai>." "Aksarai?" "It's in ancient words. It means… All-Knowing God. Haha, it's exaggerated, but I just thought it was a good name for it." "Aksarai…" Sian was pleased with his new belonging and eagerly learned how to use it. Stiel, too, seemed to be very interested, so she quietly watched. "I'll be going then." "Goodbye." Sian was very satisfied with his <aksarai> and Limainu also left with a smile as he had obtained the badly needed information. "Sian, do you like it that much?" "You saw it too, right? This thing is like a treasure!" Sian was throwing away various guidebooks and booklets from Nitzmatan. He treasured it before, but it was now useless. However, obtaining Aksarai wasn't the only reason why he was excited. When Stiel was out somewhere, Limainu whispered to him, "Hehe… You are of age, so if you go here… and here… Look." "Hmm. Oh… Ohoh… oohhh…!!!" Sian remembered what was stored inside <aksarai> and smiled in a perverted way. "Hehehe…" "Huh? What's with that smirk?" "Hehe… It's nothing." <limainu! so,="" you="" obtained="" the="" information!=""> "Yes, Master Dekaduin. I successfully acquired it with your help." Limainu was talking to the council at <korun>. The First Grade Magic Priest Dekaduin, whose image was shown, looked delighted. <good work!="" good="" work!="" that="" crystal="" will="" be="" vital="" to="" help="" finish="" our="" magic="" rune!=""> "Thank you." <you are="" our="" treasure="" from="" the="" sky!="" limainu,="" come="" right="" back.=""> 'Treasure from the sky…' Limainu smiled, thinking he was sent here by the sky after all. "I will move by Ra-Shar-Roa then." <yes. the="" magic="" rune="" will="" soon="" be="" finished="" when="" you="" return.="" stay="" safe.=""></yes.></you></good></korun></limainu!></aksarai></aksarai></aksarai></nitzmatan></dragona>


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