Swordmeister of Rome
81 Hope of Kerbal
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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81 Hope of Kerbal

Limainu was excited by the fact that the great magic rune that was going to be finished soon. He was sometimes sad for living in this world, but he enjoyed times like these. A <warp gate="">! It connected two spaces. It was a miracle that was not possible in his world. Limainu was proud that the science he brought and the magic here combined to create amazing things. "Limainu, you look overjoyed." Dekaduin spoke to him. "Oh, Master Dekaduin. We just need the energy source now." Limainu pointed at a small tower far in the middle of the rune. "But… the energy that's needed initially is too great." Limainu seemed concerned. "Don't worry. I found a way." Limainu was still questioning the possibility. The energy needed to start this magic was impossible to prepare even in his world. It needed a power that rivaled nuclear power levels. "Limainu. How long has it been since you came here?" "It's been about three years." Dekaduin was one of few who knew about Limainu's secret. It had been three years since he came to this place. A lot of things happened, and Limainu proved himself to be able to rise to such a level. He was lucky that he met the higher-ranking individuals of the Magical Council. "So, you've never met superhumans." Three years wasn't enough for him to meet such beings. "Yes, I've only heard of them through stories." Superhumans. Beings that he found out through the books. Yet he could not consider them seriously as it didn't seem realistic. "Haha. You should look carefully with your recording device this time, then." Limainu became confused, but he soon realized what he meant. "Are you saying… a person is going in there?" "No, not a person. It's a superhuman." Limainu was dumbfounded, but Dekaduin grinned. "Your job here is done. It's time for the magic. You should return to the council." Limainu nodded. He acknowledged the fact that he had been a great help, but it was now time for magic to play its part. Middle of Kiara Sea. There was a small boat in the middle of the sea where the Harijans infested after the destruction of Lagaopora. But this ship, without a sail or paddle, sailed through the sea at an incredible speed. Harijans also didn't attack it. "…Where are we going?" Kirat asked the man. The man, who called himself <lagaope> answered. Kirat knew the man's name was different since she saw it with <eye of="" gran-ra="">, but she decided to not ask him about it and called him Lagaope. "We're going to find the experiment target." "What experiment?" "We made something this time. A friend asked me to help out." "So why do you need a target?" "The magic needs to kill a Six-Horn with ease. I need to test that out." Kirat couldn't believe what she heard. "Then…" "Yeah, we're going to… oh, you saw it too right? That <bakuron>? We're going for his mother." '…he's crazy…' Kirat examined the Bakuron's status. It was level 203. If it weren't for Sian, the east coast of Broshan would've been left in ruins within a few days. But its mother? Harijans grew stronger as they got older. It meant that the Bakuron's mother was much stronger. After hearing the information from Lagaope, a window popped up. [Quest: Bring <barakuna> to <kerbal>] -Get help from <lagaope> to tame the deep sea <barakuna> in the Kiara sea. -Find <barakuna> and bring it to <kerbal> -Reward: 3,900,000 Exp (Decreases by 90% when helped), Gain temporary control of <barakuna> "I don't want to die yet," Kirat answered after glancing at the status. The words were normal, but the information it contained was brutal. She had no power to tame such a beast. "Hehe, Kirat, I didn't bring you here to let you die. I have a way." "What do you… Oh?" Kirat turned to the crown she was holding. "Yeah, that crown. It's really good stuff. It was so hard to create, and I almost died trying to get the materials for it." The crown did not show much information. "Will this be enough?" "Of course. I told you, it's good stuff." Lagaope grinned and continued, "You're the Connector of <aksarai>. You should be able to tame the <barakuna>. I'll help you too. We just need to bring it to Kerbal, so it should be easy." Lagaope then moved the boat. Kirat thought it was a good choice to follow him. She began to feel that she would have a chance at her revenge if she followed this man around. Sian was walking through the city alone since Stiel disappeared after saying that she needed to look into something. Sian then found something interesting. It was the one man, three women group he saw back at the Black Market. "Kelvin, you dumb fool! You've been robbed again?" "No… I just… forgot where I left it…" "Ugh! What have you done!" "But we didn't have much anyway… you ate it all up." "SHUT UP!" They shouted for a while then took out a flag from the bag and raised it. The blue-haired woman who was holding on the flag seemed embarrassed. <money betting:="" win="" ten="" times="" the="" money="" if="" you="" win="" at="" arm="" wrestling!=""> Sian looked at them while chewing on the fish meat. It was common, but it became popular instantly. It didn't seem like it was possible to win since the women were all so powerful, but the only reason why was because they were all very beautiful. After looking at it for a while, Sian realized the man's necklace looked familiar. 'Where did I see it? Hm… oh!' Sian took out Aksarai and brought up the <ra-sian continent="" –="" artifact="" encyclopedia=""> he was looking through yesterday and came across this artifact information because he really wanted it. <necklace of="" vows=""> -Creation of the old Magic Priest to keep his loved one. Paired with a ring. -Owned by Count Loruan of Karan Kingdom. -Skill 1: <lightning cloud=""> - Summons a small lightning cloud to protect the user. A more powerful lightning cloud is created when added together with the user's Exar. -Skill 2: <ra-shar-roa> - If the owner faces danger, it summons the ring wearer. 'There it is.' It was what he wanted badly. The blonde women had the ring, so it was the perfect timing. Sian began to approach them. He needed to join in before they finished up the arm-wrestling contest. "Reka, shouldn't we return now?" "Rinna, we need to earn as much as we can." The blonde spoke to the redhead as she claimed victory against the twenty-seventh challenger. "Good. Next… hm?" Reka was confused when a familiar face sat down in front of her. "Huh? He's the one who was with that big breasted woman." '…that's how you remember me?' Sian sighed as Reka remembered. "Oh, you're the guy from that time. What're you doing here?" "I'm just trying to participate." Sian thought he was being unfair, but he wanted the necklace so bad that he endured the embarrassment. But Reka mistook Sian's blush for something different and grinned. "Hehe, I know I'm charming, but you shouldn't flirt with other girls." "I'm not here to hold hands with you." "Huh?" Reka looked dumbfounded. "How much can I bet here?" "Uh… haha. Are you rich?" Reka laughed. "You can bet as much as you can. We don't have a limit." The blue-haired woman smiled as she spoke. "Really? What happens if you can't pay out the prize?" The blue-haired woman looked at Sian strangely. The attitude only meant that he was sure he was going to win. Their main job was to protect Kelvin, and they had memorized all the strong individuals in the continent; it did not include this man. The blue-haired woman, Kurin smiled in relief. "Don't worry. We'll pay with our belongings." "Okay. You said it." Sian then took out all talons that Stiel gave him. "…?" "Kurin… how much is this?" "It looks like it's more than 2,000 talons…" All four of them looked at Sian with suspicious eyes. "What, are you afraid?" "Ha… don't say we didn't warn you ahead of time." "Reka, I don't feel good about this." "Go away, Kelvin." Reka was challenged. She turned to Kurin, asking to see if she recognized him, but she shook her head. Sian was not on their list. "You will regret this." "So, you're up for it?" Sian asked worriedly. There was no other way if they refused to take up the challenge. "What, are you afraid now? It's too late! Come here!" Reka snatched Sian's hands. 'Why am I always getting involved with rough women?' Sian thought. But he had achieved what he wanted. "Let's do it then."</ra-shar-roa></lightning></necklace></ra-sian></money></barakuna></aksarai></barakuna></kerbal></barakuna></barakuna></lagaope></kerbal></barakuna></bakuron></eye></lagaope></warp>


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