Swordmeister of Rome
83 Tasha-Dagon
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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83 Tasha-Dagon

<tasha-dagon> The ancient word for the Gates of Hell It was named by Takion, the leader of the Great Magical Council. Hell did not exist. It was just named after it because Takion thought the space past the gate felt like burning hell, and thus named it as such. Takion managed to realize the existence of another dimension and managed to communicate with beings in another dimension accidentally. However, he had to give up on contacting the dimension for two reasons. One was that they lacked pure knowledge to open up the dimensional gate. Second was that these people from the other dimension would be dangerous if they had the chance to cross over. But, danger meant that there was a use for it. Takion pondered on it. <let's make="" a="" gate="" that="" allows="" entry,="" but="" nothing="" can="" come="" out="" of="" it.=""> The beings inside the gate were too dangerous let out. At the same time, if they made a gate big enough to put the target in, then it would surely kill them all. There were three vital points to this: 1. It stops whatever being is sent from another dimension, weakening any possible incoming attacks. 2. Beings will attack the attacker, so it can be used as an advantage. 3. The gate can be closed at will so it can be used to dump the target in another dimension. This was what Takion thought to handle the enemies, or the Harijans that were impossible to fight against. After doing the research with this in mind, Takion thought it would be like going into hell when going through this gate, thus naming as such. There was just one problem. The gate to connect two dimensions was never researched, so they lacked information. As Takion grew tired, a man appeared. Limainu. Claiming to have arrived from another dimension, Limainu was thankful that the Council was protecting him. Takion was most thankful. He urged the Council to fully aid Limainu's research. Limainu was very a smart man in his own world and was a great help due to the different knowledge he had. With that knowledge, <tasha-dagon> was now finished. However, there were two questions. 1. How effective will it be? 2. Will it activate as expected? Those questions led to the test. It seemed like it might be little too much, so Takion decided to contact his old friends. They agreed to help. If the rune worked and successfully got rid of the <barakuna>, it would be a success. "Hehe. What do you think? Isn't it better to ask for your life now?" Kelvin had been fainted long ago because of the giant flow of Exar coming from outer area of Kerbal. Kurin and the other two women were looking at each other with grim look. They couldn't figure out what was happening, but one thing was certain. They needed to leave the city. It seemed like there was still time. The power was great, but it didn't seem evil and it didn't affect anything yet, so it looked like it was possible for them to run away. Rinna took up Kelvin on her back and the three of them decided to run to the opposite side of the energy. The sight of a gigantic mountain appearing from another side stopped them. "Oh, so you want to go that way? You should've started earlier." A mountain was screaming with a gigantic roar as it approached. It seemed like it was still miles away from the city, but it was still visible. It was coming directly toward the city. "Ugh…' Kirat grabbed the crown. Her head was aching really badly. 'I can't do this twice…' [<rokhan's wisdom=""> has successfully resisted the decrease of intelligence.] [<rokhan's wisdom=""> has partially resisted the decrease of intelligence. Your intelligence has decreased and will be restored after 24 hours.] [Your Exar storage is at 35%.] [You have gained a 75% increase in effectiveness due to the <connector of="" aksarai=""> title.] [Mysterious energy flows through you, increasing your body's regeneration. Exar Regeneration increased by 550%.] [Mysterious energy flows through you, helping your effectiveness of using artifact <crown of="" chrona's="" horn=""> by 200%] With all her activated skills and Lagaope's help, she barely managed to make it walk. It was barely possible because Lagaope had to fight with the Barakuna to make room for the mind control. Lagaope spoke from behind. "How is it? I know it's hard, but isn't it doable?" "…Yes." "I can do it better, but that won't do. I won't be a whole lot better anyway, and you need to do your part too. The previous Connector was amazing. I think you can do better than him." Lagaope was a very talkative man. Kirat couldn't spare the time to talk. She was busy controlling the instincts being sent to her by the <barakuna>. <kill it…=""> <rip it="" apart…=""> <destroy it…=""> <eat it…=""> All sorts of destructive instincts flowed through Kirat and she controlled it to guide the <barakuna> toward the part of Kerbal where the <tasha-dagon> was installed. "So… we just need to put her into that Hell Gate?" "Yeah. We'll see what happens next. Takion asked me to see the outcome." The <tasha-dagon> was made at a much smaller scale this time. If the outcome didn't exceed the expected result, the magic would be scrapped. If it did exceed, then it would be made bigger next time. 'Even the experiment is unbelievably larger in scale…' Kirat thought. These superhumans were different. It was as the Great Elder had said. These people did not care about humans. Even this experiment was being tested for fun. The reason it was being installed at Kerbal was simple. It was easy to take the Barakuna there to move the necessary ingredients over. They did not care if Kerbal was populated with millions of people. The man in front of her was no different. He would've killed her if she wasn't the <connector of="" aksarai="">. She was taken care of because she was useful. That being said, she did not care. She joined him because she could use them for her purpose and she didn't care about humans either. At that moment, a status window popped up. [Quest completed] -Reward: 270,000 Exp. <crown of=""></crown> Proficiency increased 2.5% This wasn't over. Another quest popped up. [Quest appeared. [Chance of a lifetime.]] [Will you accept? YES/NO] Kirat was dumbfounded by the quest, but she became overjoyed at the description. "Huh? You look excited all of a sudden?" Lagaope asked. Kirat smiled and answered. "I'm just happy that we're here." "Oh, right. That's Kerbal. Good work." Lagaope nodded. Kirat looked at the red sphere in the distance. There was powerful Exar flowing through the sphere, but it didn't seem that dangerous to her. "Is it that dangerous?" Kirat asked, and Lagaope grinned. "You think she will walk into it if it looked that dangerous? <tasha-dagon> is created with everything taken into consideration. It's beyond your expectations." Kirat, however, smiled ominously at that word. Sian looked at the red sphere from distance. It was large, but there was nothing special about it. As he looked more closely, there was something inside. Some were few feet to few hundred feet. They looked all different but they all had one thing in common. They all looked vicious and evil. It seemed like they wanted to come out from the sphere as they were clawing from within. The sphere was blocking the energy coming from the beings inside, but if it didn't, half of population would've gone mad by now. Sian wasn't worried about that side. No matter how evil it was, there was no way for it to come out of the sphere. The problem was the other side. The fish from a while ago was nothing compared to the one coming here. It was same type of Six-Horn, but the size and power was different. It wasn't tied up and coming closer to raze through the city. The coast was already being destroyed by the waves created by the monster. The monster's arrival wasn't obvious, but it sure looked like it was coming toward the red sphere. Sian turned to Stiel and sighed. Goddess of Disaster. This wasn't Stiel's fault, but Sian understood the reason for the nickname and realized that he needed to do some work.</tasha-dagon></connector></tasha-dagon></tasha-dagon></barakuna></eat></destroy></rip></kill></barakuna></crown></connector></rokhan's></rokhan's></barakuna></tasha-dagon></let's></tasha-dagon>


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