Swordmeister of Rome
86 Apental
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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86 Apental

"…What was he?" Liviath asked Lagaope. Lagaope looked concerned also. It wasn't any Ra-Bander they knew. There was no Ra-Bander that they didn't know of until now. However, that didn't matter. "It's okay. It went in there. It's as good as dead." The experiment was a success. They barely witnessed the power of the <tasha-dagon>, but it was enough. Both of them felt the power of the monsters beyond the gate the slight moment when the Barakuna destroyed the wall. If the Tasha-Dagon was open for a longer period of time, it would've been really dangerous. "We should let Takion strengthen the barrier. It shouldn't be destroyed that easily." "Well… it was attacked from here. It won't be destroyed from within." "Yeah, but we need to be careful." There were a few other things that needed to be fixed, but it was okay. They had seen the power of the <tasha-dagon>. Lagaope then thought of another matter. 'Kirat…' Kirat wasn't regaining her consciousness. He couldn't see the reason why. "I'm busy so I'll return first. Come back when you're done, Liviath." "Yeah. Sure. We earned a lot this time." Liviath answered and Lagaope agreed. They gained the <connector of="" aksarai="">, results of the <tasha-dagon>, and a now-gone new superhuman. It was a shame that the Barakuna died so easily, but it was okay. After Lagaope returned with Kirat, Liviath began erasing the traces of the Tasha-Dagon, but it seemed that he had used too much power. Someone was approaching. "I can't just run, I guess," Liviath mumbled. It was Stantahl. Stantahl landed on the ground like a meteor and looked at Liviath fiercely. "Hey, long time no see." Liviath remembered fighting against her, but he had no hard feelings and greeted her. It wasn't anything much and superhumans were too rare to make enemies with each other. "…open it." "Huh? What?" "Open it right now, you stupid old man!" Stantahl shouted in rage. "What are you talking about? I'm not involved in this!" Liviath shouted back. He realized what was going on. The superhuman that was beating up the Barakuna was someone she knew, but there was no evidence. He just needed to lie. "Don't you lie… there's no one who can open that thing other than you. Besides, I saw you preparing it with your <way>." Stiel gritted her teeth. 'Ugh, she was watching then.' He thought Stantahl would not hide and peek, but he was wrong. "Uh… I just provided the power. I don't know how to open it. Don't you see the runes that were all destroyed?" "Then bring them back here. Who made this evil thing anyway?" "That's not important. What are you going to do after you open it?" "Bring him back!" "From there?" "…" Stiel couldn't speak. "You saw what was in there. You want me to open it up?" Liviath was right. Stiel also felt what was inside when the monster destroyed the part of the barrier. Monsters had no feelings. It just looked as if it was looking at its prey. It was probably why it took Sian. It was looking at which was best for its food. If the sphere stayed open for a while longer, it would've been Liviath or Stiel herself. She had no way to save Sian if the gate was opened. Liviath then spoke to her. "See, you can't do it even if we re-open it. Besides, we can't do it anyway." Liviath was annoyed that he had to make excuses, but he needed to be careful. This woman didn't care if she became angered. It would only take a matter of seconds when for her to become angry and start beating him up. Liviath knew he could not win against her. 'Ugh. I should've just followed Lagaope.' Stiel was shouting and stomping on the ground with rage. The ground trembled as she stomped on it and Kerbal, which was already in ruins, crumbled each time she stomped. Liviath flinched and backed away. This was what she did right before she jumped at him when Liviath claimed that he was going to take the well. "Uh… I'm going then. See you later." Liviath turned away and froze in place. "Huh…?" The place where the sphere was at began cracking. "Sian! I knew it! I knew it!" Stiel shouted in excitement. He was a man of stronger power. He was returning. But Stiel froze. And so did Liviath. "Oh no…" "It's because of you! Dammit!" And two began running away. After they ran, the space began to crack more and was crushed. Then a red arm that snatched Sian a while ago popped out of it. It was now holding on to the opening to make stay it open. Liviath and Stiel didn't run because of the monster. They were definitely terrified, but what was behind it was much more. The hand had no body. There was nothing left behind the hand as it held on to the openings of the crack. The rage that made Stiel and Liviath run shouted from within. "AHHHHRGH! WHO OPENED THIS DAMN THING! I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Liviath shook and rubbed his arms that had goosebumps as he heard the shout from far away. He already ran as far as he could, but he couldn't believe the terror. 'This is mad…' He knew the man was strong, but he didn't expect it to be this much. A living being's instinct was only brought up when it became the most dangerous. It seemed like nothing was enough to threaten the man at that level. Yet the place beyond <tasha-dagon> seemed like it was enough. The man had unleashed its viciousness and returned from hell. A man like him needed to run to avoid such wrath. But… "Hey, why are you running? Aren't you his friend?" "Uh… yeah… but…" Stantahl looked scared, so Liviath became interested. It was first time he saw her being afraid like this. She only looked relaxed or like a beast. Liviath never made fun of Stantahl. He wasn't much different after all. "I don't know. I don't have to talk to him anymore, so I'll go on my way. What about you?" It was after they ran away about eighty miles when Liviath turned to the direction where Kerbal was and spoke. He had no intention of coming close to Kerbal anymore. "I should go back… it looks like he's calming down a bit too." Stantahl felt the energy subsiding and spoke. It was a bit too early, so she decided to return a bit later. "But who is he? I've never seen him before," Liviath asked. It was good to know. Stiel thought about it and decided to tell him. There was no point in hiding it as Sian had destroyed two cities in a month already. It was better to tell him and tell Liviath to avoid him. She decided to tell him some parts, and when she was done, she began heading back to Kerbal.</tasha-dagon></way></tasha-dagon></connector></tasha-dagon></tasha-dagon>


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