Swordmeister of Rome
89 Gron-Pilah
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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89 Gron-Pilah

"Oh wow, so he's really up to the task. Ra-Shar-Roa and all…" Ra-Shar-Roa cost a tremendous amount of money, but Narasha installed it in the Lagran Region right after they took over. "I guess he needed it since people from other countries are coming. You can't let those people travel through the entire country to get here. It's better to let them teleport right into it," Stiel explained. "I see. But why is he gathering people from other countries? I heard they're being taught Bander-Roa." It wasn't just any Bander-Roa. It was the <lion's way=""> from Roman family and <blue honor=""> from the Kiraine family. There were countless other Bander-Roa, and the academy also accepted non-nobles. The classes were different between the nobles and commoners, but they were being taught the same thing. "He knows what's really important. The Stantahl boy should start catching up if he doesn't want to get left behind." "What do you mean?" "It's the way to train more powerful individuals." The academy's purpose was to make each other compete and train for higher levels. Everyone was granted the same opportunity. Now, they were on their own to strive for their goals. The reason for gathering people from other countries was to create enemies within the academy for Tian students to gather together and become one. "It's simple, but I think it will work." "Yeah, patriotism works well." "But will other countries send students too?" "I think so. It's too good to miss." King Narasha was planning for all the nobles to give up their potential and work for the country. If it was done as planned, the country would be creating more talented warriors than ever and the country would become powerful. As it grew in power, war would come after. Yet Stiel did not explain any further. "I guess there won't be any Masters then." "Haha, they can't learn anything here. They can come to teach, though." "I see. My brother has so much enthusiasm. Becoming an instructor… wow." "You really love your brother. You came all the way here to give him the present, right?" "There's one thing I learned while I traveled." "Huh?" "The world is too dangerous. I didn't know I could face the danger of dying. My brother might die while going out for groceries, you know." "…" "I think I didn't know about the danger because I lived within the capital. Gosh… I didn't imagine the world was full of monsters like Fish No.1 or that cow-head monster. Meeting them twice in just a month! I will probably meet stronger monsters if I traveled a lot more." "…" Stiel realized Sian was getting it all wrong, but she couldn't figure out where to start correcting him. "Rian is now outside the capital, so he needs protection. I should give him this present as soon as possible." "Hey, why aren't you giving me something like that?" "Huh?" "I might die too, you know." "You?" "Yeah, of course." "…who can do that?" "…Hm. There must be something. That cow-head was dangerous, for one." "Didn't you run at full speed? I don't think you need to be worried." Sian spoke sarcastically and Stiel became embarrassed. "Hmm. Didn't I apologize already? And you wanted to save those four. Did you forget that I protected them?" "Okay, I'll leave it at that. This necklace… I wish they could make two more." "Oh, so one is for me and… who are you going to give another one?" Sian became dumbfounded and replied, "One is for my father and one is for my mother." "…You're mean." Walking as they talked, they arrived at a large wall. The academy was not just one building. Everything within the wall was a part of <gron-pilah>. It had different buildings for the different subjects that were being taught, and the students chose what they wanted to learn. "I didn't think it was going to be this crowded." Sian spoke as he saw that Gron-Pilah full of students. "Narasha must have been preparing it for a long time." The academy had flourished in a short amount of time. It was all thanks to the prepared system, instructors, and advertisements. "Won't the students fight with each other with all these different people?" "I believe Narasha should've thought about…" "DIE you Kharan DOG!" "Return to your country!" "You DOGS!" A store was being destroyed as the students erupted into a fight. "What were you saying, Miss Stiel?" "I was saying Narasha should've thought about that already." "I don't think so." "Uh… hmm…" 'This is weird. He should've expected this for sure.' It was obvious that the students would fight each other under the circumstances. Stiel figured the King would've prepared some measures to stop it from happening, but there was nothing. After moving past a few more fights along the way, they went to the place where Rian was working. "They are really energetic." "It's only natural." "I don't think my brother was like that when he was that age." "He probably was like that too." Warriors needed competition to become stronger. Sian thought his brother did not have such a person. 'You were probably his goal.' A younger brother, but a brother with enormous power and god-given talent. People react in two different ways when they meet something they cannot follow. One is to give up and another is to follow with all their effort. Rian must have chosen the latter. "But I can't imagine my brother being an instructor." "Why? He fit for the job." He was young, but he was a Master and a son of the Roman family. "He's not good at enforcement. You need to give some smacks for good teaching, but he won't do that." "I see." "Last time, when we were at Dragona, he kept talking all the time. I almost got up to do it myself." "You should've done that." Stiel thought the same way as Sian. An instructor couldn't be too soft. Yet when they reached the area where Rian was teaching, they saw something they did not expect. "You are an insect! You maggots!" Rian was smacking the students. "…" "So… I guess you didn't know that much about your brother after all?"</gron-pilah></blue></lion's>


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