Swordmeister of Rome
95 Guards
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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95 Guards

"Where did they come from?"

Sian was impressed. These new Elders were much different from their weaker selves. There were not wasting their power. They were so strong that if Sian had not overcome his barrier a while ago, it could have been dangerous.

'Luckily, I got here in time. Miss Stiel would've been killed if she fought them when they adjusted to the bodies.'

Their power was growing after they made adjustments. Granted, it was nothing close to Sian's current level.

'That spirit inside the Great Elder… looks like a woman.'

He couldn't figure out why, but he just had a gut feeling. It wasn't because the fighting style was girlish. It was even more vicious than the Second Elder's, but that didn't matter.

Sian was not in any hurry. He was actually happy that this had occurred. They were an enemy worthy enough for him to use his newly-acquired powers on. They were strong, but they were not strong enough to the point where Sian would be worried about losing.

<Where is this?>

He looked around, but he couldn't find anything besides his people. He lost a lot of memories, but he tried to decipher the situation.

<It's… inside Lavne…>

<Name… I don't remember…>

<How many years have passed?>

<Bones… there will be no bones…>

<What happened to my children?>

He was filled with many thoughts, but soon his mind was filled with powerful desires.


<Follow your instincts…>

There was no meaning. There was no body to act. Then he felt his conscious flowing somewhere else. No, it was the water of Lavne leaking out from the well. After flowing through multiple lands, he arrived. He wasn't sure where it was, but it was easy to recognize.

<We are here… at the Origin.>

They needed a body to reincarnate, but this <Origin> allowed them to be reborn. His people who came with him were also observed by the <Origin>.

Then the senses came back. He felt lights touching his eyes. He heard a noise. He could even move his hands. He thought he needed a sword and a sword was given.

<I… I am coming back to life…!>

He thought he no longer yearned to live as he had lived long enough. That was wrong. He then realized if he followed the orders that resonated from within, he would never have to give up this sensation again.

<Kill the invaders and eat them.>

This was, after all, their purpose.

Reynold heard a sound calling out to him.



Someone was shouting at him from a distance, but he could not hear as it was drawn out by the explosions. He looked more closely.


He could barely hear the sound so he cupped his ears. Then he finally heard the voice.

"Be careful, you idiot!"


It was too late. There was a sword that pierced through him from the back. He tried to think about what was going on, but another sword cut his head off.

"Dammit! What the hell are those!"

Khutil cursed as he couldn't save Reynold from death. Bones coming to life from the ground. Red energy eerily hung upon the empty eye sockets. They were only skeletons, but they did not look weak.

Khutil felt a chill running through his veins. He tried to charge at them. There were only two of them. He still had a chance.

He turned back immediately and went to where Rian was at. It was not only two. There were more than tens of those skeletons rising from the ground.

"Form the defense line!"

Rian shouted to the others as he heard the skeleton. These skeletons were weak, but now they were gaining strength as they were making adjustments. It was too late to run also. He could've run, but it wouldn't be possible for those at the Expert level.

"Fifth Elder, can you help?"

<I will… try…. But don't expect too much…>

The Elder grabbed his head as his headache grew worse and moved forward. Then the group clashed against the red skeletons.


Sian laughed as he swung his sword to throw the target into the mountain. He was excited that he had a target to fight with at full power. These guys kept coming back to life. Even when their arms and legs were cut off, they grew back instantly. This wasn't natural even when the Granines were known to reincarnate.

That didn't matter to Sian. He was happy that his toys were not breaking down. At that moment, the Great Elder regenerated his arm and focused blue energy on his hand to throw against Sian. Sian didn't bother to block it. He took the chance to attack the Second Elder. The attack struck Sian's head. Or it should've struck his head, but it did not. His head was covered with some invisible barrier.

The Elder did not care.

As Sian struck the Great Elder and the Second Elder, he felt some kind of energy working on him.

"What is that bastard is trying to…"

He looked around and noticed the magic was activating from within. It was from the ring he was wearing. It was the ring that summoned the wearer when the necklace wearer was in danger.

Sian frowned. He thought Rian was safe there, but it turns out it wasn't. He would've accepted the summoning under normal circumstances.


'Miss Stiel will die if I go right now.'

Stiel would not survive if he disappeared right now. Sian then began swinging his sword around fiercely. He was going to injure them severely at least before he was summoned, but the regeneration held him back.


The green light shining from the ring told him it was too late. Sian made a choice.


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