Swordmeister of Rome
104 Reunion
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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104 Reunion

"You lost contact with Miss Stiel?"


His father began telling him what Stiel had been doing since then. It happened five years ago when Count Roman was protecting the border that someone came into his room. It was protected by many warriors, but nothing was enough to defend against the intruder.

<You are Sian's father, right? I'm Stiel."

<You… you are Stantahl the First! How… what has brought you here?>

Rian did not know about the person, but Count Roman, who was a Grand Bander, knew about Stiel. Count couldn't figure out why the superhuman that was responsible for the destruction of the mountain would visit him. He first thought Stiel came to blame him and kill him.

<Please… spare my family…>

<I guess you do know about me. We'll make it quick.>

She then began explaining the unbelievable story. That Sian decided to sacrifice himself to save others and fight the evil monster. And that there was no telling when it would be done. Count Roman was dumbfounded. He knew how these superhumans considered humans like insects. Stantahl the First herself was a tyrant even when she was a Grand Bander, so there was no reason for her to be this considerate to them. Then Count Roman decided to ask a question.

<Why are you telling me all this?>

<We might become family in the future, so why not?>


Count Roman then began to realize what was going on.

<Tell others who need to know about this.>


Stantahl the First left after that and Count Roman shared this news to Rian, his wife, and Lady Celine who were close with Sian. They were all saddened, but they didn't lose hope. It didn't feel like Sian would lose.

He did not tell the King, thinking it wasn't needed, but he heard it from somewhere and came to him. And thus he offered this.

<That land will be dangerous now. Putting restrictions on it will draw more people who are curious, so let's spread the rumor that the land is lethal.>

<And we should take a step to help him when he comes back to the world.>

King Narasha then brought a steel pillar to the place and stashed it with clothing, money, and other things Sian might need when he came back. Before they finished it by sticking it into the ground, Stantahl the First appeared out of nowhere and said,

<You guys are so dull. Narasha, go and make some drawers here.>

<Huh? Why…>

<Are you not going to write letters?>

This was how the pillar came to have the letterbox. The family members agreed to it and they thought it might help Sian know about what had happened while he was absent.

"So that's why you are here. We've never seen her since then."


Sian was confused. It wasn't like what the letter said. Stiel only left one letter but what it said was different.

<I took care of everything. I told the Stantahl boy to stay away from Tian and made Narasha station your family at Taran border. It will be the safest place that way… <skipped> I hope you come back soon. I'll be by your family. That should make it easier to find me, won't it?>

'I should look into it.'

Stiel wasn't a character to protect his family behind the scenes. She had already done her best to protect Sian's family, so she didn't need to provide any more protection. Sian thought she would have been living lavishly under the care of King Narasha, but it was weird that no one had seen her since then.

There was no way to find superhuman in hiding, so Sian decided to leave it aside for now. She'd come once she heard the news.

"So, Sian," Count Roman spoke.

"Yes, Father."

"I… I think she's a good person."


"I mean… isn't it about time for you to get married too?"

Count Roman was always concerned about his son. He was living as an ordinary man, but he was after all, a superhuman. That meant he would eventually live his life as a lone man. Nonetheless, the Count believed Sian needed a family. He and his family weren't enough as they were mere humans. The Count liked Celine too, but she was also only a human, not fit to stay by Sian's side.

Sian also looked like he was interested in Stiel. He had never dated a girl before so he was clueless, but Count Roman figured Stiel would be okay. Sian, who was only interested in his family, would not have asked about Stiel if it wasn't the case.

"I'm too young. Besides, Brother will continue the family name, so I'm relieved. He has three wives!"

"Haha, you should think about it. Shall we go down? They all must be here by now."


A lot of people had gathered. There was no sign of Kora-duum and her friends. But there were others, including a familiar face.

"Sian! You came back in one piece!"

"Haha. You know I don't go to a place where I'll die."

Celine greeted Sian happily. He did almost die back there, but he didn't want to mention it to make his people feel sad.

"Haha, I saw from the letters, but it's good to see you all."

"Oh, right. Sian, this is… Kukraxa."

"Greetings, Lady Kukraxa."


Sian was astounded. He did hear that love had no boundaries but…

"You are from the Targan tribe."

"So, you know."

'She reminds me of Miss Stiel.'

Rian's second wife was one of the Catfolk and from the Targan tribe, the strongest among them.

Catfolk lived in small families and did not group, so they were driven out to the mountain regions of Con-Tian or Broshan, but they were powerful beings. They were born with powers and reflexes that no human could match and they grew more powerful as they aged. When they aged enough to have seven stripes on their forehead, they became almost as strong as Grand Banders.

Kukraxa didn't look as strong, but her five stripes proved that she wasn't weak either. It looked like she was as strong as Rian himself.

Hence the reason why Sian was curious. Catfolk, and especially Targan who was the most hostile and vicious, weren't easy to meet in the first place. They weren't like the Dekons who lived among the humans.

Sian asked curiously, "So… how did you meet my brother?"

"Oh that's…"

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Kukraxa looked hesitant so Rian stepped out.

"Everyone knows, so you should too. It was when I went to streets of Tra-An under royal orders."

Rian then began telling him about the grand adventure. Sian managed to summarize it.

'So, he sacked the whole Black Market at Tra-An street, found Kukraxa locked up, and rescued her? And married her afterwards?'

Sian was dumbfounded. Stiel said that the Catfolk or daughters of fallen nobles were not sent to black markets due to their high demand. Sian also figured it was true. However, his brother just happened to raid Tra-An street, which was technically down the road, and found a Catfolk, and married her.

It was like digging up a backyard and finding treasures from within.

'Is he like a main character from a novel?'

Marrying a student made some sense. Rian was a great man, so it was understandable. But this seemed like too much. As Sian stood there, lost for words, Rian went on to introduce another person.

"This here… is Veronica. We recently got married."

"Greetings. I have heard a ton about you."


She had a familiar scent.

"Do you know… Limainu?"


"Yes. Uh…"

Sian began explaining the features of the person. Veronica then looked shocked and asked, "I think the person you are describing is someone I know! Where did you meet my brother?"


Veronica was shocked and so was Sian. Sian then turned to his brother, whom he just decided to give the utmost respect.


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