Swordmeister of Rome
105 Reunion
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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105 Reunion


The Saint name given to her in her original world.

She wasn't the religious type, but she only had religion to hold onto when she was thrown out into this world, and she also needed a name to use.

She never said she came from another world. It was only going to get her into trouble.

This world wasn't a good place for a woman, especially a beautiful woman like her, to live in.

Black hair and black eyes were rare in this world and women had a lower social standing in the world where power was everything. In fact, she had faced many threats in just three years after she came here.

She managed to protect herself because of two reasons.

One was because of the special power she acquired upon coming here.

The other was her husband whom she met a year ago. She was allowed to live in peace after marrying her husband.

'He's so handsome…'

She loved handsome men back in her world, but Rian was much more. There was no one more handsome than Rian.

He was powerful, wealthy, had a good background, and good character. He was god-given.

He did have two more wives, but that was fine. It wasn't common in a lot of places in her own world, but she was not in her world. She decided to let that go.

Besides, the three of them were different races, so they were not jealous of each other and they became friends.

As they became closer, they began talking about one topic they all wondered about.

<Who is Sian?>

Not many people knew about their husband's brother.

The Roman family's fame was already at its peak when Veronica arrived in this world. That was the family that was at the top of the food chain in a world ruled by force.

Tian's greatest general, Great Grand Bander Kain von Roman.

The Roman family's genius, Rian von Roman.

There was no one in Tian who did not know about them. They were also very famous in other countries too.

Yet Sian wasn't that well known. There were rumors, but they were just absurd. It was almost like those internet hoaxes from her own world.

If all the rumors were true, Sian was like a walking nuclear weapon. No, it was more. She knew no nuclear weapon that could destroy a mountain.

She first thought the crater beyond the Lagran Region was a place where the meteor had fallen, but she couldn't believe what her husband explained afterwards.

<You should know too, since you are part of the family now.>

'…is it man-made? For real?'

She thought her husband was joking, but he wasn't.

It made her and the other wives grew more curious about Sian.

In the end, there was so little information about him, so they couldn't it figure out exactly.

Today, when she was training with Kukraxa and Lady Celine from Dragona, they saw something that looked like a red meteor from far away.

She and Kukraxa were alarmed and was worried about their husband, but Celine looked delighted.

<He's back!>

She then began running toward the place where the meteor was falling down.

Veronica and Kukraxa shrugged and followed her. They wanted to know what was going on too. Then they heard the news.

Sian had returned after five years.

'Hmm… he doesn't look special.'

He didn't look any special at all. She imagined him to be like twelve feet tall while holding a giant hammer made out of some dragon bone. That was kind of image she had about a man who could destroy a mountain.

But Sian was too plain. He actually looked weaker than her father-in-law or husband.

She was shocked, however, when Sian suddenly asked,

<Do you know Limainu?>

The description that followed matched with the person she knew.

Limainu, or Lee, Manu.

Lee Mina, was shocked to hear about her only brother whom she couldn't find after falling off the cliff in a car accident together.

"So… you met him in Kerbal five years ago?"

"Yes. I didn't see him after that, but he was there for sure."

"So he was alive…!"

Veronica was relieved to hear the news, but she soon turned pale.

"Wait… Kerbal. You mean that ruined city, Kerbal?"

Kerbal was already in ruins before she came into this world. The place was barren with no living beings allowed to live there.


"When… when did you see him there?"

"Uh… it was three days before the place was destroyed."


Veronica felt her strength wane. She had a powerful mind as an Exer, but she couldn't keep herself up at the news that her brother might have been killed.

It was especially shocking to hear as she just heard that her brother was alive.

"Are you okay, darling?"

"It's… nothing. I'm just a little shocked…"

"You should go get some rest. You'll get to talk again."

"Yes. You should go take some rest."

Count Roman and Sian offered Veronica to get some rest. Her face was livid with shock.

"Then… if you'll excuse me…"

'They are so weak-minded,' Kukraxa thought as she walked Veronica walking into her room.

'But is he really that strong? I don't see it.'

He did seem powerful with his psychological attacks since he already defeated Kora-duum and Veronica, but Sian didn't look like he did anything. However, there was no doubt that Sian was strong. What Kukraxa wanted to know was something different.

"If you were there for all that time… do you know what happened to the Granines?" Kukraxa asked. Everyone turned immediately to Sian, as they all had that question for a long time.

"They probably all died."


"Their bodies have turned into ashes, so they probably died."

The energy that allowed them to live eternally was absorbed by Sian. He tried to see if he could make such Guards, but it wasn't possible.

"Ashes… who did such atrocious things! They were living in peace…!"

"Oh… uh… yeah."

Sian was just about to claim it was him who was responsible for their deaths, but he figured it would make him a murderer so he decided not to. He realized these people would have not seen what had become of the Granines in their final hours.

'Oh… I wonder if Miss Stiel took Chrona-Phon too. I should've just given it to her. I don't need it now.'

He did not need the weapon anymore, so it would've been good to give it to Stiel who seemed to want it. After talking about different subjects, Rian asked in concern, "I heard you fought some weird husk. I assume it was a dangerous thing if it was hard for you to take care of it. What happened to it? Did you destroy it?"

The people turned to Sian. The husk was powerful enough that even Sian had a hard time fighting it. It would be a concern if even piece of that remained in the Lagran Region. That would mean the evacuation of the whole area, including Gron-Pilah.

Sian laughed. "It's okay, don't worry."

'I wouldn't have come out if I didn't eat everything.'

The husk probably was still underground if he didn't.

'Should I show them?'

Sian wanted to show off his new power. The power that made Chrona-Phon meaningless to him. Other powers would only make others fear him, but this one was just enough to show it to people without terrorizing them. Kora-duum seemed to recognize his powers, but the others would not know.

Sian then decided to show the people who were concerned about the husk.

"I took care of everything. I'll show you, stand back."

Sian asked the crowd to step back and had the tables taken away. He then began pulling up the energy slowly. He did it slowly to show others on what change was brought upon Sian. The scale, that was hidden behind Sian's neck that no one had noticed yet, began covering his entire body.

The scales were so small that it took some time to cover the entire body, but when it was done, Sian was now covered in smooth, red scales that were so small that it looked like red metal was covering his body. An ivory plate covered the large areas, like a platemail covering a red chainmail.

Count Roman was at a loss for words as Sian had just turned into a human weapon. He asked, "What… what is that?"

"It kind of grew it out when I ate every bit of the husk."

It actually grew the way Sian wanted it to.


Sian loved this armor more than the power he acquired after passing another barrier. It was good that it empowered him, but he liked it best because it looked so cool.

He then turned to people and spoke.

"So, there's nothing left back there and you can rest assured… huh?"

"What is it, Sian? …NO!"

Rian turned toward the direction Sian was looking at and found that Kukraxa had fallen to the ground in a seizure.

"No! Are you okay?"


Kukraxa moaned and shivered, so Rian picked her up and took her to the healing room.

Count Roman and his wife followed after and only Celine and Sian were left in the hall.

"Wow, you really are amazing."


"I think you are probably the only one who made all three sister-in-laws faint at first glance."


Sian sighed at her words.


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