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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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107 Clue

"Party to celebrate the return of the Roman family's second son…"

Phareon smiled at the invitation he received from King Narasha.

He couldn't believe his ears when he first heard that Sian had gone missing. He couldn't believe that a man with such power could go missing like that. Nonetheless, it didn't matter. He simply needed to look after his land.

As Tian arose to its seat of power, Phareon, who just finished uniting the Logadis Estate, was ready to take the chance. He needed to grow in power so that no other noble dared to take his lands anymore.

The party was a good chance for him. There was no such occasion in Tian after the succession, so it was a good chance to make acquaintances with the other nobles. He heard that Ra-Kadum who left his land to focus on developing weapons would be attending to see his daughter, so it was also great that he could see him again.

And also, to say hi to Sian.

'I'm not sure if he will remember me.'

He knew later that the man who visited his place was the Roman family's second son. He couldn't forget what happened, but it might have meant nothing to that man.

"Ra-Kadum, are you leaving?"

"Yeah. I'm going to meet my daughter."

Kal-Tian, who was in charge of defending against the Harijans located at Tian's north wall, asked Ra-Kadum who was in charge of weapon development.

The <Gairas> that he developed were distributed to the soldiers and they were a great help in fighting against the Harijans. It had the same accuracy as a <Kularen> and its power allowed soldiers to subdue quick and hardy Harijans easily.

It was so powerful that it even damaged the Four-Horned Harijans.

The north border of Tian then used Talic Stones gathered from Harijans to change <Kularens> to <Gairas> and sold the used <Kularens> to the warring countries of Usharan and Taran in exchange for Talic Stones, thus making additional <Gairas>.

Ra-Kadum had two custom-made small <Gairas>.

They were smaller than the original, so they were weaker, but one was still powerful enough to defeat a Master warrior. It was too expensive to create, so Ra-Kadum only managed to create two of them. But he was taking both of them with him.

"Is that a present for your daughter?"

"Yeah. She's a smart girl, but she can't fight. And… I have a personal use for it."

Ra-Kadum gritted his teeth. Kal-Tian said worryingly, "Don't say you're going to shoot that at a person."

"No, no. Not at all. I'm going to shoot a monster who married two more wives after getting the young, beautiful wife that he didn't deserve in the first place."


"If this smaller <Gaira> was ready when he came to ask me for permission to get married… I would've killed him right there and then."

Kal-Tian sighed. He figured Ra-Kadum didn't really mean it and shook it away.

What he didn't know was that Ra-Kadum did shoot a small Gaira prototype when Rian visited a long time ago. If the weapon was at its final stage, Rian might have been injured.

Kal-Tian then asked Ra-Kadum, "Oh, do you know about Sian von Roman though?"

"No," Ra-Kadum replied, not understanding the importance of knowing such information.

"The party is celebrating his return, so you should know who he is…"

"I don't care about some human kid. He must be nothing if he went missing like that."


Kal-Tian wanted to tell him more, but it seemed that Ra-Kadum was uninterested.

"Okay, take care on your trip."

"Yeah, keep the place safe while I'm gone."

"I didn't expect the party to be this large. Is it starting tomorrow?" Sian mumbled as he watched the preparations being made from within the castle of Lavilan. The purpose of this party was to let Stiel know of his return, so it did not need to be this big.

"Well, we didn't have much to celebrate for in a while. Besides, it's celebrating the return of the Roman family's second son. This isn't enough," Celine answered.

The Roman family's place in Tian Kingdom was too powerful to consider a party such as this as a big party. King Narasha knew the importance of the Roman family and their influence during dark times, so he sent invitations to all the high-ranking nobles and opened a festival for the citizens. It was going to effectively ease the mood.

"Hm… I wanted it to be quieter."

"We didn't invite too many though. The actual party won't have that many people. They've probably arrived already."

There were a lot of nobles that had already arrived at the castle and were moving into their rooms. But Sian didn't care.

"I see. Is Veronica okay?"

Veronica had been growing anxious as she couldn't hear any news about her missing brother.

"I know she's growing desperate, but we have no clue. We're barely holding her off from running out to find her brother."


"I think your brother's probably holding her back even now. The world is too dangerous for her to travel around anyway."

Veronica had been through a lot before she met Rian. She was beautiful yet weak, so it was amazing that she had not faced danger that she couldn't avoid until now.

"Well, Narasha is working hard so he must have a lead soon. By the way… there are guests that I know."

"How do you know that?"

"I felt familiar energy coming from the Ra-Shar-Roa."

Celine looked dumbfounded. The closest Ra-Shar-Roa was at the Celaine Estate, which was pretty far from their location.

"You can feel it that from far?"

"Well… the energy the Ra-Shar-Roa uses isn't weak either. And old man Narasha isn't just some ordinary man."

"Oh… so the King is coming."

"Yeah, I thought he was busy, but I guess not. Huh?"

Sian then glanced around all of a sudden.

"What? What is it?"

"Wait. Hm… what is this…?"

Sian jumped out of the hammock and ran somewhere into the inner castle.

Celine shook her head as she was left alone. She then turned to the hammock that was still swinging.

"Is it that good?"

Sian almost never left the hammock ever since he got back. Celine carefully climbed up the hammock, laid down, and swung it.

"Hmm… It's… better than I thought."

Celine decided to wait for Sian out on the hammock. He'd probably be back soon when the problem was solved. Sian never left the hammock for too long.


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