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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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108 Clue

Ra-Kadum took out his new transportation device from his void storage soon after he walked past the Ra-Shar-Roa at the Celaine Estate. The 2nd grade void storage he used to stash his equipment was big enough to have him store his transportation device. It was not yet named, but two-wheeled artifact could be used by Bander or Talic Stones. Some Magic Priest he met gave him the idea to create it. Ra-Kadum then took out a green Talic Stone and placed it into the core of the device. The green Talic Stone wasn't cheap, but one would let the device run for one year, so it was worth it. The artifact activated immediately and Ra-Kadum hopped onto it, caressing the handle of the <gaira> that was strapped to his belt. "Haha… just you wait." Ra-Kadum then started the device and it began moving quickly toward Lavilan with a loud engine noise. The device would allow him to reach Lavilan in just one day, a trip which usually took ten days by carriage. "Hello, sir. Please show me your identification plaque." The guards at the gate were busy greeting all kinds of high-ranking nobles. 'That's Sir Revadan from the north…!' 'Count Celaine…!' It was a party hosted by Roman family so it was going be safe, but the guards who had to deal with such nobles were having a hard time. Then they saw some weird object approaching with a loud noise from the distance. "Unidentified object approaching!" "Sound the alarm!" "Come! Evacuate the guests!" Soldiers quickly formed a defensive line outside the gate. Gregory, the knight in charge of the gate, focused the Bander in his eye to check on the approaching object. 'What is that… it's not a horse…' It was too fast to be a horse, but it was too small to be a Harijan. There was only one way to deal with such a thing. It was too close to fire a cannon at it. "Ready your arrows! Fire when it's in range!" All the soldiers prepared their weapons and the object drew closer. When it was almost in range, the object stopped all of a sudden. "Huh?" Then the object disappeared and one man came out. As Gregory squinted to see who it was, he heard a laugh coming from his side. "Haha! He's still the same old Ra-Kadum." 'Ra-Kadum?' Gregory turned toward the voice. It was Count Phareon, the man rising in power at the Logadis Estate. "Do you know him, sir?" "Yes. I know him personally." "Hey! Phareon! Long time no see!" Ra-Kadum shouted from a distance and Phareon smiled. "It's been a long time. But you should be careful. You might have been showered with arrows." Ra-Kadum scoffed. "I know their distance when I see it. That's why I stopped at the limit." Gregory was dumbfounded. The man stopped just short of the range of their attack because he knew the range. "I guess you came to see your daughter?" "Yeah." Rian von Roman's marriage was big news in Tian, especially when the person he married was his student and a Dekon. Phareon knew the story behind the marriage because he was close with Ra-Kadum, so he was worried. "You shouldn't shoot him now. What are you going to do if Count Roman gets angry?" "He won't die. You should handle Count Roman while I do it." "He's a Grand Bander. What are you talking about?" They were both Counts, but it was different. Count Roman was only staying at his current rank because he didn't want to go any higher. "Ugh, okay. I'll see to it." "I trust you." Phareon decided to stay beside Ra-Kadum and make sure he doesn't act like a fool this time. "…." 'Oh no.' Phareon sighed as he saw Ra-Kadum becoming enraged seeing Rian from the distance. Unlike the humans who accepted polygamy, Dekons only allowed monogamy. Ra-Kadum was angry that his daughter was married to a man when she was only fourteen years old and then the man went on to marry two more women. "Ra-Kadum." "I know, kid." "I know you're checking to see if Count Roman isn't around." "…Hmph." Ra-Kadum then saw that Rian had noticed him and began walking toward him with his three wives. Luckily, the other two wives went in the other direction as soon as they noticed Ra-Kadum. Soon, Rian and Kora-duum arrived in front of Phareon and Ra-Kadum. Rian greeted his father-in-law awkwardly. "It's nice of you to come here. Is everything okay…?" "…" "Dad." Kora-duum stared at Ra-Kadum and he answered reluctantly. "No… I have one that's not okay." "…" Rian couldn't answer, so he smiled. He knew what that was. "You… what did you say when you took my daughter away?" "I-" Ra-Kadum cut in without letting Rian talk. "Didn't you say that you'd love my daughter the most?" "Dad…" "You be quiet. But three wives… so you must have a lot of loves? To divide it into three?" "…" Rian couldn't answer that as he felt guilty. There weren't any problems in human society for a man like Roman to have multiple wives. Besides, the marriage wasn't forced or arranged, so there were no problems at all. Yet Rian couldn't defend himself. He too, thought he would get angry if his daughter was in the same situation. "I'm sorry." "Hmph. No matter. Kora, come here. Phareon, you too." "Huh?" "You stay there for a second. I need to talk with these three." Phareon and Kora-duum followed Ra-Kadum. "Ra-Kadum, what is it?" "What is it, Dad?" "Hmph. This should be good." Phareon then turned to Ra-Kadum who was talking nonsense and checked his face. '…NO!' Ra-Kadum had completely lost his senses, but he was too quick. He quickly took out a staff-looking thing from his belt. It was his masterpiece, <gaira>. "NO!" Phareon shouted, but Ra-Kadum turned back at Rian and pulled the trigger. Light and a burst of energy exploded out of the weapon with a thunderous sound and was fired at Rian. The place where Rian was standing exploded into dust with a huge sound and Phareon panicked. "What are you doing! Are you out of your mind?!" "Shut up. I aimed for his shoulder. Wait a minute..." "The shoulder isn't okay! You must be crazy to do…" Ra-Kadum was skeptical. 'Dust cloud?' His small Gaira did make a huge sound, but the energy was constricted into a small size so it did not bring about huge damage. It was, after all, made to use against humans so it didn't need to destroy in a huge range. There was no reason for it to kick up that much dirt. Soon enough, the reason appeared. There was someone standing inside the dust cloud. Phareon was confused, but Ra-Kadum could barely breathe. The figure inside the dust cloud was glaring at him. "Ugh… nngh…" "How dare you… shoot such a thing at my brother?" It was Sian who was walking out of the dust cloud that appeared when he landed.</gaira></gaira>


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