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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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109 Clue

Rian and Kora-duum were sitting in the guest room at the inner castle. Two more people were there too.

Rian looked at Ra-Kadum who was sitting uncomfortably in chair.

"Are you okay?"

"Ugh… yeah. I'm unharmed."

Rian barely stopped Sian from punching Ra-Kadum, so the incident was taken care of without anyone getting injured. But Ra-Kadum didn't look too well. It was because Sian was staying by his side, glaring at Ra-Kadum in disapproval.

Ra-Kadum was about to go crazy because something within Sian was kept glaring at him. The ominous and terrifying eye that made it hard for him breathe. It was the first time that Ra-Kadum regretted having his power to see the truth.

This was like torture to him.

"Sian, stop. I'm okay."

"I didn't do anything."



Sian then sat down comfortably. Ra-Kadum then was freed from the thing that was watching him and sighed in relief.


"Dad, are you okay?"

Kora-duum tended to her father and Rian looked at him apologetically. It was fortunate that Ra-Kadum was unharmed after all.

"Was he your brother?"

"Yes. Did you see him before?"

Rian was curious since Ra-Kadum looked like he knew Sian.

"I… no. nevermind."

Ra-Kadum realized he couldn't do anything like this without endangering him and his people.

"You should be thankful for having such a brother."

Ra-Kadum then walked out of the room.

"Are you going back?"

"Yeah. I have no intention of staying here with you any longer. Send my daughter to visit me next time."

"I'm sorry."

"And… Kora."


"This is your present. You should protect yourself in this world. The second one… is an extra one."

Ra-Kadum gave two <Gairas> to his daughter. She was a Dekon, so she was going to learn how to use it fast.

Ra-Kadum then whispered, "If he cheats on you, shoot him with this. That Sian boy won't say much if you're the one who does it."


"I'll talk next time. I'm too tired today."

Ra-Kadum then walked out. He wanted to talk with his daughter, but he was too exhausted. But as he walked out, he was blocked by someone.



It was one of the other two wives of Rian.

"Get lost."

"I have a question! Just one!"

Ra-Kadum figured she wouldn't move unless he talked so he decided to make it quick.

"What is it?"

"That motorcycle that you rode… and the gun… where did you get that?"

Ra-Kadum became confused.

"Motor… what? Gun? What are you talking about? That thing I rode doesn't have a name. And what is a gun?"

Veronica then realized she didn't make sense. There was no way for the people in this world to know about them.

"The two-wheeled artifact and the weapon you used on my husband. That's what I'm talking about."

Ra-Kadum frowned at the word 'my husband', but he didn't have energy to quarrel.

"I made them both. Is that it?"


Veronica became disappointed, but Ra-Kadum walked past her. Before he took a few more steps, he remembered she had familiar features to the man he had met before.

Black hair, black eyes, and unusual facial features. He then turned to Veronica, who had fallen down on the ground and asked, "You… is your name Limiina… or something?"


Veronica brightened up. Rian, Kora-duum, and Sian came out of the guest room at those words.

It was five years ago when Ra-Kadum met Limainu.

Ra-Kadum left the Logadis Estate when his research was done at Phareon's vault. He then was called upon by the Great Magical Council for a job.

<We are scouting talented individuals. Why don't you join our study? You will learn new technologies that you have never seen before!>

Ra-Kadum saw no lies in the words of the man who came to scout him and he was tempted for more knowledge within the Magic Council, so he agreed.

The place was a wonder. He didn't like being separated from the world due to all the secrecy within the group, but it was okay. He was busy reading through all sorts of information stored within.

The place allowed Ra-Kadum to create whatever he thought of and whatever he wanted. This place was like heaven to him. His daughter was placed at the Gron-Pilah academy before he joined, so he didn't have to worry about anything than focusing on his studies.

When he joined the Magic Counci's secret project, he met Limainu.

There was a bunch of smarter men within the group, but he was special. The worth of a person was determined by his potential, and with that measurement, Limainu's worth equaled Leader Takion's.

There were a few more Great Magic Priests, but there was only one Limainu.

Knowledge was valuable. Limainu had the sort of knowledge that seemed as if it had come from a entirely different world.

Limainu was only there to help with the project since he seemed to be a member of a much higher, different circle of groups that was placed above the Magic Council itself.

Ra-Kadum managed to meet with Limainu often so he talked quite a bit with him. He shared his past, the name of his lost sister, and other things.

<Kid, don't you want to go outside?>

<No, I like working here. And I need to pay my price for my sin. If this project is finished, it will make the world a better place and it will help me pay my debt.>

Ra-Kadum was curious about what sin he was talking about, but he later heard that project he was involved in had gone wrong and killed thousands of people. The only incident he knew that killed thousands of people was one.

'So, he was at the project in Kerbal. He's so innocent though…'

Ra-Kadum learned that it wasn't entirely his fault, but Liaminu couldn't shake off the guilt of thousands of dead people.

After two years, Ra-Kadum had to come out from the group due to the important matter at hand.

The news of his daughter getting married.

She was only fourteen, so Ra-Kadum thought he misheard the words. But it was real.

He then took his then prototype Gaira and left the council. Of course, it was after making a pact to never disclose the secrets.

Next was how everyone knew.

Ra-Kadum took a shot at Rian and King Narasha offered Ra-Kadum to be a weapon developer in exchange for not putting him on trial.

Gaira, or the two-wheeled artifact, was nothing compared to the technology that the council used so there was no problems with the secrecy he needed to keep, so he accepted.

"…and this is what I know."

Everyone fell silent. One problem was solved, but there was another one.

Now, they all knew why Tian Intelligence couldn't find Limainu.

But now there was a second problem.

They did not have a way to visit him.


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