Swordmeister of Rome
110 Invitation
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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110 Invitation

Veronica asked Ra-Kadum, "Didn't you say you needed to keep that a secret though? Are you allowed to say all this?" "Wouldn't it be weirder if the Magical Council did not have any secret projects? Unless I specify the technologies, people, or location of their projects, it's okay." "I see…" "Besides, that's why I can't say your brother's name. It's that secrecy magic that's stopping me from saying his name," Ra-Kadum said irritatingly. "So… is he doing well?" "Yeah. In my opinion, he seems to eager. But you can say he's well." "What do you mean?" "He's doing too much. He's too focused on the project… I think he sleeps only about two hours per day. That was three years ago though." Veronica then shouted, "Tell me where he is!" "I can't say that. Besides, what are you going to do once you get there? That place has top-notch security." Secrecy magic varied in power depending on who used it. The magic that was used on Ra-Kadum was used by a First Grade Magic Priest, which meant that no one on the continent would be able to remove it. Veronica became sad, but she needed to do something. She needed to tell her brother that his only sister was alive. That would stop his brother from focusing so hard on research. "Veronica…" Rian looked at his wife sadly. Veronica stood up. "I have to find him." "Where are you going? We have no clue." Rian tried to reason with her, but she seemed determined. "My skills can help me out." "And will it help you get in, if you find the place?" "…" As they were busy discussing, Sian who was sitting down, spoke casually. "So… you just want your brother to know that you are alive, right?" "Yes." "But we don't know the place or how to get there." "That's right." Everyone now turned to Sian. He then turned to Veronica. "Can't we just have old man Narasha write a letter?" "Huh?" "I mean… since we know he's there. I guess sending a letter will do, right? They won't throw away a letter from a King." Everyone nodded. They didn't have a way to force the Magical Council to confirm Limainu's existence, so sending a letter would not be a problem. Besides, if it was a letter sent by a King, that would be harder to disregard it. "I'm not really sure it will work, but old man Narasha will know. He's on his way here, so we'll ask him once he arrives." "Huh? Sian, how do you know that?" Rian asked. They were notified that King Narasha would be joining, but Sian wasn't notified of such information. "I sensed him coming out from the Ra-Shar-Roa. If my job here is done, I'm going back now." Sian was satisfied that he did not need to do anything else and walked out of the room. "Is there another Ra-Shar-Roa in your backyard?" Ra-Kadum asked sarcastically. "No. The one you stepped out of is only one around here." "The one that takes ten days by carriage, right?" "…Yes." "Oh… haha. Right." Ra-Kadum laughed hollowly. "Hmm. Sure, that will work. I'll send them a letter. But I can't guarantee anything since I don't know much about them," King Narasha replied after hearing what had happened. "Thank you, Your Majesty." "No, it's a simple matter." 'It's nothing compared to Sian re-appearing.' King Narasha did not have time to join such a party, but he had to pay a visit when he heard that Sian had returned. If Sian changed in some bad way that he did not expect, he had to change his future plans. "So… where's Sian?" "Uh…" Rian became hesitant, but Narasha nodded. "It's okay, go on." "He's at… the hammock on the castle grounds." "Good, very good." Rian seemed to be confused by the King's satisfied words. However, he was really relieved. 'Good. He's still lazy.' It would've been better if Sian left human society completely, but he was satisfied with the current situation. The five years without Sian was so peaceful. They had problems with the Harijans, but the damage caused by five years of Harijan problems did not even come close to the damage Sian had created in his short one month of travel. Besides, the King was now growing suspicious that the reason for the Harijan attacks was somehow related to Sian. It was increasing in numbers in the past five years, and after he heard Sian had awakened, the number grew exponentially. 'He's definitely a good match with the Goddess of Disaster,' Narasha thought as he remembered Stantahl the First who came to threaten him five years ago. He then turned to Rian and Veronica who seemed to be concerned. "Don't worry. I'll write a letter for sure. Go join the party." "Thank you, Your Majesty." "…It was ignored?" "No, Magical Council denied having such an individual within their group," Rian answered. The King contacted the Magical Council to talk with Limainu as they had found his sister. Yet the Magical Council denied the existence of such a person. They claimed that Limainu had left the council five years ago. "Is… is he dead?" Veronica teared up as Kukraxa and Kora-duum watched her worryingly. "We'll… find a way," Rian spoke, assuring Veronica to not give up. In actuality, they did not have to find another way. "Good day. Are you Lady Veronica?" "…Who are you?" "I heard you were looking for us." "I don't know who you are." Veronica was confused at the strange intruder who jumped into her bedroom in the middle of the night. She did not panic. Her power, <fate's way="">, did not react to it. Therefore, it was not a dangerous situation. "We are here to meet with Limiina. Does that ring a bell?" "!!" "Your name is as difficult as Limainu's." "…did my brother send you?" No one else knew her real name other than her brother. These people must have a relationship with her brother. "Hmm… no. He didn't send us. I'll just say… we're here to provide employee compensation." "…" "By the way, you shouldn't look for him like that. Limainu isn't involved with the Magical Council right now. But they did allow us to visit you." "…What are you trying to do?" Veronica asked, concerned as he would've visited on the day if he wasn't up to something. "Your brother can't visit you. And you will keep poking around everywhere if we don't let you visit him, right?" "…" "We can't have you keep poking around with the King by your side. That's why I'm here. We'll let you meet him." "Am I… being kidnapped?" A stranger had broken into her room, but there was no sign of her husband nor father-in-law coming in to protect her. Their room wasn't that far either, which meant that this intruder was either stronger than them or had a unique skill that allowed such intrusion. Whichever it was, it didn't mean well. "No, no. I'm not a savage." "…" Veronica looked at the man, unconvinced. "Uh… I mean, we can do things savagely. It is actually easier. It's not like the death of the third wife of a Count son's means anything to the world." "…" Veronica could not object as it was true. He continued, "Yet doing that will make a real savage come after us. We don't want that." "That 'savage' you're talking about, is it me?" Veronica turned to the window where the voice had come from. It was Sian, standing outside the window as he was holding onto the frame.</fate's>


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