Swordmeister of Rome
111 Invitation
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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111 Invitation

The guest room was filled with people within the Lavilan Castle. It was the middle of the night, but Count Roman, Rian, Kora-duum, Kukraxa, Veronica, and Sian were all gathered together. One stranger was with them. The mysterious man was sipping on tea. "This tea is great. Where is it from?" "It's from the Rotan Region. So… can you please continue on?" the Count asked. He was being too polite to an intruder, but there was no other way. 'Weren't there only twelve superhumans in the thousand years of history? No… we have those Granines, so that makes fourteen and Sian would be the fifteen… but why am I seeing them so often?' "Sure. So… sir. wasn't your daughter-in-law looking for her brother? I'm going to take her to him. But hey, can I just stop with all the formalities? I'm probably much older, you know." "No, keep doing it," Sian spoke as he raised his chin and fist. The man sighed. "Ugh, okay. Anyway, Limainu can't come out. It's not like he's in trouble or anything, but the project is at such an important stage that we can't interrupt him. He is very valuable to us, so don't worry." "Hm…" "So we decided to have Lady Veronica meet with him. We're just doing this to provide better working conditions for our employees!" "Is there any condition to that?" It was too generous to be an offer from a superhuman. Hence the reason why Rian wasn't convinced. "Well, I'm actually here for another matter. We have business with Mister Sian." "Huh?" Sian looked at the man. "What business?" "We wanted to meet you five years ago, but we couldn't find you anywhere. Yet you even created a party to let the world know that you've returned! Think about it. I couldn't have come all the way here to pay a visit just to invite Lady Veronica over. I'm here because of you." 'An idiot came instead of Miss Stiel,' Sian thought. "What business do you have with my brother?" Rian asked. "It's secret. He'll get to know once we leave." "…" "Besides, wouldn't it be too dangerous to send Lady Veronica alone with me? You all are going to slow us down. It's best if Mister Sian comes with us." Count Roman and Rian couldn't say anything. It was true. "How can we trust that following you will not bring any trouble? My brother-in-law can get in trouble too." Kora-duum knew the man was telling the truth after she saw it through her eyes, but she still asked since she was concerned. The man burst into laughter. "Hahaha! Who's going to get in trouble?' "…" Everyone was confused. Sian was strong, but this superhuman in front of them, or his group, seemed really powerful. However, they realized they were wrong. The man laughed so hard that it even made him cry. "Oh man… you humans…" "…" "I don't like explaining things in detail, but I'll do it anyway. It's best that you know before sending away your loved ones, right?" "…" "So, you think Mister Sian is about as strong as myself, right? I understand. You can't see how high the sky is when you are looking at it from the ground." "…" People began to realize what he was trying to say. "I may be a superhuman compared to all of you, but Mister Sian is like that when compared to me. That's why I came here to make the offer. And you're worried about what? Hahaha, that won't be needed." People turned to Sian for approval. He didn't care. "Then I'll go with him and Veronica. I'm curious also." Sian wondered about the man who seemed to know a lot about him. Besides, he couldn't send his sister-in-law to such a dangerous place alone. 'I'll ask him later…' "Sian…" "Don't worry. It won't take too long." Sian smiled to his family and walked up to the man. "Shall we go then?" "No but…" The man looked hesitant. "Didn't you say we can go? I'm ready." "No, I mean… doesn't Lady Veronica need to get ready?" The man laughed and pointed to the back. "Oh… y-yes. I'll get pack up fast." "We'll help you." They then went to their room and did not come back for an hour. "…" "See? Ladies take a long time to prepare. So, I guess those rumors were true." Sian asked, "What do you mean?" "The rumor that you've never had girlfriend throughout your entire life… I didn't believe it, but it's true! Hahaha- UGH!" "Oh." Sian was surprised. He threw a punch at the man, but he fell to the ground unconscious. Sian glanced around, picked him up, and laid him on a sofa. "You should take care of yourself… ask Sian for help if you get in trouble." "Thank you, Kora-duum." "Although, we might've made them wait too long." "I think man wanted to talk with Sian alone, so it should be okay." The family members talked amongst themselves as they walked down the stairs after taking two hours to pack up. "Sian, sorry we took so long." "Oh, no. It was nothing. Ladies need time," Sian answered. Rian glanced around, but he could not find the man so he asked Sian, "Where did that man go?" "He's here." Sian pointed to the man lying on the sofa. Rian was surprised as he noticed that the man was sleeping on the sofa. "Sian." "Huh?" "What did you do?" "Nothing. What do you mean?" Sian then turned to where Rian was watching. The man's chin was bruised. 'Oh…' "Wake him up." Count Roman spoke, sighing. He actually expected something like this to happen. This superhuman was polite, but he spoke as if he considered them as insects. All superhumans were like that anyway, so it wasn't anything special. It was just that Sian wasn't the type to ignore a man looking down on his family. Count Roman was relieved as he watched Sian kicking the man to wake him up. Sian would definitely protect Veronica. "I should change my views about you, Mister Sian." "…" "You are more savage than I expected. God, you just punched me without any warning." "It's your fault for making fun of me." "You know, other common people would've had their heads blown if you did that to them." "…" "You should be careful too, Lady Veronica." The man who introduced himself as Lagaope didn't seem to be bothered by what happened, but he kept teasing Sian as they were traveling in a strange transportation device. 'Should I smack him again?' Lagaope dropped his head the second he saw Sian flexing his fist. "We're here." It was near the Ra-Shar-Roa located at the Celaine Estate. "Is there a secret hideout somewhere here?" "No, it's not that small. We came all here by a transportation device because of Lady Veronica, but we will take the Ra-Shar-Roa from here." Lagaope then began walking toward the Ra-Shar-Roa. Veronica then whispered to Sian, "It's weird." "What's weird?" "Ra-Shar-Roa is only connected to large cities. If the place is as big as Lagaope told us, it should've been spotted if it were located close to the cities. But I've never heard of it." "Right." Sian thought about it, but there was no evidence. He then shrugged and followed Lagaope into the Ra-Shar-Roa.


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