Swordmeister of Rome
112 Insurance
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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112 Insurance

The Ra-Shar-Roa near Celaine was still very crowded. Veronica and Sian began questioning it.

"Lagaope, are we really using Ra-Shar-Roa?" Sian asked.

"Yes. Are you expecting something else?"


"It's not like there's going to be secret magic where it brings us underground or teleports us to some headquarter in the sky. Don't be disappointed when you don't see anything like that."


"Let's go."

Veronica glanced at the disappointed Sian and followed Lagaope.

"So, you all have your identification plaques?" Lagaope asked Veronica and Sian.

"Yes, but why do we need this?" Veronica asked and Lagaope looked surprised.

"God, so you never even used Ra-Shar-Roa before? It's one of our masterpieces. You need identification plaques to be allowed to use it."


Veronica didn't mean to ask in that regard, but she decided to stay quiet.

"We are going to Roa-Tian."


Veronica became curious as they stood by the Ra-Shar-Roa that started activating. Lagaope then took out a small artifact.

"What is that?" Sian asked.

"You'll see."

After standing in line to use the Ra-Shar-Roa, it was now their turn.

"Mister Sian, Lady Veronica, please stay by my side. This artifact only works in a short range."


Sian and Veronica walked closer and Lagaope activated his artifact.

Then the portal that showed Tian's capital, Roa-Tian, changed instantly to a beach they had never seen before. Lagaope then dragged both of them into the portal and they had now arrived at a different place than Roa-Tian.

As Veronica watched the ocean, Lagaope mumbled from behind.

"This thing doesn't give too much time once it's activated."

"…Where are we?"

Veronica knew where all the Ra-Shar-Roas were located on the entire continent, but she did not know of such a place. Lagaope laughed.

"You won't know this place. We created one because the other Ra-Shar-Roa is too far from here. Anyway, welcome to <Arman>. Not many people are allowed to visit this place without joining our team. Congratulations."

Lagaope then walked toward the huge buildings on the other side of the beach.

"What is this place for?" Veronica asked Lagaope as they walked toward the buildings.

"So, Limainu and you have things in common."

Lagaope spoke of something else instead.

"You two don't fear us. I guess it's because you two are from the other world."


The fact that the man knew her brother meant he knew that they were not from here, but she couldn't understand what Lagaope was saying. Why would she fear him when he hadn't done anything to her?

Veronica did not know that superhumans didn't consider humans as equals and did not hesitate to kill anyone if they bothered them. She would not dare to ask any questions if she knew, even with Sian by her side.

"Don't threaten my sister-in-law unless you want another smack."

"Is that a threat?" Lagaope mumbled and answered Veronica's question, "So, you wanted to know what this place is for?"

"Yes. It's where my brother works, right?"

"It's like a… contractor, in your world's terminology."

"A contractor?"

The place was extremely large. It didn't seem like a lot of people were here, but there were countless human figure golems working. It wasn't modern by any means, but it was quite refreshing as she was used to the medieval settings of this world.

'I've never seen such a thing…'

She realized why Lagaope said they were different from the Magical Council. She visited a regional office of the Magical Council with Rian before, but it was nothing like a secret agency or place of powerful technology.

"Yeah. It's a place where we create or make things we need. But that's not important. You're only here to meet your brother."


Lagaope walked past lot of buildings and stopped in front of the tallest building in the area. It was tall as the <Ra-Intro> building at the Great Magical Council's headquarters, but it was much taller and was connected with various bridges to the other buildings. It seemed like this building was at the center of the building network.

As they walked in, it was crowded with actual people. Shilling people, a race that claimed to be the descendant of elves, rare Dekons, and Magic Priests walked around busily.

"Place is crowded."

"Yes, we need a lot of people to work for our cause. They're well taught, so they are useful."


"Don't worry, Limainu is different from them. He's very important to us."

Veronica couldn't believe everything, but she was relieved. At least her brother was being considered as a one-time use object. However, it also meant she had no way to take her brother away, and thus she became sad.

"By the way, what's the offer you had for me?" Sian asked. Lagaope claimed that he had business with Sian, but he had been quiet up until now.

"We'll talk about that later. Won't Lady Veronica need some time with Limainu? We can talk after they meet. Besides, don't we want Lady Veronica to quickly reunite with her brother?"

"Right… we'll talk later."

As they walked further into the building, they reached a machine that was moving vertically, allowing people to go up and down. It wasn't large, but it was big enough to have three of them step in, and it began taking them up to the top floor.

As they arrived, Veronica glanced around the large room. There were a lot of a blueprints, machines and books scattered around. Lagaope shouted from the entrance.

"Limainu! I have a present for you."

A man's voice came from within the shelves.

"Are you here to check on the project?"

"No, I said present. We work for the happiness of our employee, remember?"

The man then walked out from the shelves and looked at Lagaope. He then realized there were two more people standing beside him. He dropped his books.



Veronica ran toward Limainu and hugged him.

"What a sight! I guess the Santa that Limainu spoke of gives presents because of this! By the way, I was always curious about why you would do what you do when you're a superhuman."


"Should we change places? You two should take your time here. Mister Sian, this way please."

Lagaope then walked to the door at the corner of the floor. As he opened the door, a stairway appeared and led them to the rooftop. Sian glanced around as he walked on to the roof. It was a huge island with all sorts of buildings built in different parts, creating different things continuously.

"Isn't it wonderful?"

"Right. Where is this place?"

"It's an island far south of the Con Kingdom… or is it Usharan now? Common people do not know about this place."

Sian turned north, but he could not see the land even when he used energy on his eyes. It meant the island was located really far from the coast.

"So… what is your offer? How did you know about me?"

"It's a long story, but I'll talk about the offer first."

'Hope he's not going to ask me to join or anything like that.'

"Do you… intend on buying insurance?"


Sian was dumbfounded.


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