Swordmeister of Rome
113 Insurance
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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113 Insurance

"Insurance?" "Yes, insurance." "Like… the one where you get paid when you die?" Sian began wondering if Lagaope was crazy or something. "You think I would offer such a thing to you?" "I guess not." "It's much more than that." "?" "It's insurance for your afterlife!" Lagaope seemed proud about what he had to offer. It made no sense, but Lagaope didn't seem proud even at all the marvels of this island, so Sian was interested. It looked like Lagaope really did have something very interesting. A long time ago, there was a great genius. He easily became a Ra-Bander and lived with no enemies that opposed him until one day, he was faced with an enemy that he couldn't win against. Death. Being a Ra-Bander did not prevent him from dying. He felt there was a limit to his life at some point and he realized that the limit of his age was 300. He couldn't believe it. He thought he could even avoid death, but it wasn't the case. He then began gathering information and ideas about immortality. After a long search, he came across some mysterious races. <kal-guls, who="" inherited="" their="" power="" with="" a="" heart="" and="" a="" sword.=""> <granines, who="" reincarnated="" through="" their="" bones="" and="" spirits.=""> The man was delighted and delved into their secrets, only to be disappointed by the fact that their immortality was only granted to their own kind. The man then died before he found a way to avoid death. "…?" "Isn't it heartbreaking?" Sian was dumbfounded. He thought the genius in the story was Lagaope, even if he looked too weak to be him. "Is this end of the story?" "Oh, no. There's more of course. It's only revealed to the people who join us, but I'll tell you since you are a special case." Lagaope then continued. To his surprise, the man was reborn. He was reborn in a new body, but with all the knowledge and power. After growing up a little, the man realized it had been 100 years since his last death. He then realized he would not overcome death with his old ways. He was strong, but it wasn't enough to avoid death. Then he found a special power that came with him in his new body. A power to change the world and twist it. The new body had special skills that were later going to be called Exer. The man trained on both the Ra-Bander way, and the Exer way. It allowed him to become a Ra-Bander and a Great Magic Priest at the same time. But his purpose wasn't to become strong. The man then devoted his life to study the powers of the Kal-Guls and Granines. And he was able to create a way. <soul transfer="" orb=""> A small marble that allowed the dead to live again. The man succeeded. "And that's where the story ends. The third story is still underway. Isn't it amazing?" "It is amazing. So the genius… is he alive?" Sian was really surprised. The man wanted to avoid death and really succeeded. "No, he's dead." "…" "I mean, what can he do if he faces a man who's stronger than him? It would've been better if he only trained in either Bander or Exar." "Oh… right." It was true, but Sian felt disappointed. "But it's not important. We know how to create the <soul transfer="" orb=""> without the genius." "Really?" Sian now realized what the insurance was for. "Of course. I'm sure you saw it before. Do you remember a boy named Dekaron?" "Oh… then you mean…" "Yes. That orb he held was a <soul transfer="" orb="">. It belonged to Liviath. He's now resurrected and well. He's one of us too." Sian felt tempted. With that, it would solve his main concerns. Of course, he had no intention of walking into danger, but who knows what might happen? He was so sure that there was no one stronger than him when he got out of the red sphere, but he had to be locked up in another red sphere after that. Lagaope felt Sian getting tempted by the offer and continued, "We'll be adding a special this time. It's all because you are such a powerful man." "?" "Have you ever heard of a family plan?" "Huh? You mean…" "Yes, we'll be providing a <soul transfer="" orb=""> for your entire family. It is really hard to make, but it's worth it for you. It'll all be specially made just for you." Sian knew then that he could not resist the offer. To protect his family from death! Of course, he had no intention of bringing his family back from death when they died peacefully. But if they died because of some unknown incident, he wanted to save them from such death. Of course, every sweet offer would have a price. "If I agree… what will you make me do?" "Haha… I knew you would like it. No one has refused until now." 'No one…?' "And there was no one who turned it down after hearing what was requested. It's nothing much really." "Hmm." "It's nothing. Literally. We ask nothing." "…" Sian was skeptical. "Didn't you say that it was really hard to make?" "Well, yes. It's gotten even harder now." "And you're making it for my family?" "We'll need four right? I guess you only need it for those related by blood." Sian nodded. Sister-in-laws were important, but they were only important because of Rian. "And you'll give them out for free?" "Well… I mean it's complicated. Let's go back to the beginning. So, who do you think we'll offer this to?" Sian answered right away. "Superhumans?" "Right! The talent, the power! It's a treasure that needs to be protected. We offer this to all Ra-Banders or Great Magic Priests that are alive. Liviath did benefit from this, as you know." "Okay. And?" "We have one motto. We do not force anyone. Our group doesn't work well with force, so we strive hard to have people join us voluntarily. Wouldn't it be like a threat if we make joining our group as a condition of the insurance?" "Hmm." It was true. The insurance was very tempting, but superhumans had no chance of dying. Even when superhumans fought each other, they did not fight to kill since they valued each other so much. Even when they did not want to die of old age, they would be reluctant if the price is to join such a suspicious group. "You know how superhumans are. They are out of control." "Right." "So we just offer our insurance. But they join us voluntarily anyway." Lagaope laughed.</soul></soul></soul></soul></granines,></kal-guls,>


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